3 Ways To Organize Your Freelance Music Production Business With Evernote

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Are you are a freelance music maker who is looking to structure their stuff? Evernote could be your ultimate go-to solution. The application allows you to not only capture but also manage and share your notes from anywhere in the world. Therefore, once you start using the software, both the odd and fresh concepts will be with you and in perfect sync. The program is what every contemporary freelance DJ in Dubai needs, and with good reasons. 

As a freelance disc jockey, you likely perform at wide-ranging events from high school promos to wedding occasions. All of these events have clear expectations that you must maintain to remain relevant in your field. Along with manipulating sounds to match the various deejaying events, you must have the most extensive music collection from nearly every genre in existence. Doing marvelous at mixing different records does not exempt you from staying up to speed with scheduled gigs and sourcing new projects. Juggling between all these tasks can be overwhelming for any self-employed deejay. So, how do you keep a well-run freelance music production business?

3 Tips for Using Evernote To Organize Work As A Freelance Music Maker

If you freelance, chances are that you need to keep all your vital schedules and notes in a correct, well-organized manner. Preferably, you will want all your necessary stuff under the same roof. Evernote perfectly meets your requirements in such situations. Not only does the app organize your work, but it will also de-clutter your life and keep everything in place. The program will gather all your relevant information and store it in a safe place with easy access. In doing this, the application ensures that you can easily place your hands on the things you need, anytime you want to. 

Just in case you are still wondering how the app will help you, here is all you need to know about Evernote;

1. Consolidate your Projects

Whether you are a mobile DJ or a residential music maker in a different field, nearly every project you sign up for will include moving pieces. You can always use the program to keep the pieces in order. For example, you can create a note for each project and use them as a blueprint to shape your plans.  

Freelancing - 1A sample template with different projects, source: Evernote

With the blueprint, you can find anyone you want to interview or see the areas that need improving. Try to have a reminder with specific due dates on the notes for each project. Doing so will ensure the reminders automatically appear on the Note stack. In this method, you will never fail to meet deadlines and eventually do everything on your schedule. 

Moreover, you can come up with a tag for every event so that it is easy to find the notes on the particular project. For instance, if you have a live gig with one of the local TV stations, you can tag it as “TV Mix 2019”. The moment you tap on that tag, it automatically locates the note. 

2. Team Up with Others 

The most successful freelance careers don’t happen by chance. You must learn the top-rated freelancing tips in the UAE to help you navigate the challenges in the gig economy. While talent and hard work contribute to the flourishing freelance music production businesses, success is not without well-regulated partnerships. 

Today, it is common to find independent deejays teaming up to traverse different events. To form an entertainment outfit for freelance DJs goes beyond pooling resources together. The idea involves sharing plenty of information on the go to leverage both daytime and night gigs without inconveniencing event organizers. 

Freelancing - 2

You can install Evernote on the phone and share details with group members on the go. Image source: Android TipsZ

  • Foster Cohesion

Evernote has a Shared Notebook feature that makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues. You can use the feature in this app to share details of existing and upcoming projects. Information sharing is top among the five keys to an ultra-productive team of the future. In this way, you can avoid misunderstandings because none of the team members will feel left out. 

  • Streamline New Project Sourcing

Along with recording the outcome of your interviews, you can share it with the group secretary over the app. The secretary can then edit the details to create a new project with all the relevant tags, before sharing it with all members. Communication and collaboration become easy using this approach. 

  • Stir Proactive Membership  

Evernote will encourage group members to effectively market their freelance DJ services and find new gigs for the team. The app allows you to quickly track the input of individual partners based on the number of new projects they are sourcing. As a result, you can fashion a businesslike approach for the freelance deejay unit courtesy of the app analytics to decide how much dividend an individual gets. 

3. Capture your Original Concepts

The secret to success in the freelance industry is to always seek for fresh and innovative ideas to implement. You might come across some interesting ideas at a conference or online while researching something different. Either way, you can store the quirky concept right away via Evernote. Come up with a new tag for it, which you can review later to see if the idea is worth implementing. The best thing about Evernote is that it is a cross-platform app supporting Microsoft Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS.  

To Sum it Up

The gig economy is booming and providing opportunities for independent contractors to tap into. However, it does not mean that anyone can go freelance. Success in the freelance world requires a systematic approach. Taking advantage of useful apps like Evernote will ensure you make strategic moves while keeping structured partnerships. 

Now that you know how to use Evernote to create an active freelance music-making business, the next step is to improve your networks. Here on Bawabba, we can help by connecting you to frequent clients seeking freelance services. You do not have to pay anything to register as a freelance DJ in Dubai on our platforms. Moreover, you will not be dealing with intermediaries if you choose to sign up and create a profile with us. We offer a direct link between service seekers and freelancers.

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