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4 Fantastic Ways To Boost Your Event’s Visibility On Social Media

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So many people are on social media every day. If you have an upcoming event, consider using social media to promote, create awareness, and build hype for the day. You can use the various platforms to give the word about the date and ticketing. Apart from awareness and visibility creation, social media helps you to build a community around a brand, especially if you are a freelance event manager.

When dealing with events management, social media may not be as easy to use as you might think. The majority of solopreneurs get stuck at setting up and managing an event page. The challenge can affect your projects since most clients today will ask you to set up an event page on multiple social platforms. For that reason, we have put together four of our essential tips to help you navigate the murky waters of social media marketing. With these tips, you can make the most out of promoting your client’s event on the digital platform.

4 Top Methods to Promote Your Event via Social Media

One of the significant parts of event promotion is to meet your audience where they are. With plenty of social media platforms to choose from, you can interact with your target guests from their existing environments. While there are plenty of social media marketing strategies, here are four ways to integrate social platforms into promoting your event.

1. Crowdsourcing Event Materials

We all know that social media is a reliable marketing platform for events. But, did you know that your event attendees could be a treasure of excellent marketing resources? Read below for know-how.

  • Building Event Credibility With Crowdsourcing

If you keep an existing customer base from similar events in the past, ask the former attendees to post photos and videos of the previous events. Real guests posting memories of your past event will give you the best credibility you need. Do not forget to ask these customers to use the current event hashtag when posting clips and pictures on their social media accounts. In this way, you could save on the event’s advertising costs via social media.

  • Crowdsourcing For The First Event

Is this your first event? If so, you may not have a client database with previous pictures and videos. Do not worry because you can opt to run a social media contest where potential attendees will be submitting photos and clip recordings on topics relating to your event. Make sure the prospective guests get to tag their media content with your event hashtag. The competition provides an excellent way to build a buzz around the upcoming event on social platforms. You can have different categories and gifts like drink vouchers or tickets for the winners.

Congratulations, you now have an unstoppable awareness creation campaign on social media campaign courtesy of freebies and excellent content material.

2. Using Discounted Referral Programs

Referrals are among the most effective forms of online marketing. Brands such as Airbnb, Uber, and Dropbox are using double-sided referral programs. The design strategy for these double-sided referrals is to allow the program to connect with social platforms and transform its followers into promoters. You can tap into the power of similar social referral initiatives to sell your event tickets.

Event participants know who is likely to purchase a ticket within their social connections. Therefore, to put this plan into action:

  • Afford ticket buyers with a traceable link that they can share with followers on social media or their email contacts
  • Attendees can use organic targeting for their connections via social media, or through direct channels, including text and email
  • If someone in their target list eventually buys a ticket through the trackable link, both parties will get a discount

Using a double-sided incentive plan might seem costlier than a single referral because you are rewarding both parties. However, acquiring event attendees through double referrals on social media yields lower costs per acquisition than traditional marketing strategies. With higher levels of social proof concerning your event, the referred customer is likely to buy subsequent event tickets from your brand.

A recent survey by the Medallia Institute finds that Millennials are often ready to try new services, more so at discounted prices. Moreover, they will tell their friends if the results are excellent. However, an average of 85% of them will post the experience on social media, whether good or bad. The study estimates that in a usual month, approximately two out of three Millennials will use referral discounts from a friend’s invite on social media, highlighting the power of social platforms.

If you choose to implement the referrals program, there are a few platforms to help you put this strategy to work:

  • Genius Referrals provides an excellent tool for building the incentive programs
  • Bizzabo will empower your event marketing initiatives by offering a great online experience for your audience
  • Ticket Boost is Bizzabo’s social media referral tool that can help you with ticket sales through a double-sided referral program

3. Create a Memorable Hashtag 

The hashtag has become one of the most effective online promotions for various types of events. Learning the proper application of a hashtag is one of the key elements to becoming a successful freelance social media marketer. With a hashtag, you can get a strategic solution since it forms a reference point for the event. As a result, you can apply and promote this point of reference across different social media channels. Consider spreading it over all your social accounts by including it in the written posts. Besides, you can have it on the tags for online image uploads, as well as any promotional content on the internet for maximum event awareness.

4. Create a Video with Highlights

Nothing boosts awareness and creates excitement for the upcoming event than a visual outlet. If you have footage from the previous event, get it running across multiple social media platforms as a highlight reel. The best thing about the video is that you can upload and share it on various sites, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, among others. Some social sites like Instagram will require shorter versions, not exceeding 15 seconds.

A Concluding Note

Social media is an excellent avenue to promote an upcoming event and boost ticket sales. Remember to ask past attendees to help your event by uploading previous videos and pictures on their social media accounts. Run a media content contest if this is your first event and have prizes for the winners. Additionally, leverage double-sided referral programs to maximize event ticket sales.

Along with using the power of social media to promote your event, you should continuously be seeking fresh avenues with new event clients. Working as an independent professional requires you to have an ongoing relationship with existing and new customers. Signing up as a freelance event manager on the Bawabba platform is an excellent way to increase your job openings. Most customers in the United Arab Emirates come to us for the next generation of professional freelancers. Join us today for free to boost your job prospects.

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