Top 5 online DJ courses in 2022

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DJing is getting wildly popular amongst the new generation. Some view it as their passion. Some call it art. Some label it as a source of income. No matter what, there’s a lot of aspiration seen in this career.

Here are some of the best online courses that will help freelance DJ in Dubai level up their game.

1. DJing Live: From setup to soundcheck

This course is considered one of the most popular online courses on DJing. It is offered on Skillshare, which is a learning platform for all kinds of skills.

DJing Live will educate you about preparing your gig using an effective setup and the necessary equipment. This lesson focuses on general setup, essential gear, and sound check. It helps a freelance DJ in Dubai in using both the Serato and Ableton setups during live sets.

Luckily, this course is taught by a Grammy-nominated DJ, Young Guru, who keeps things simple and easy to understand. He will help you to put on a professional setup for your gigs.

Another added bonus for the freelance DJ in Dubai would be the projects. Students can undertake that to further their skills even more. While you take this course, your knowledge about DJing would increase 10 fold.

This course is suitable for all levels and has 7 lessons. The total time commitment is of 34 minutes. So, it’s a short and fun course.

2. How to become a DJ: Learn how to start DJing Online Today

This is another phenomenal course on DJing in today’s time. This course is a full-fledged, jam-packed gift for every aspiring DJ.

It contains 11 hours of course material and 51 informative video lessons to watch. It is ideal for people who want to know what it takes to be a DJ.

This course is offered on Udemy, which is also a learning platform. The course focuses on the technical foundation that is imperative for any freelance DJ in Dubai. It will make you skillful enough to execute like a top DJ. And you’d be able to do so without a pre-recorded set!

A very professional DJ, Ross Palmer, will guide you throughout the course. He’ll teach you the basics such as the function of the buttons on a DJ set, how to use headphones when mixing, and much more.

Moreover, he’d tell you how to use the filter, spiral, and echo effects, and guide you on the way to use two USBs at once. Further, along the course, he will inform you about using FX with a microphone and how to end your set gracefully.

Overall, this is just right for both beginner and advanced-level DJs. It has an exceptional rating of 4.7, and the content is 10 hours and 46 minutes long. So, join this popular course today.

3. Scratch DJ Academy Presents: DJ Fundamentals

This CreativeLive course is incredibly fantastic for a freelance DJ in Dubai. This course is taught by DJ Hapa, who has extensive experience of over two decades. He has performed all around the world.

In this course, DJ Hapa aims to teach you everything you need to know before getting started as a DJ. However, this course is not only for beginners. Experienced DJs can benefit from it too.

This course covers basic music theory, scratching 101, and using crossfaders deeply. DJ Happa will educate you on how to do mixing based on BP, mixing based on song structure, song breakdown demo, mixer overview, and EQ.

By taking this course, a freelance DJ in Dubai will be skilled in matters of understanding turntables. You’ll learn about inputs, outputs, manual beatmatching techniques, and beatmatching practice.

If you are looking to learn the basics correctly, this course is precisely for you. The lessons are over 5 hours long and the material is comprehensive. Still, it is not overwhelming, so you do not need to worry about anything.

4. Ultimate Ableton Live: DJ Techniques and Controllers

This course is available on Skillshare. It is taught by Ableton certified trainer, Jason Allen. Jason Allen is wildly talented and qualified. He has worked as a composer, producer, songwriter, engineer, sound designer, and DJ.

Additionally, he is also a remix artist, multimedia artist, performer, inventor, and entrepreneur. If one man is so qualified, the content has to be of impressive quality too.

This class focuses on using Abelton Live for DJing and performing. However, it should be noted that this course is for an intermediate freelance DJ in Dubai. A prerequisite is an awareness of Abelton Live.

You’ll learn about audio effect racks, using effect rack presets, building your own effect racks, and parallel processing. Eventually, you’ll also master the performance racks, which include controllers, MIDI mapping, and follow actions.

Jason will assist you in learning about the two interfaces; the Ableton push interface and the APC 40 interface. You’ll be taught about some different modes, specifically the legato mode and the launch mode.

In this 23-video lesson course, Jason will make sure that you understand the tricks and techniques that are essential for a DJ.

5. Learn How to DJ From the Wu-Tang Clan

DJ Symphony, a popular figure in the DJ world, is from the Wu-Tang Clan. He will be your instructor for this amazing course. It is designed specifically for starters. Hence, a beginner freelance DJ in Dubai can benefit from this immensely.

There are 49 lectures and 7 hours of course material in this course. This is provided to you through Udemy. In this course, you’ll learn some great techniques for starting as a DJ.

DJ Symphony will instruct you on using and understanding the fader, beats per minute, and song structure. You’ll also learn how to use headphones.

This course is divided into three parts; beginner, intermediate, and expert. If you are a beginner, you can take this single course and learn everything you need to become an expert DJ. From cue points to DJ intros, and from beatmatching to using revolution, everything is covered in this course.

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