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Best Event Venue Guide: Adding Value To Your Event With A Venue That Best Meets Your Needs

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Your event can only be as good as your venue. A suitable venue will enhance the mood of your event by creating a lovely impression when your guests arrive. It is easier to entertain people who are already happy and thus, choosing a venue that gives awesomeness to your event is the first step in making your event successful. Every successful freelance event manager will tell you that the secret to their success is in finding the right venue for every event. The best place for a wedding is not necessarily the best venue for a birthday party.

Furthermore, it is easy to customize a venue that best suits your event needs. For example, if your event will have a performance, it will be easier to plan it on a site with a stage as opposed to a place where you will need to elect a temporary podium. Unless it is an emergency, you should spend considerable time looking for the best fit venue for your event. Irrespective of what happens on your occasion, it would feel out of touch to host 50 guests in a 300 capacity hall. It would also feel awkward to pack 300 guests in a 100 capacity hall. If the event has a significant role in the success of your business, you should hire the best event management company in Dubai to make the event a success. 

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Tips To Help You Find a Venue That Is Best Fit For Your Event


Before you start visiting different locations, you should have a rough idea of the activities that will be part of your event, including the necessary amenities and the needs of attendees. A clear understanding of the big day’s program will help you choose the best scene that will require less work to prepare for the event. Some venues are designed to host special occasions like a wedding reception, which means they need less work to make them ready. How a room is designed, included amenities and the general appearance can make it easy or difficult for a freelance event manager to host an event. In addition to the presence of essential things like outlets, you should consider how the floor plan and room layout will have an effect on the traffic flow and event activities.

Capacity and Minimums

Hosting 20 people in a 100 capacity hall can kill the fun as you may have to keep telling them to get closer to each other. It will also make your event look haphazardly prepared as people stare at the expansive blank spaces. A perfect venue should not feel crowded, but it should also not be more spacious than necessary. An excellent fitting room increases interactions among your guests. It also makes it easy to communicate with your guests. Therefore, before you start looking for a venue, you should have an idea of the number of guests who will grace the event. You should also make sure that you have an understanding of the minimums. You should engage with the event manager to know what your guests will be expected to adhere to and the minimums accepted by the venue.

Service and amenities

Some sites go the extra mile to provide additional services and facilities. The facilities are usually to make your guests more comfortable while at the same time, making it easy for a freelance event manager to organize a successful event. It is good to know what services and amenities different venues offer as it can help you save on the cost of hiring those services and amenities. An amenity that is increasingly becoming common in most places is the kitchen. Choosing a venue with a kitchen makes it easy to prepare foods and drinks as opposed to bringing already prepared food. If the guests exceed the expected number, it becomes easy to prepare additional food in the venue. It also means that people with special needs are well taken care of as their needs can be easily managed when the food is prepared locally.


Your event will become successful if you solve the problems your guests will likely experience. It is always a worry for guests where they will park their car. Looking for a venue with parking is beneficial for a freelance event manager as it makes it easy for guests to access your event. If the place does not have parking, you should make arrangements that are convenient for your guests. If all the places you are considering do not have parking, you should look for a venue that is in close proximity to parking. You can also make special arrangements for your guests depending on the available options like carpooling. If the parking is not within walking distance, you can arrange for a taxi that will transport them to the venue at a discount. If there is only street parking, you should make security arrangements to avoid burglary and give your guests a piece of advice.


Different people have different mobility needs, and thus, it is good to ensure that all guests will be able to access all amenities easily. It is necessary to ensure that the venue is accessible to people with special needs. In addition to people with special needs, you should make sure that the venue is convenient for all your guests. While hosting an event at the top floor will give your guests an amazing view, it may inconvenience the elderly due to the number of stairs they will have to use. The best venue for all ages should have minimal stairs to cater for the elderly, and the restrooms should have to change stations to cater for young mothers.


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Most people do not mind the ambiance when choosing the best venue for a specific event. However, you must realize that if you select a venue with an ambiance that does not match your desired feeling; you will need to put more decoration to transform the mood of the venue.

Wrap Up

The importance of finding the best venue cannot be understated. If the venue is not accessible and secure, it might make some guests opt not to attend your event. On the other hand, an attractive venue will help improve the satisfaction of your guests. A trick that you can borrow from the best freelance event manager is to book the venue months before the event. Early booking gives you adequate time to prepare for the event, increasing the likeliness of your event being successful.

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