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10 best corporate event companies in Dubai

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Corporate events planning entails much more than hiring the best freelance event managers in Dubai. It also involves choosing the best corporate event company to execute your event to perfection. Read on to find out the ten best corporate event companies in Dubai that you can connect with for your next event.

Although conferences and meetings form a significant share of corporate events, the best corporate event companies are well-equipped to handle corporate entertainment, exhibitions, conventions, team buildings, motivational events, receptions, and corporate hospitality.

What does planning for a successful corporate event entail?

Planning and executing successful corporate events is not an easy job, especially if the event is big. If you were to delegate the task of organizing a corporate event to your employees, you would overburden them, and the results would be underwhelming in most cases.

Your staff may lack the knowledge, experience, and contacts to initiate the process right from the first step to the last. Corporate events planning has various aspects that are handled better by experts. What are some of the critical elements?

Key aspects of corporate event planning

  • Coming up with a solid theme and itinerary
  • Setting a budget
  • Coming up with a schedule
  • Hiring the venue
  • Identifying the catering, transport, and equipment needed
  • Inviting people and handling RSVPs
  • Administrative duties
  • Assembling the right team to be in place to ensure the event runs smoothly

Why should you engage a corporate event company?

  • Budget

Corporate event management companies maintain strong relationships with the best venues and catering companies within your region. They will help you set a budget by approximating the quotes after evaluating your specific tastes and preferences. They will also help you on the negotiating table to get the best deals due to their extensive insider relationships.

Now that you have your budget, the next step is choosing your venue. Choosing the right venue is a significant determinant of the success of your corporate event. Corporate event companies help you select an ideal venue depending on the number of guests. They will also ensure that you get value for money.

  • Attention to detail

Minor details can considerably affect the success of your corporate event. Focusing on the critical details does not guarantee the success of your event. Due to their experience, corporate event companies can identify and attend to minor issues such as food allergies among your guests and their music tastes.

  • Creativity

You cannot expect innovativeness from someone who has never managed an event before. Creativity is an essential component of a corporate management company. They have to think out of the box to develop fresh ideas and solutions to make your event stand out.

  • Focus on your work

Meeting stringent business objectives could be one of your main reasons for planning a corporate event. Hiring a corporate event company will allow you and your employees to focus on your core duties while allowing a team of experts who are best at what they do to prepare the perfect event for you.

Factors to consider before choosing a corporate events company

If you want to put up the best possible event for your guests, you should consider the following factors before signing the dotted line with a corporate events company.

1. Do they have enough experience?

Experienced corporate event companies in the market will likely do a better job. When doing your research, look at the company’s website, and find out if they have managed similar events. Look for testimonials from their previous clients as well as reviews. If the testimonials and reviews are good, they might be a good fit.

2. What is their specialty?

You are bound to come across different event management companies during your search for a corporate event company. Some of them are ideal wedding event companies, while others specialize in private parties.

However, you are holding a corporate event which is quite different from other events. It is, therefore, essential that you are specific in your search for a corporate events company.

3. Look out for the 3As.

The ideal corporate event company should be accessible, available, and approachable. This ensures that there is the ease of communication between the two parties. Therefore, you should try to know everything about the company by asking as many questions during the first meeting. You can also request to have one of their freelance event managers around Dubai on call for any queries you may have before the event’s actual day.

4. Take note of their suppliers.

Whether it is their catering companies or the venue they choose for you, the ideal corporate events company always works with the highest quality suppliers. Always ask for a list of the company’s suppliers or vendors and check their quality of services. High-quality services are a good sign.

5. Do they have the right insurance?

You cannot overlook insurance when going for your ideal corporate event company. Any credible corporate event company in Dubai should have the necessary insurance. Check if the company has event liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance that ensures that you are reimbursed if things go seriously wrong.

10 best corporate event companies in Dubai

1. Great Wall Events

Great Wall Events was established in 2004. They have a professional team with over ten years of experience handling launches, conferences, award ceremonies, and all sorts of corporate events. They pride themselves on ensuring that all their events are tailored according to the customers’ needs.

2. Purrple Orryx

Purrple Orryx has years of experience working in different countries, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, and India. They aim to spare you the headache of planning your corporate event by working on the planning, conceptualization, and executing it to perfection using the latest technology. They have a broad client base that includes companies such as Franke, Pharmax, Amazon, and Fairmount Hotels, among others.

3. AND Events Management

AND Events Management provides quality corporate event management services that indicate to your staff and competitors that your company is worth the hype. They ensure that the client’s image is portrayed in their events.

As they create your event, they will take you through the catering, theming, and accommodation, all of which the account manager handles. Some of their clients include HP, Norton, Visa, HTC, and Mercedes Benz.

4. Elixir Events Company

Elixir Events company believes in showcasing its culture and its shareholders by delivering a unique style with a blend of native. Using the best equipment, their expert team can handle any event irrespective of its size. Their services cover corporate events ranging from gala dinners, product launches, seminars, team-building activities, destination management, and catering.

5. Urban Events

Urban Events is a corporate event company that has been around since 2008. The award-winning event agency delivers creative ideas to your event while also incorporating flawless execution and great attention to detail.

By integrating their staff into client teams, they can plan your event meticulously and respond to your queries actively while also leveraging their broad supplier relationships to ensure you get value for money. Some of their corporate clients include Glenfiddich, American Express, Budweiser, Lexus, and Kellogg’s.

6. Mosaic Live

Mosaic Live has been in operation for the last twelve years. They strive to create a corporate event that generates leads, engages stakeholders, and improves your brand’s perception from the outside world.

Mosaic Live has a five-step approach to corporate event planning that has helped create the most unforgettable events. The five-step process entails briefing, conceptualization, planning, execution, and evaluation.

7. Vibgyor Event Management

Vibgyor Event Management offers comprehensive event management services where they facilitate everything right from venue choice to all kinds of logistics, including ticketing and hotel booking.

Their service cost is affordable and almost similar to what you would pay if you could facilitate the event yourself. They offer technical production solutions, creative conceptualization, and site management to ensure that your event is memorable.

8. Max Events

Max Events believes that the key to a successful project is having a clear communication strategy between you and the client. This enables them to perfect the event’s set design, from invitations to PowerPoint presentations and signages.

Max Events has a proven track record of over ten years in Dubai and India and believes in providing clients with a stress-free event that satisfies all parameters. The company has overseen several successful launches, including the launch of the Audi A8 in Dubai and the launch of Natuala Dubai, among many others.

9. Future Vision

Future Vision works with you right from concept development, venue selection, technical planning, and actual event management. The company has an up-to-date setup and the latest technological equipment to ensure that your event is successful.

Their impressive portfolio features numerous creative exhibition stands and product launches. They are well known in Dubai for their quality, planning, and management skills.

10. Ark Middle East Event Management

Ark Middle East Event Management boasts an expert team that provides fresh, fun, and innovative corporate event management solutions by adhering to schedules and providing quality services.

Their team has successfully conceptualized many corporate events in Dubai and other Emirates. The company has an in-house fabrication and can create themes that suit your corporate event and audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a corporate event planner rather than keep it in-house? 

A corporate event is held so that all employees are able to partake in it, enjoy their time, mingle with other guests, and focus on more important aspects of the event. Planning an event is a hectic job and you wouldn’t want to add more pressure on your employees. Besides, a professional event manager would be able to get the entire job done without having to cause a dent in your finances.

What services are provided by corporate event planners?

Corporate event planners are professionals in the field and cater to all aspects of the event, from securing the venue, bringing the food, hiring equipment, coordinating the logistics of the day, and so much more. Whenever you hire a freelance corporate event manager, all you have to do is to show up for the event as everything else is well taken care of.

What are some of the things to consider before settling on a corporate event management company?

The most obvious thing to look out for is the experience that the personnel or company possesses. How long have they been doing this? Do they have any experience handling an event like yours? You should also pay a lot of attention to their specialty, and try to understand what type of events they major in the most. Even though they may not have specialized in corporate event planning, it would be ideal to have some good experience in the field before you hire them.


Holding a successful corporate event requires intricate planning and a great deal of attention to detail. It is a task that is better left to the best freelance event managers. Hiring the best freelance event manager in Dubai will allow you to sit back and relax while your corporate event comes together.

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