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7 Creative Tips to Successfully Incorporate Sponsorships into Virtual Events

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With the help of freelance event managers in Dubai, many businesses, non-profitable organizations, and other institutions have shifted to holding their meetings, conferences, and other events online. The move to virtual events has brought about a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to incorporating sponsorship opportunities.

One of the critical aspects of many events is sponsorships, which is an undeniable challenge. Including them in virtual events is an additional obstacle, but that doesn’t mean it is not just possible. 

Without further ado, here are seven creative ways you can successfully incorporate sponsorships into your next virtual event.

1. Include sponsorship messages and branding to event apps.

Event apps play a vital role in virtual events. They are used to engage the attendees and keep them glued to the screen. Moreover, they also help to break down any barriers between you, the presenter, and the attendees. Freelance event managers in the UAE also use their apps to gather valuable feedback

One way of doing so is to incorporate pop-up ads, sponsored messages, branded banners, and logos on the attendees’ screens purposely for presenting a sponsor at your discretion. Another great way is to set up a few push notifications on the app to let your attendees know about sponsored sessions or other sponsored offers. Coming up with a great, simplistic app shouldn’t be a big concern as there are several app-design platforms you can use.

2. Incorporate sponsored entertainment breaks.

One of the best times to showcase a sponsored message is in between the sessions. You can partner with the sponsor to organize a mini-concert with a musician or any other entertainer performing live. This will not only add a lot of positive energy to the virtual event but also provide one memorable marketing opportunity.

During the private concert, you can have a frame around the viewing panel branded with the sponsor’s name, together with a hashtag for the attendees to share the once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the next thing you know, the sponsor will have the exposure they were yearning for.

3. Take advantage of the transition between slides and speakers.

During the transition from one presentation to another, you take that chance to include sponsored branding. You can do so by putting up full-screen ads thanking your sponsors. During the presentation, you could include branded slides with the sponsors’ logos. Remember to include a headshot and the sales contacts if they are not part of the speakers’ list.

4. Incorporate sponsored games.

As mentioned before, linking your sponsorship to interactive sessions like mini-concerts is an ideal way to have your attendees’ full attention. They will not only be interested in the virtual event but also in the brand, which, therefore, gets maximum exposure. 

Another great interactive session you can incorporate is a sponsored game. You can talk your sponsor into signing in on sponsoring some games, trivia, or scavenger hunts and then include them during your event’s breaks.

5. Use sponsored video ads.

Why not follow YouTube’s footsteps and include sponsored video ads in your event? You could begin by showing a short video advertisement by your sponsor or, better still, prompt your attendees to watch one during breaks in between the event. 

Just be sure to keep your sponsor in the loop on what kind of virtual event platform you will be using for your live stream and the quality you are aiming for to prevent the situation where the video looks out of place.

6. Try promoting your sponsor on social media.

This is another excellent way freelance event managers in Dubai incorporate sponsorships into their virtual events. In case your sponsor is a presenter, you could give them regular shout-outs on your social media platforms. You could also have a session before the event, where both your attendees and sponsor interact, exposing your sponsor even more.

7. Include sponsorship branding on registration pages.

Your event’s registration pages also provide an excellent opportunity to expose your sponsor. You can include logos and branding messages on your registration pages to get the word out. 

However, make it clear that they are just sponsors, so you do not get your potential attendees confused. Also, steer clear of including any distracting pop-up ads, or videos in this section. This might distract your attendees from actually registering for the event.

Wrapping it up

There are so many other ways of integrating sponsorship deals into your virtual event. To understand the nitty-gritty of the entire process, be sure to reach out to some of the best freelance event managers in Dubai for professional assistance. 

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