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5 Meaningful Details to Carry With You on Your Wedding Day

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If you’re reading this, well, congratulations on your wedding. The big day is around the corner, and you’re probably over your head trying to keep calm (even though we’re sure you’re quite anxious now). Regardless, a lot of planning usually goes into the preparations for a wedding, and you can’t wait for this day to finally arrive. Luckily, if you have a tight schedule, you can always seek the services of a certified freelance event manager in Dubai who will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Unfortunately, a wedding planner can only go as far while helping you prepare for your wedding. They’ll ensure that everything is seamless, as you fully enjoy your big day uninterrupted. But do they cater to everything that you might need to make the wedding more memorable? Of course, no.

There are some meaningful details, although not a necessity, that might add more color to your wedding, making it an enjoyable day for your family and friends.

Some of these details include:

Your mother’s wedding dress

In many parts of the world, a wedding dress is usually worn by generations of a family. If your family doesn’t have that tradition, don’t fret as you still have the time to start one of your own. If you’ve already shopped for your wedding dress, or your mother doesn’t still have hers, you can ask her to give you a piece of it. It can be beading or just a piece of the underskirt, which you can take with you down the aisle.

Photos of loved ones

Sadly, some of your loved ones are no longer able to attend your wedding. It would be amazing if you devised a way to remember and include them in your wedding. One of the most popular ways of doing so is by having their pictures with you during the big day.

The pictures can be framed and placed on tables at the reception, or you can have them in lockets, which you can carry with you. The lockets can be embedded in the bouquet, and you’ll feel happy having included them on your special day. When planning the wedding outdoors, it would be great to have their pictures at strategic places where both you and the guests can easily see.

A fake wedding ring

A good freelance event manager in the UAE will provide you with a checklist of everything needed during the wedding, including the wedding rings. However, if you didn’t seek their services, the idea of the ring might slip through your mind.

Moreover, haven’t you ever heard about a best man or whoever was in charge of the wedding rings claiming to have forgotten them? Save yourself the trouble and pack a cheaply fake wedding ring in your purse and appoint a custodian of it. In case anything should happen to the official wedding rings (God forbid,) you will be prepared with a Plan B.

Besides, no one will even notice the missing rings beside your closest circle.

Safety pins

As the day unfolds, it’ll be important to be prepared for anything, including a wedding dress emergency. In case such happens, you’ll thank the lucky stars you had a couple of safety pins in your survival bag. As such, it is also recommended to take time to pick the perfect wedding venue, as the ideal ones will give you some privacy and a place to take care of business in case of such emergencies.

The perfect flowers

Every detail during a wedding is important, including what flowers to include in your bouquet. You can pick out your favorite flowers or go a little further to include the flowers your partner offered you on the first date. Some brides opt for flowers that their parents and grandparents used at their weddings.


These meaningful details are not so necessary to the success of a wedding but will have an everlasting impact on your memories of the day. Looking for other ways to make your wedding special? Get in touch with some of the best freelance event managers in Dubaiand they will plan the perfect wedding for you.

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