Where DJs in Dubai Find Latest Music to Play in Their Shows

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To ensure you provide the right content to your listeners, you should never stop researching and identifying new releases to grow your playlist. For Freelance DJs in Dubai, keeping current is of the essence. The country is now a global tourist destination. Any DJ trying to make a living over there needs to understand about underground and mainstream music. You don’t want to be labeled as a biased DJ whose mixes are only composed of international artists. Crowds appreciate a DJ who promotes up and coming artists. There is high scrutiny for freelance DJs in the UAE because people expect nothing but the best. 

Creating a vast track archive is a crucial component of being a DJ. However, identifying what tracks to download and where to load them is a source of wealth!

This article has ample clues on the location to search and obtain motivation for tracks, remixed, aged, latest, and all interfacing. Discovering quick edits or remixes of melodies will make you stand out among the many DJs in Dubai. Your track library should be full of songs that will put the audience at the edge of their seats.

Sites to Access Music as a DJ

1. Streaming Solutions.

2. Shazam.

3. YouTube.

4. Sound Journals.

5. SoundCloud.

6. Track Lists.

7. DJ Email Catalogues.

8. DJ Record Pools.

9. Crossfader Music Pack.

10. Radio Playlists.

NB: Not all platforms on the catalogue will enable you to download the tracks, but all are great sites for motivation.

Streaming Solutions

Streaming is the present-day norm for sound uptake. As of June 2018, about 46.4 million individuals had parted with cash for a music subsidy on subscription services. This has triggered DJing entourage to jump in the direction of this retail with Spotify supported by Algoriddim and Serato introducing onboard Tidal and SoundCloud Go. Ultimately this year, BeatPort is aiming to release an exclusive streaming programme. However, there are other ways you can take advantage of these porches aside from streaming tracks in the form of your DJ software. The automated music libraries created in Apple iTunes and Spotify can help you as a DJ discover the latest tracks depending on their trending listings.  


This app is a necessity for all freelance DJs in the UAE. It enables you to know the name of almost any song that you are currently hearing. Ensure you have the app installed because once it identifies a track, it maintains a catalogue for later download. Note that not all tunes and remixes are recognizable because some specials aren’t named openly to be identified.

You can be assisted on your handset (Siri or Google Assistant) as an alternative in case you are unable to access the Shazam app. For instance, your Shazam app might fail to open while a DJ in Cavalli Club, Restaurant & Lounge is playing a new song. To start the inquiry, question the assistant, “what is the title of this song?” Screenshot the outcome after identification because unlike Shazam, this software doesn’t store your search results. 


It is identical to SoundCloud. Begin the process by writing the title of a track of your liking. Then take advantage of YouTube’s incredible “related videos” to drown in similar singles and collaborations. Continue exploring and when you get bored, repeat the move with the latest tunes in the search field. Freelance DJs in Dubai make use this YouTube channel link devoted to contemporary creators and musicians.

Sound Journals

Journals are an incredible hub of contemporary tunes. Deciding on the ones to maintain tabs on and the ones to monitor is the only challenging part about sound journals. Utilize the Hype Machine to simplify your search results. Selecting a commencing point is all you require. In its search tab, write the title of a song or a musician and scroll your way down. 


You are probably aware of SoundCloud. The fantastic aspect within it is that its home for original sounds and remixes, from unidentified and contemporary creators. New producers also give away a lot of uncharged downloads. Some platinum chart sounds in Dubai began as simple SoundCloud downloads before being picked up by electronic producers. 

Track Lists

Why not have a sneak peek of what other DJs in Dubai are currently playing? Most DJs tracklist their sets online. For instance, you can find DJ Nicky Romero’s Dubai sessions on Spotify. First search for what local DJs like Amin Golestan are playing for ideas on what’s trending in the streets. This applies for radio DJs and freelancers as well. 

DJ Email Catalogues

These are targeted towards the active DJs in Dubai with many club shows. Numerous services require in-depth evidence of your location to affirm that their music is heard by the right people. Also, many of these solutions line their tracks so that they can monitor any unwarranted allocation of sound files. It’s needless to say that if you’ve signed up to one, don’t share with the globe contemporary releases. Failure to do that can get you unlisted from most labels. Some services would instead summon DJs to be enlisted rather than sending them a sign-up link. 

Record Pools

You can be aware of a vast range of the latest tunes via record pools. Most of them grant straight entry to an ancient playlist and contemporary songs. By reimbursing a periodical subscription and being a member of the record pool, you can get plenty of the latest sounds including the ones categorically designed for DJs. Many pools currently offer intro redrafts of radio tunes to assist DJs in mixing. Some record pools require the DJ to rate each song or send feedback before downloading.

Crossfader Music Pack

Crossfader Music pack can kick start your playlist. It contains special music you won’t locate in another platform. There are handpicked tracks in there designed to assist you in understanding mixing. To go live or record a mix, click the ‘GO LIVE’ tab on top of the screen. As soon as you are finished, click the same button to finish, label, and save your hype set. To download packs, open the playlist by clicking on the red or blue square, followed by the PACKS button. 

Radio Playlists

You can turn to what radio stations are releasing as opposed to glancing at what is being played by DJs. Every station has a catalogue to scroll through. This is a smart way of evaluating what is trending among audiences. Freelance DJs in the UAE can visit iRadioDubai to find out what songs have been playing on the radio for the previous seven days. 

Concluding Note

If you are a freelance DJ in Dubai struggling to find music for your playlist, it may be time to visit There, you will find fellow freelancers and professional DJs who are ready to help when it comes to DJing in the UAE. Associating with people who have been there and done it will not only improve you as a DJ but also as a human being. Your DJing skills will also get better without a doubt. Sign up today to connect with DJs in Dubai. 

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