Effective Ways to Market Your Freelance DJ Services in Dubai 

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Building a successful DJ brand in Dubai requires more than raw talent and an ear for good beats. Having spent hours, days, and months or even years learning DJ craft, you possibly think it is time to explore event and club gigs. But how can you promote yourself as a freelance DJ in Dubai?  There is a lot of legwork required to create a viable DJ brand behind the scenes. The guide below sets out everything you ought to know to master DJ marketing. 

1. Create a Business Website 

In the current century, the first place that people turn to when searching for products or services is online. This is why it is vital for all businesses to have their own branded websites. The website should have three key features. First, it should be easy to find, very informative, and simple to use. You should include all the vital details on your website. These include your operation area, residence, services that you offer, and, most importantly, contact details. To ease this process, consider creating a website with the best website builders. You can also hire professional website designers in Dubai to help you at pocket-friendly prices. 

The importance of having your personal DJ website is that you can consolidate all your marketing assets in one place where you have control over it. 

Your DJ website should have the following pages; 

  • Homepage 
  • About us page – which is your bio
  • Press pack download 
  • Events and dates – listing your upcoming gigs 
  • Mix downloads with embedded mixes from Soundcloud and YouTube 
  • Email newsletter sign-up 
  • Blogs and news 
  • Gallery 
  • Booking information 
  • Shopping section – if you sell merchandise 

2. Leverage Social Media Platforms 

Currently, the increasing use of the internet and social media platforms has made it a crucial marketing tool. Social media, as a promotion tool, is free, easily accessible, and lets you interact with your fans and promoters alike. Social media makes up a significant percentage of online personas that freelance DJs in Dubai should leverage. 

Make sure that you have a strong social media presence on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Instagram. Apart from interacting with fans and promoters, social media offers a great platform to grow your name and business. You should also use the platforms as a channel to demonstrate your DJ-ing knowledge and expertise. Share interesting articles, share videos and photos of your previous events and ask your clients to give shout-outs to help spread what you do best. 

3. Share Promotions and Special Offers 

Though not purely a marketing tool, you can use your social media alongside a business website to push for discounts and promotions. This is a good strategy, especially for a brand looking to attract a new and interested audience. You can take the Casino business as an inspiration. They are constantly offering various special offers and promotions. For instance, a look at one of their directory sites gives interested people a chance to choose from various no-deposit sign-up bonuses. In the same way, encourage your fans and new followers to compete in special offers and promotions for your upcoming gig. 

4. Create a Downloadable Press Pack 

Once you have a complete website and active social media account, you can then proceed to create a press pack. A press park is where, as a DJ, you fuse all your marketing tools into one place that can be easily downloaded or shared through email. A DJ press park should contain the following; 

  • The DJ bio in a text file or word format 
  • Links to social media platforms and website 
  • Links to online mixes 
  • High-resolution press photography
  • DJ logo in a high-resolution and transparent format 

You should place all these files in a folder, use WinZip or other programs to compress them, and send them. You can also upload it to your website for anybody to download it. Note that the press park at times can be large and may not go through some email systems. In such cases, sign up with a free account to websites like Hightail. Such apps allow you to upload files securely and automatically sends emails to people giving recipients the download links. 

5. Build an Email List 

Email marketing is increasingly becoming a common marketing method. With the increase in the use of social media, email marketing isn’t as popular as before but still has a significant result. To market your freelance DJ in Dubai services through email, begin by gathering email addresses and import them using email systems such as MailChimp. With this system, you can save as many as 2,000 email addresses and send up to 12,000 emails for free. This should be enough to handle your emails as a DJ. 

For satisfactory marketing, send at least one or two emails every month with your latest news, new mix ready for downloads, gig availability, next event, and other updates. Unlike social media platforms, you own the email list fully, and nobody can interfere with it. It captures an audience that is interested in getting to know more about you. 

6. Develop Your Own DJ Merchandise 

DJ merchandise is another creative marketing strategy that works wonders in creating brand awareness. Popular and well-established DJs create and sell their branded merchandise such as caps and T-shirts. Besides selling, you can consider giving them out at your gigs and events to spread the word about you.

The Bottom Line 

Being a successful DJ is not an easy task. It requires awful struggles behind the scenes, especially if you want to succeed. Nonetheless, this can be made possible by employing the right freelance DJ in Dubai

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