Top 4 Tips To Help DJs Embrace Smartphone Djing 

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Music and happiness go together. Whether it is your birthday, wedding, baby shower, or a weekend outing with your friends, you need to polish the occasion with the best music. A freelance DJ in Dubai can help make your party livelier by selecting the right music that matches the mood of your guests. Top DJs invest in the best DJ equipment to help them keep their clients happy while enjoying the mixing. It is not difficult to find the right music for your party as there are several sites where Djs find the latest music to play in their shows. However, that does not make djing easy as you still have to have the best hardware.

With the changing times when people are more outgoing, there is a need for DJs to adapt to new ways. People no longer frequent bars and entertainment joints to dance to their best tunes. It is increasingly becoming common for people to host indoor parties as well as outdoor parties. Whether it is a tour to the desert or a friends’ reunion at the beach, the event never goes down without a dancing party. As a freelance DJ, you will appeal to a bigger group if you can offer parting experience on the go. Today, a DJ should know how to DJ with smartphones and tablets. Djing with a smartphone brings new possibilities as you can host a party at any place of your liking.

Although you are likely to continue with a computer as your ideal Djing equipment in major shows, you should not be surprised if you are asked to mix from your Smartphone. With the most popular DJ controllers supporting smart devices, there is a need to familiarize yourself with the latest Djing trend. As long as you are good at djing with a computer, you will not find it challenging to keep friends and clients entertained with a smartphone. However, djing with a mobile device is a bit different from what you are used to as you must get the right apps and tools.

Before you try hosting a party while djing with your Smartphone, you must keep the following in mind.

Things You Should Know To Successfully Dj With A Smartphone

1. Have the right Smartphone

You cannot use any smartphone to entertain your guests. Although the low-end smartphones can produce and play music for a house party, you may experience lags affecting the quality of the entertainment. If you cannot afford a high-end smartphone, make sure that your phone can support all tools that you need. It should have a powerful processor and respectable RAM. A phone with music-centric features will be easier to use. It also needs to have decent ROM memory to enable the installation of djing apps. The best phone should further support a memory card.

2. Find the Right App

The app you choose will determine the success or failure of your party. There are several free or highly affordable apps that you can install on your phone. The apps are available for Android and iOS, ensuring that your choice of mobile operating system does not make you miss out on the fun. Some of the apps you can try include:

Cross DJ: The app is free to use with in-app purchases. It has excellent features that include track syncing, accurate BPM detection, and beat-grid editing. The free version comes with five pitch-bending levels. If you purchase the premium version, you will enjoy external mixer support, sample packs, and an auto-mixer.

DJ Studio 5: The app is free with in-app purchases. Unlike other free apps, the app does not have user limitations. All the features are free to use, but you can purchase extra stuff to customize your experience. DJ Studio has excellent features that include ten sample pads, eight sound effects, equalizers, and a live mixing recorder, among others.

3. Get the necessary accessories

Djing from your Smartphone does not mean you get rid of your equipment. Some apps, such as the Cross DJ, extend your mobile djing functionality by working with the standalone mixer. You also need several memory cards to store your music.

4. Curate the ultimate playlist

A high-end phone and the best accessories will improve the djing experience but do not guarantee that your clients will enjoy the party. The music you play is what will get your guests on their feet and thus, you must carefully curate your playlist. You will need songs that you can play for hours without your party becoming monotonous. Make sure to include different genres, especially the ones your friends love.


A smartphone is a functional tool for a traveling freelance DJ in Dubai. The portability and form factor, as well as the touch-screen and smart technologies, offer an intuitive Djing experience for professional and amateur DJs. You should never let an opportunity to keep your friends and clients happy because you are not in your usual Djing environment. Instead, include Djing with a smartphone or a tablet as one of your partying services for outgoing people.

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