How to get a DJ license in Dubai

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Deejaying has become one of the hottest career choices among millennials in the last decade. The assumption among aspiring DJs is that downloading songs and purchasing the best DJ equipment is all that it takes to be a freelance DJ in Dubai. However, it takes a lot more. Acquiring your Dj licenses should be high on your priority list too.

Why is it a requirement to have a license as a DJ?

From public music events, receptions, weddings, and private celebrations, freelance DJs in Dubai are always in high demand. The Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) regulates the entertainment industry here.

They are the issuers of entertainment licenses. DJs in Dubai must ensure that public performance licenses are in order before performing at any public event. The penalties for performing music publicly in Dubai without these licenses can be heavy.

Conducting an event before approval of the relevant eLicence attracts a fine of AED 10000. Upon repetition of the violation, the fine will double. More penalties such as suspension of the event for a period not exceeding six months and revocation of the trade license in coordination with the emirate’s relevant entity may follow.

How to acquire a public performance license as a DJ in Dubai

Since a public performance license is mandatory, you will need to check with your client if they have obtained the license themselves whenever you are performing at a public event.

In most cases, you will find that your clients will have already obtained the necessary licenses. However, you might need to acquire the license yourself if they have not acquired one.

Requirements for a public performance license

  • NOC(No objection certificate) from the venue with details about the event and the capacity.
  • Your passport copies.
  • Ticket information.
  • Passport copies of the people who are performing.
  • The layout of the event venue shows the location of all stages and other facilities.

Cost of a public performance license

The cost of a public performance license in Dubai depends on several factors. The fees may depend on the type of event, the number of people performing in the event, and the kind of activity taking place.

Subscription to the eLicensing system and renewal of annual subscription costs AED 300. Submitting an event licensing application through the eLicensing system costs AED 200.

How long does it take to get the license?

The Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) office operates on weekdays only (Sunday – Thursday) up to 1500hrs. On average, processing a permit will take five to eight business days upon receipt of fees. However, this might be affected by business levels and holidays. It is important to get your license early in advance to avoid any inconveniences.


Licensing is one of the key aspects of your career as a DJ. Ensuring that your licenses are in order is one of the crucial steps toward elevating your career as a freelance Dj in Dubai to the next level. Follow the above tips and join the best freelance Djs in Dubai.

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