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Hiring Freelance Event Planners Vs. Corporate Event Management Firms – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Nearly everyone agrees that it is essential to hire an event planner for momentous events, including corporate functions. Aside from stress reduction, there are plenty of other benefits to using an event manager to manage your occasion. Nevertheless, running an event can still be a complicated and costly exercise, which is why you need to make every detail count. In such uncertain times, hiring a freelance event manager could be a flexible and cost-effective way to bring well-honed skills to the planning of your event. 

On the other hand, an event management company comes with established relations with suppliers, hotels, and venues. The company can negotiate excellent rates for the event on your behalf. When it comes to getting you more for your cash, these firms know the extra value to bring on board, along with their experience. Therefore, deciding between a freelancer or a company’s management services can make or break your event. 

12 Pros and Cons to Consider When Hiring Freelance Event Organizers vs Event Management Companies

The gig economy is transforming the nature of business across the world. Employers are experiencing financial savings by hiring independent contractors. With the increasing availability of freelance event planners in the marketplace, there are more options to work with when planning the next event. 

Here are some important considerations to put into perspective before going down the freelance path: 

The Pros of Hiring A Freelance Event Manager

1. Savings 

You can expect to make up to 30% in total savings, even at the highest hourly rates with a freelancer managing your event. Unlike companies, most freelancers don’t have recurring overheads like office rent and employees among other recurrent expenditures to deal with. As a result, their rates tend to be on the lower side than contracting a full-fledged company for event management services. Additionally, freelancers present incredible skills to work with limited resources. Many of the professionals are always, implementing trendy and budget-saving strategies for décor and other elements of an event to ensure maximum savings on the client’s part. 

2. Flexibility

Contracting a company for business is nearly always a lengthy procedure. Most companies have strict procurement or business transaction processes that clients must adhere to when hiring their services. One of the primary factors influencing the rapid growth in freelance work is flexibility in the industry. Independent contractors can quickly take up your project on short notice and overlook the lengthy engagement pleasantries to deliver timely results. 

Many of the independent contractors are multi-talented, which can be a good thing if you are seeking different services for your event.  For instance, the majority of freelancers across various fields come with Top Digital Marketing Skills, which can be an added advantage if you intend the event to get appropriate coverage and exposure on the digital platform. 

3. Access

The steady rise in talent-pairing platforms makes it easy for anyone to access the most qualified workers to match their requirements. There is hardly a shortage of the right freelance professionals in the market. Along with event planners, you can find freelance photographers and other relevant professionals to include in your event. 

4. Quality

As independent contractors, freelancers thrive on getting repeat work and clients. Therefore, a freelancer will want to turn in their best work, each time, to keep the relationship. While the performance of event management firms comes with peaks and valleys, a freelancer will know the useful strategies to retain clients, because contracts are subject to often renewal.    

The Cons of Hiring A Freelance Event Manager

5. Multi-Tasking

The job of an independent contractor is to grow their business. Most freelancers will take up too many contracts with low capacity for turnover. Eventually, high-paying clients get more priority, which is likely to ruin the outcome of your event. While freelancers are great when they are accessible, you may want to prepare a plan B just in case they are not available. 

With more staff members at their disposal, reputable companies will still work to deliver projects within set timelines, regardless of the number of projects on their hands. 

6. Training and Supervision

A company that often runs events will consider dealing with a specific event-planning firm or delegating the role to a particular department within the organization. Doing so makes it simpler to invest in training a member of staff for a consistent type of service during all their events. Freelancers might also choose to perform their work outside regular business hours, making it nearly impossible to monitor their progress. 

Mastering effective recruitment strategies when hiring freelancers can help you avoid these pitfalls. 

Event Management Companies

Do you know why they say that event planning is one of the most overwhelming careers? That is because it is. The work entails doing so many things simultaneously, from logistics coordination to scheduling the entertainment during an event, among other issues that might crop up. An independent contractor may not have the muscle to concurrently, run all these activities, especially with high-profile events. 

The Pros of Hiring Event Management Companies

7. Industry Knowledge and Connections

Event planning organizations are incredibly familiar with the industry. They always know what to organize and buy for an event without supervision, which gives the event owner peace of mind.

8. Experience Working with Various Budgets

A reliable event management company will gather the essentials of your event and allocate the right budget. Besides, they are going to provide invaluable guidance on the best value services and products matching your activity.

9. Timesaving

An event-planning company has the right market connections such as suppliers on speed dial. If you are short on time, the company will leverage its industry networks to quickly find the right services for you at discounted rates. 

The Drawbacks of Contracting Event Management Companies

10. On the Pricey Side

Event-planning firms are an apparent extra expense, which makes it vital to consider the cost of their service against the savings you could make with a freelance event manager.

11. They’ll Take Over

While most hosts will appreciate this outcome, some who may want to have a bit more control of their event will find this as a significant drawback. Deciding how much power to relinquish to the company, or working with a freelancer instead, might be the right solution. 

12. Quality Isn’t An Assurance.

Unless you are contracting the cream of the top companies, it can be difficult ascertaining whether the service provider is good at what they do. A grueling interview process can still result in getting a company that is sloppy in its work. 


Plenty of ideas are likely to change within the event planning process, while other items that need more money might also come up. It is the work of your event planner to ensure that all components are staying within your budget. The best planners will strive to understand the tone and feel of your event, which is the more reason to work with an independent contractor. Freelancers are always out to research and implement new ideas that sell their business. Even with all the guides on selecting event management companies, there are no specific tests to make sure you are hiring the right company.

Contracting an independent contractor is a better gamble than working with someone who will be more flexible to adapt to your ideas. Bawabba is one of the talent-pairing online platforms, with free access to unique talents in the marketplace. Visit our freelance event manager page and pick an event planner of your choosing.

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