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5 Ways on How Freelance Digital Marketers in Dubai Can Help You Set Up Successful Global Conference Calls In 2020 

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Running a business in today’s global village requires a high level of commitment and skills, especially if it is a small or medium-sized business that cannot afford a large workforce. You will have to manage your products, get in touch with your suppliers, and improve customer experience. Luckily, you can outsource some of your tasks to freelancers in Dubai, enabling you to focus on the critical aspect of your business. Hiring a freelancer in Dubai can give your business a competitive edge with specialized skills and quick turnaround without unnecessary maintenance costs.

Today, freelancers are highly skilled and experienced. They are also flexible allowing your business to operate 24 hours, seven days a week. For example, instead of hiring a full-time employee, you can hire a freelancer to look after your business for the hours that you are not available. The benefit of this arrangement is that you will be able to save on the cost of hiring a full-time employee while ensuring that your business is attended to full-time. There are tasks that every company in the UAE should outsource to freelancers to free up critical resources such as content writing, web development, and bookkeeping. You can also seek the assistance of freelance digital marketers in Dubai to help you establish webinars and virtual conferences.

With lockdowns and international transport restrictions as a result of Coronavirus, you can hire a freelance event manager to help you host virtual events in 2020 and help your business keep going. Uncertainties have become common and you may need to keep updating your clients and suppliers regularly about the changing events to maintain their confidence and loyalty to your brand. Holding global conference calls is turning out to be an effective way to keep businesses running as companies try to adapt to the changing times. In this article, you will learn how you can keep your business operating by holding effective global conference calls.

5 Ways for Setting Up Successful Global Conference Calls

1. Create an account with a conferencing provider

Your first step should be to find a provider offering the services that you need. Most conferencing companies have expertise in audio, video, and web conferencing. A local provider is always advisable as it means your conversations and data will remain in place. A local company will guarantee quality service as you can test the infrastructure before the actual event. Most will even give you a free trial period where you can check their services. If you opt for video calling, you should ensure that the company has a secure network connection to guarantee quality calling. Also, make sure the software does not alter voices for clarity.

2. Invite participants to the meeting

Once you have the right conferencing provider, you can now invite guests to the event. Sending a text or an email can be enough, but it may be better to use a video sales letter. Video sales letters are more effective as they have the ability to convey emotion resulting in higher engagement and conversions. You can reach out to a freelance digital marketer in Dubai to help you create powerful video sales letters that will give an introduction to your guests on what to expect during the call. A winning video sales letter should be catchy to surprise viewers, highlight the problem, and hit the emotional aspect. It should also introduce the solution, establish credibility, and encourage action. Your invitation message should have the date and time of your conference, the number your guests will use to join the meeting, details that can help them prepare for the call, and the code that they will use to access the meeting. It is necessary to set the agenda and clarify what you expect from the participants to guarantee productivity.

3. Make a conference call

At the time of the call, your guests should dial the number you provided earlier to join the meeting. It is necessary to ensure the message you sent earlier had a step-by-step guide on how to join the conference. You can also send a reminder with the guide on how to join the meeting a few days before the event. Once they put the guest code, the guests will be on hold until you start the session. There are many voice and video apps available for freelancers. 

4. State the objectives of the conference call

You should begin the conference call by introducing yourself and outlining the objectives of the meeting. Communicating the objectives before the meeting starts makes it easy to keep guests on track. It also helps participants to prepare for the discussions in their order of occurrence mentally. You must remember time is a critical resource that must be properly managed to enable you to cover all items on the agenda within the set time. Setting the agenda items based on their importance is beneficial in ensuring that the most important agendas are discussed, even if you run out of time. If the time is not adequate to cover everything, set another conference call to discuss the remaining agenda items.

5. Use keypad shortcuts to manage the call

Self-managing your conference call can be tricky and overwhelming, especially if you have several participants. You can hire an expert to help you manage the call to ensure that every participant gets adequate and fair time to contribute to the meeting. A set of programmed in-conference keypad shortcuts can help you retain control. You should ask for the list of keypad shortcuts from the provider. With the keypad shortcuts, you can mute participants to minimize background noise and prevent participants from interrupting the speaker.


Hosting a global conference call can help you maintain the same business objective in different regions irrespective of the lockdowns and travel restrictions. The lack of staff at your company should not be a hindrance as you can take advantage of the flexibility offered by freelance digital marketers in Dubai to make your conference meeting successful. From marketing your event to helping you choose the right conference call provider, social media experts can help improve your call experience. They can also help you plan for inconveniences that can occur. If some participants cannot take part in the conference call, the freelancer social media marketer in Dubai can help you record and send the recordings to those who failed to attend the meeting.

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