Outdoor Event Planning: 5 Critical Aspects That Will Influence The Experience of Your Outdoor Event

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Outdoor events are always trending. Most celebrities prefer outdoor events as they add natural beauty to the splendor. You may have seen extravagant weddings on the beach, stylish company marketing events in the streets, or even elegant shareholders meeting in the park or field. While the beauty and stylishness of the events leave attendees in admiration, the work that is required to achieve that high level of sophistication and success usually leaves designers and event planners drained. Planning a successful, elegant outdoor event requires a lot of experience. As a freelance event manager in Dubai, you must prepare for the unforeseen climate changes that can hamper your event.

Since the date of the event is set well in advance, you can only expect that the weather will favor you on that day. It is possible to host a triumphant outdoor on a rainy season, but it would be best if you choose a date in summer. Although it is not set on a stone, it is less likely to rain during summer. However, you should plan for the hot temperatures and strong winds that are common in summer. If it is your first time you are being involved in planning an outdoor event in Dubai, you should consult an experienced freelance event manager expert to learn how you should deal with the excessive temperatures.

5 Crucial Factors to Consider While Planning an Outdoor Event 

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The success of your outdoor event will depend on how well you plan for the unforeseen. With proper planning, the harsh weather conditions should not stop your event from happening. You must look at the seasons before you make your decision. The best day to host your event is when it is cold. Rain and high temperatures will bring additional challenges. However, it is not practically possible to tell whether it will rain several months before the day. Due to the nature of weather unpredictability, you should plan with the worst-case scenario in your mind.


Would you like to host your outdoor event in a field, beach, or in the streets? The options are limitless when it comes to the places where you can host the event. The ideal location should match the theme of your event. For example, if you are planning to host an environmental awareness event, it would be more appropriate to hold the event in a site that passes the message. A park can be an excellent place to host a global warming event while beside a water body can be an excellent site to host a marine-related event. A zoo or an animal conservancy can be an excellent place to host a wild animal awareness event.

Besides matching the theme of the event to the venue, you must consider the convenience and effectiveness of the place. The best site should be accessible. It should also have all the necessary amenities and necessities. It is always advisable to select a venue that has indoor facilities where guests can seek refuge in case of bad weather.

Tents and structures

It is always a good idea to set up a tent when planning an outdoor event. A tent will protect your guests against the inclement weather. Even if it does not rain, the full-on summer sunshine in Dubai can beat down your guests, resulting in sunburns and heat exhaustion. A shady tent will provide your guests with a helpful retreat. It may also be functional to use tents with sidewall enclosures to protect your guests from the wind. However, a fully-enclosed tent will need ventilation to keep the place cool and fresh on a hot day. On a cold day, you may have to consider using heaters to keep the temperature comfortable for your guests. The exact things you will need for your tent will depend on the weather. If you are expecting it would rain, you should ensure the shelter is on a raised ground. You may also need to set up your tent on a solid floor, especially if you expect most of your guests to wear high heels. Hiring a freelance event manager can make your event more engaging. To add functionality to your event, you can also set up canopies on the side. You should not forget about the restrooms and other necessary structures.


When you are planning for an outdoor event, you must ensure there is adequate water to keep your guests hydrated. You should set up water stations around the event to ensure guests can easily access water without moving a lot. Besides providing water, you may also choose to offer other specialties like tea and snacks. If you will be serving food and drinks as part of the event package, you should look for an experienced caterer with the right equipment to keep foods at their proper temperature. Foods that should be eaten cold should remain cold while others should be kept hot. If you will not be offering food and drinks as part of the package, you should consider allowing an independent caterer to provide meals and beverages at a fee to your guests.

Security and Parking

The safety of your guests should be a top priority. You should not host the event in a place where you might put the safety of your guests in jeopardy.  When looking at the security aspect, you should make sure that the venue is safe for guests who will choose to drive or walk to the site. You should not host the event in a place that is in an unsafe neighborhood. It is also good to make prior arrangements with security personnel in the area to ensure that your guests will be safe for all the time they will be in your event. The security should also include providing secure parking where guests will be comfortable to leave their belongings in the car.

Wrap Up

A successful outdoor event will keep the guests longing to attend another of your events, but a dreadful experience will make them scorn whenever you send them an invitation card. Hiring an experienced freelance event manager in Dubai will go a long way to make sure that your event will remain long in the minds of your guests. It will also ensure that your message is broadcast with themes and settings that emphasize the purpose of the event. An experienced event manager will go through the event checklist several times before the event to make sure everything is working correctly.

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