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5 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner

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Getting married is a remarkable experience for any person as it is one of their most important days. This is the one day that requires a lot of planning and preparation, weeks or even months prior to D-day.

Weddings have always been a major undertaking for those involved. There’s determining the budget, coming up with a guest list & sending them invitations, picking vendors, and many more activities, making wedding planning a rather overwhelming task.

For those that already have a busy schedule, you may even be forced to quit your day job as you prepare for this auspicious day. But are you really willing to lose too much of your time and energy planning for something you could have easily gotten someone to do? The need for freelance event managers in Dubai has increasingly grown over the years due to many reasons.

Check out these five reasons why hiring a wedding planner is essential to making the process smoother (while still keeping your sanity):

1. Helping with budget constraints

The popular maxim “if wishes were horses, beggars could ride on them,” is very much practical when organizing a wedding. If possible, we would all love to have a multi-million dollar wedding with anything we want to go the way we want. However, that’s practically not possible, right?

The most important factor to consider when planning for a wedding is the budget, how much you have in your accounts, and how much you’re willing to spend on the wedding. Remember that you’re starting a new life, and you wouldn’t want to begin it broken. Do not spend all your money on the wedding day alone.

There are too many things that are considered while budgeting for a wedding. From the cost of wedding costumes, the venue, food, and other logistics – it can be a daunting task to identify how much to spend and on what.

freelance event manager in the UAE is highly experienced and will guide you in creating your budget and cutting out all the unnecessary things. Cutting costs during a wedding is the ultimate gift any couple can get, and a good planner will do exactly that for you.

2. A deeper knowledge of the venues and vendors

Apart from helping you plan your budget, professional wedding planners have a deeper understanding of the venues and vendors you can hire during the wedding. For instance, having been in the industry long enough will enable them to identify different vendors that offer products and services at different rates. They can help you in picking the ones that suit your needs and budget.

Moreover, these professionals know of all the cool places you can use as your wedding venue or reception area. They’ll listen to your needs and help you to select the best wedding locations in Dubai.

3. They are problem solvers

If you have ever attended multiple weddings before, you’ll realize that each one might have had some unexpected issues arising before and during the wedding. If you want to be on the safe side, get a professional wedding planner to take charge of your wedding.

This is because they know of the majority of problems that might occur and will put measures in place to prevent them. Moreover, you might even never know about such problems as the best freelance wedding planners in the UAE are fast problem solvers, only approaching you with good results and news. Their main priority is to make you happy on your big day and not focus on other problems.

4. Ideas and inspiration

We’ve all imagined how we would like our weddings to look. But did you know that much of what you’ve always thought of only accounts for less than 10% of what the entire wedding would be? It might be hard to come up with a unique theme or style for your wedding, and even though you have an idea in mind, you may not have a clue about how to implement it.

Luckily, wedding planners come to you with a vast knowledge of wedding ideas and inspiration that you can use for your most important day. They can fine-tune aesthetics to speak your personality, enabling you to create great memories while leaving the guests with an unforgettable experience.

Although you get the final say on how the wedding should be, brainstorming with an experienced planner will help you find clarity. However, it is prudent that you have an open mind for better ideas, and you will finish with strong confidence without the need for second-guessing anything.

5. Enjoy the wedding day without stress

Even though you may feel like getting full-planning services aren’t for you (for whichever reasons), you’d be better off hiring a day coordinator to help you run the activities of the day smoothly. Doing this will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

For starters, a wedding planner will create a checklist and schedule for everything, meaning all that has been planned for happens at the specified time. We all know how people can be carried away during such functions, and there comes a lot of time mismanagement. Wedding planners will ensure that everyone gets to the venue on time, the ceremony is carried out on time, and no unnecessary delays are encountered.

Moreover, wedding coordinators are usually prepared with a list of everything that needs to be ready before the main day. They’ll ensure that all has been well taken of so that you can avoid stressing your family members and some guests with last-minute tasks. Your coordinator will get everything done for you, including setting up the venue, speaking & liaising with the vendors, and going above and beyond to ensure you enjoy your day fully.

Over to You

Do not stress yourself anymore. Get the services of some of the best freelance event managers in Dubaiand you won’t regret the decision you’ll make for your most important day.

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