Liability Risks Freelance DJs Should Look Out For During Karaoke, Trivia and Bar Events

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Freelance deejaying offers plenty of gigs and events. Also, it provides room for you to engage in another job during the day instead of only relying on freelancing. However, you’ll need more time to sharpen your skills to become a successful freelance deejay. For example, disc jockey equipment has been caught in the web of ever-evolving technology. As a result, the demand for advanced sound kits is on the rise. This has rendered some DJs obsolete as they are unable to keep up with the new technological changes constantly being embraced by the industry. To stay in the loop, a freelance DJ in Dubai should learn to operate these machines. Most importantly is how to access factoring in the costs involved.

In bar events, things often don’t go as planned. There are usually high chances of situations running out of control. From accidents involving tripping and falling to all open-out brawls, the situation calls for the need to be vigilant. During these escalations, a DJ can lose equipment worth a lot either by destruction or when a reveler decides just to steal in the middle of the commotion. A DJ might not be spared of bodily harm as well. Some of the risks during karaoke, trivia, and bar events have been highlighted below.

Top 7 Liability Risks Every Freelance DJ Should Avoid During Events

Freelance deejaying in karaoke, trivia, and bar events often comes with denied or underpayments. Moreover, going by hype and energy displayed during performances it is almost impossible to rule out accidents and mere commotions. The following factors may pose liability risks if not well checked. In this section, we’ll also explain some preventive measures to help you avoid falling victim to these liability risks. 

1. Loosely/low hanging wires

When setting up equipment, some wires may run through the audience. Additional requirements like more lighting, sound, or fog machines bring in more cables. The risk, however, is that a reveler may stumble upon a loose wire and fall, injuring oneself or the people around. Even worse, damaging the equipment. Caution should, therefore, be exercised during the set-up. All loose wires should be tacked or pinned on surfaces rather than left hanging out.

2. Equipment Malfunctions

This is often common at the onset or at some point during the event. The sound may go off or lighting which may cause agitation that can lead to a confrontation if unchecked. The fault might occur during the movement of the equipment to the venue or as a result of a bad connection in the venue. As such you are advised to test your equipment before transporting it to an event. Pack your equipment with caution adhering to their sensitivity. Upon reaching the venue, connect your equipment correctly to avoid over or underpowering as both can blow your kit. Also, be sure to invest in top-quality deejaying equipment. Such gears are less prone to common malfunctioning issues due to improved functionality.

3. Drink-Spills

Some revelers might sit drinks next to your equipment. The beer may spill and end up destroying your laptop, headphone, speaker, or any other equipment it comes into contact with. When such is spotted, the partyer should be requested to move the drink as it may spill and cause damage. However, to avoid this scenario altogether, pre-visit the venue of the event to confirm if there is an isolated secure spot for deejaying. If not, make an arrangement with the event organizers to have one ready.

4. Inadequate Security Personnel

In crowded bar events, safety is vital. To make this successful the number of security personnel should be adequate going by the crowd in attendance.  All equipment in the booth should be secured and guarded to avoid damage. The disc jockeys’ cockpit should not be left alone without a guard. This is because many times the DJ is busy and may fail to take notice of his surroundings or be on guard all the time.

5. Mic-Drops

The microphone may fall off from the hand of a performer during karaoke. It may end up damaged or destroyed. The show may come to a standstill or a sudden halt. Some partygoers may stir up commotion during this period. To avoid this, have some standby mics on the go. 

6. Non-Contractual Events

Failing to have a written agreement may lead to a lack of or delayed payment after hosting an event. Some events result in low turnout or might end up in commotions that damage the owner’s property. For instance, it is not uncommon for freelance DJs in Dubai to end up in expensive lawsuits, which adds to their losses. The owner is at the end frustrated and opts not to pay anyone who was involved. 

For this reason, it is advisable to enter into a written agreement with the bar owner before engaging in any event. The contract should stipulate liabilities and who should bear responsibility. It should also indicate your terms of service, how much and when you should be paid. You may want to find out what the world’s highest-paid deejays are making before discussing terms of engagement with an event owner. Doing so will offer you insights on the most appropriate pay scale at your level of freelancing. 

7. Equipment Vandalism

A disc jockey may play a tune that does not resonate well with the partyers. As a result, you may be heckled or booed off the booth. This may turn into a commotion that can end up with the entire DJ set completely vandalized. In case the equipment is hired then it will be an extra cost for you. However, to mitigate this, file for insurance of your equipment against vandalization.  In case of hired equipment, ensure that the contract for hire insulates you against damages including vandalization.


There are several risk factors associated with bar events, karaoke, and trivia. To be on the safe side, it is convenient for a freelance DJ in Dubai to apply for a DJ insurance policy. It helps cover costs in case of equipment damage or third-party injury. It is also important to review the terms of a contract with the bar owner before settling on a performance. This will give you a clear scope of liability in instances of damages. So, when it comes to hiring equipment, independent disc jockeys should check out the damages clause on the contract. In this way, you can take the best offer with minimal liability.

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