The 5 Must-have DJ Equipment of 2023

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Delving into the world of DJing is a challenging, yet rewarding venture. Many people out here claim that for you to become a successful DJ, all that you need is passion and a good taste in music. Well, this is quite true, but as put by some of the best freelance DJs in Dubai, one needs more than just those two.

Here are the 5 Best DJ Equipment

A preferred DJ Setup

  • A mixer
  • Headphones
  • Software
  • Computer/laptop 

The process of becoming a DJ is pretty much the same everywhere, but the type of music you wish to play changes a thing or two along the way. To begin with, one requires to undergo a basic course to understand what being a disk jockey is all about. For some other people, an apprenticeship is a good option too. All they need is a couple of days with a professional who just shows them the basics before they start their own practice.

As a beginner, you also have to stay updated on all the popular hits that your target audience might love listening to. While you might not have the updated list of songs yourself, there are many places where DJs in Dubai get their latest music from.

Another essential thing to consider in your journey as a DJ is having the right, basic equipment for a start. These instruments are quite crucial for every deejay out there, as they are the only things that remain constant. The motivation changes, the passion isn’t the same for everyone, and even the type of music played varies from one DJ to another.

The dawn of the technological era has opened doors for DJs to have a massive choice of instruments to go for, depending on numerous factors such as the type of music they play and their budget.

Picking this equipment can be a daunting experience, and that’s why this guide is designed to offer you more insight into these instruments. Take a look at five of the most important pieces of equipment every DJ should have:

1. A preferred DJ Setup

If you wish to understand all the nitty-gritty of DJ instruments fully, you have to follow the common setups used by freelance DJs in the UAE. Before you know which one to go for, it is necessary first to understand the various DJ setups you can go for:

Turntable DJ setup

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A turntable is considered to be the best and purest form of deejaying. Up until the early 2000s, this was the only way someone could get into the art of being a DJ. It is probably the most challenging setup to master (this might explain why there were not many DJs before the 2000s compared to today), but it is gratifying once you understand its concept.

This setup is majorly comprised of two turntables connected to a central mixer. At least two cartridges and slipmats will also be required. Vinyl records are also quite essential to this setup.

Building up a solid collection of vinyl records is a task that would take much of your money and time, especially if you are just starting out. As a beginner freelance DJ in Dubai, the use of CDs or digital files would be a good option, which may not be useful for this type of setup.

CDJ DJ setup

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When the use of CDs exploded in popularity, they were also incorporated into the DJing world. A CDJ is more like a turntable, but it can utilize CDs to play music and also boasts numerous output options.

This is one of the most widely used products by the most famous DJs and also in nightclubs. Modern CDJs have the option to play music not only from CDs but also on flash disks. Furthermore, they also provide you with the option to connect them to a laptop or computer for more music variety.

A CDJ will offer you the full vinyl experience, only with more features. The biggest challenge that comes with owning a CDJ is the steep price tag it comes with. As a beginner DJ in the UAE, it is more advisable to try out a controller instead.

DJ Controller setup

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The boom in the Deejaying world happened thanks to the invention of the controllers. They are far more affordable and quite easy to learn. Instead of having separate parts as in the case of a turntable or a CDJ, controllers have all the elements in one device.

While some of these products are standalone and can work on their own, the majority of the best DJ controllers in the market today are connected to a computer to play music.

2. A mixer

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A mixer is by far one of the most important pieces of equipment every DJ must have in 2020. It is used to perform different tricks and add effects to a song. Furthermore, it is responsible for a smooth transitioning from one song to the next. While it comes as a part of many CDJs and turntables, as a DJ, you ought to have one if you don’t.

3. Headphones

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Headphones to DJs are just like a stethoscope to a doctor – you are not one without it. These instruments work the magic for a DJ even when surrounded by super-loud music. They are also necessary for one to listen, cue, and play music with precision.

When looking for the best headphones, one should consider the ones that are comfortable even when worn for hours and have effective noise cancellation features.

4. Software

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The digital age requires every DJ to have familiarized themselves with at least one software that can help them in creating and mixing music. Different software performs various functions, and that is why it is paramount to first check on some of the best DJ software that will suit your needs.

Some popular programs such as Serato and Virtual DJ are some of the most common industry standard options you can start with. As time goes by, you will need to incorporate other skills, which means you will have to get premium software any time soon. 

5. Computer/laptop

If you want to delve into the world of a freelance DJ in the UAE in 2020, you should have a laptop. This product is important whether you wish to be a gigging DJ or you will be running your own simple internet radio. It acts as your music library, and it can also be used to mix, especially when you have software such as Virtual DJ.


While all these pieces of equipment get you ready for your first gig as one of the many freelance DJs in Dubaiother tasks such as marketing yourself as a Deejay in the UAE also await you. To sum up, only go for the equipment that is right for you at your current level.

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