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Hire A Freelance Event Organizer For A Zoom Birthday Party

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Birthdays always call for celebration! It is the time of the year when you gather friends and family to celebrate the occasion. However, amidst this Covid-19 pandemic, social gathering has evolved into social distancing. And people avoid meeting their friends and family to restrict the spread of the disease.

Therefore, hire a freelance event manager and organize the most splendid online birthday party for your loved one. You can easily find the best freelancers on Bawabba.


Since the theme of the birthday party is virtual, then the invitations must also be over the web. Sending out computer-designed letters to friends and family and inviting them to a birthday party can be a great Kickstarter.

These invitations could be in any form, such as a text message, a designed card, or even a video montage. Your freelance event manager would help you initiate the birthday party on a thrilling and exciting note.


In order to spice up the fun at the Zoom birthday party to make it more engaging, a freelance online DJ could be hired! This DJ would fill the rooms of all the people with good music that is bound to put a smile on everyone’s face.

It would make you throw your hands in the air and dance to the music beat. You would be able to experience the most exciting concert with your friends and family in the comfort of your homes.

To move the party up a level, you could turn it into a live, loud karaoke! Whether you can sing well or not, karaoke parties are always very amusing. A virtual karaoke party can be almost as much fun. The songs could either be chosen by you or your guests, and you can have an online rave.


Birthday parties often tend to have engaging activities whether they be games or contests. With the help of your freelance event manager, you can come up with a compelling list of games that could be played via video conference via Zoom.

Some of the most exhilarating games you could play are bingo, Pictionary, never have I ever, and many more. These games would engage the audience and make everybody’s time more fruitful and pleasant.


This virtual world is new for everyone. Obviously, having a party over the web is not as lively as clinking wine glasses with your friends and laughing into fits. But it can still be very entertaining and exhilarating depending on how much effort and thought you put into it to bring out the best virtual birthday party ever.

Besides games and music, what brings up life to a party are entertainers. With the help of your freelance event manager, you could hire an entertainer who could perform his acts on the screen with everyone connected to it. You could get a stand-up comedian who would crack jokes and make everyone laugh. And laughter is indeed the best therapy.

If the birthday party is for your kid, then you could get a magician, who would perform his magic tricks for little kids and make them stare in awe. A similar method applies to a clown as well! These people would conduct enticing, unique acts to make the birthday party more memorable.

On the contrary, if the birthday party is for an adult and all friends are around, then the party could be lit up by a DIYer who could teach you and your guests some special skills. Whether it is crafting, decorating, makeup techniques, or cooking recipes.

Moreover, you could ask your freelance event manager to find a virtual tarot card reader. It would be fun to hear someone else’s vision about your future and the future of your friends. This experience is bound to be exhilarating!


Movie nights and movie marathons have long been birthday traditions. People often gather up and go to cinemas as a part of a birthday celebration. What if you are quarantined and can’t leave your house? You can now bring the cinema to your homes.

Gather up your friends and family for movie night from within their own homes. You can either get Netflix party extensions, Disney Plus, Hulu, or Prime Video! All these apps allow you to stream a movie with synchronized features. This way, the screen would pause for everyone at the same time and resume back again.

These apps even offer the service of a chat room amidst the video so everybody could share their thoughts and comments about the movie. You can ask your freelance event manager to set up a movie night for you and your friends.


Return gifts have been a long-followed custom at birthday parties. Because there are no actual guests present at the party, you still would need to send them gifts and appreciate them on this bright occasion. The best way to do so in a virtual form is to surprise them with gift cards and coupons.

You could mail or send away a package to your friends and family containing store credits of their favorite shops. Or even give them coupons to their favorite restaurants and watch them fill up with joy. This would serve the purpose of sending away a return gift while also keeping the party virtual. Ask your freelance event manager to set this all up on Zoom.

Another innovative way for a gift could be to deliver some nicely wrapped desserts. Such as a cake, cookies, or chocolates. You could all either enjoy it together or even savor it after the party.

Even though your guests may not be able to raise the glasses together, that doesn’t mean you can’t say cheers. Nowadays, there are so many ways to deliver champagne, wine, or any liquor straight to someone’s doorstep. And enjoy the drinks as the party proceeds.


Given the world right now, birthdays and celebrations are more significant than ever. Now that you have all the ideas and tricks that you need to host the perfect birthday bash, you can immediately get a freelance event manager to help you with all the planning and organization. You can find experienced and professional freelancers on Bawabba.

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