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5 Ways to Improve Audience Engagement in a Virtual Event

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Did you know that the world’s first-ever Livestream was a webcam video of a coffee maker simply brewing coffee? Fascinating, right? Well, since making its debut in 1993, virtual events are now becoming a thing of the norm for freelance event managers in Dubai. Of course, nothing can beat the feeling and experience of attending an actual conference or a business meeting and interacting with others. However, achieving the same experience in a virtual event is just as possible.

However, anyone who has hosted a virtual event before, knows how hard it can be to keep the audience engaged. Even with a lot of event managers at your disposal who can help you plan the event, keeping the audience engaged requires a lot of effort. Without further ado, here are five tips to guarantee engagement at your virtual event:

1. Get the right tools to host the event.

The secret behind hosting a successful virtual event is getting the right tools. No attendee will want to be in the event if it keeps on experiencing technical hitches. The first tool is a reliable platform. Of course, there is a diverse range of virtual event platforms like Zoom, Accelevents, VFairs, and Communique Conferencing, to mention a few. 

Before choosing a particular platform, it would be best for you to consult one of the reputable freelance event managers in the UAE to get professional advice on which one suits your needs. 

Other must-have virtual event tools include; a reliable Wi-Fi network, digital video equipment, and a virtual event website, to name a few.

2. Ensure that your content is exciting.

Anyone who has attended or hosted a virtual event knows that attention fatigue is real. So, to hold on to your audience’s attention until the end, make sure that your content is vibrant and exciting. A great way to do so is by using a PowerPoint presentation. To make your presentation more engaging, you can incorporate graphics and pre-recorded audio and videos. 

You can also have breaks in between your presentation and provide a platform for your audience to ask questions and give their opinions. Another great way to make your content exciting is by adding some extra content in between the breaks like trivia games, or meditation.

3. Use interactive features during the event.

As mentioned before, your audience can only concentrate on what is going on in the event for a while. So, to keep them from losing interest, incorporate Q&A sessions, chats, and live polls. This keeps them glued to the screen, but it breaks down any barriers between you and your audience and helps you gather valuable feedback. There are so many things that freelance digital marketers in Dubai can be of help to ensure your virtual event is successful.

4. Be passionate about what you are presenting.

If something completely turns off an audience, it’s a presenter who is not passionate. While facilitating the event, always be lively and approachable. That way, your audience can concentrate until the end, and feel comfortable enough to ask questions and air their views.

5. Put a face to the voice.

You are less likely to join or even participate in a virtual meeting where you do not see the presenters. Sometimes, for privacy purposes, some conferencing apps have the ability to prevent one from broadcasting their videos and only their voices are heard. 

However, there is always something more humanizing about seeing the presenter. To improve the audience’s engagement, enable the video. If it is a meeting of people that are completely unfamiliar with each other, seeing each other is a great way of creating new connections.

To wrap it up

Having a very engaging virtual event presents you with opportunities to interact with your audience in many ways that are surprisingly impossible in live events. If this is your first time hosting a virtual event, you can always reach out to some of the best freelance event managers in Dubai who can offer you professional assistance.

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