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Top 9 Wedding Event Companies In Dubai

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Planning a wedding can be hectic, from the financial part of it to choosing the venues, gowns, etc.; the experience can take a toll on you. This is why you need to consider some of the best wedding event management companies in Dubai to help you out and minimize your side’s stress. Having a good wedding planner in Dubai will help you decide your wedding venue and have a beautiful wedding experience until the last guest leaves.

How do you decide which event company to choose in Dubai when there are several of them? Well, here are some of the top wedding event companies in Dubai that you should consider.

9 Wedding Event Companies In Dubai

  1. Jam Wedding Company
  2. Elegant Moment
  3. Marriagement Wedding Planner
  4. Vivaah
  5. Baqaa
  6. Carousal
  7. Krasnyi Weddings
  8. Event Land Company
  9. Fabulous Day

1. Jam Wedding Company

Jam wedding planners are one of the best wedding event planners in Dubai. Stefanie Heller manages the event company professionally both in Dubai and Berlin. If interested in her services, she is available from October up to April in Dubai.

The event company does not only serve Christian weddings but also Hindu, Muslim, and Persian weddings. The goal of the company is to leave a lasting impression on the couple and their guests. The company’s team works closely with the couples getting married to give them a tailored wedding experience that matches their journeys. With Jam wedding company in play, you are assured that you and your soon-to-be bride or groom will receive the wedding of your dreams.

Jam Wedding Company has its offices located in Astro on Al Shafar Tower 1. Their office remains closed on Friday but opened any other of the week from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

2. Elegant Moment

If you are looking for a wedding company that can make your Arabian fairy dreams come to life, choose Elegant Moment. The company embraces all that Dubai has to offer: skyscrapers, delightful food, and the Dubai fountain, among others, to give you a beautiful wedding experience.

Elegant Moment has vast experience giving clients from different backgrounds and cultures a great start in their marriage by planning the perfect wedding. The planners are keen on taking your requirements and making you feel that you are part of the process.

The services include Mc and Djs, photography, fireworks, bridal makeup and style, entertainment, and live music. But the good thing is you will be involved in each step of the way.

Elegant Moment offices are located on the 10th floor of Swiss Tower along First Al Khail St JLT. Remember, their offices are open Monday – Sunday from 9 AM – 6 PM.

3. Marriagement Wedding Planner

Marriagement is a wedding event company owned and managed by Rochelle Malaika. Women described her in Business as the wedding godmother that makes your wedding day a dream come true by waving her magic wand.

This wedding company can plan a wedding for couples from different backgrounds, including Europeans, Indians, Arabic, Nigerian, and Iranians. The planning team keenly takes the couples’ needs because they believe that planners should be professional at their job for one to have a magical wedding experience.

If you are searching for something memorable, you should consider having Rochelle Malaika as your wedding planner. All to do is schedule an appointment before visiting their offices, which are on Tripoli Street Dubai.

4. Vivaah

If looking for a wedding planner that can take care of your wedding needs, whether that is home ground or destination weddings, then you are in the right place. Vivaah wedding planners have years of experience coupled with the right team who will listen to your needs and put them to reality.

This wedding planning company’s team understands that your wedding day is the most important day of your life, which is why they will handle your wedding event seamlessly. If you want an Indian-themed wedding or any theme of your wish, then Vivaah is one of the top wedding planners you should consider in Dubai.

You can book an appointment and visit Vivaah offices located in Al Barsha Heights, next to Damac smart heights Carrefour. Their offices are open 24 hours every day apart from Sunday when they remain closed the whole day.

5. Baqaa

Baqaa wedding planner is among the top wedding event management companies in the United Arab Emirates. Rachna Chadha, the company director, understands that your wedding day should not be limited by insufficient funds to sponsor a grand wedding. This is why the company offers different designs and themes for both local and international destinations.

Their services feature ballroom stages, flowers, and cards for the venues and a delightful experience that will be within your timeline and budget. Secondly, the company is in partnership with different hotels which you can choose from for your wedding.

Baqaa is not only a wedding event planning company but also plans for corporate events.

You can find them on Street 6A, Warehouse 5, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3. However, they are open every other day except on Friday and Saturday.

6. Carousal

Carousal wedding planner is one of Dubai’s best event management companies that you can consider, particularly if you want meticulous services. You will find everything you are looking for on your big day when you choose the company.  Their services include décor, food, photography, and vast entertainment, all to make your day unique and memorable.

Besides wedding planning, the company features different service providers such as artisans and other professionals ready to participate in wedding planning.

The company is located in Dubai Studio City, Building 4, Office 510. They operate every day except on Friday and Saturday.

7. Krasnyi Weddings

Are you looking for a wedding planner that features Arabic or Indian cultures, then consider Krasyi weddings. The event planner offers various services that range from concept creation, vendor selection, furniture rentals, and stage design.

The company offers different packages that the couple can choose from, including Golden, Silver, and Economic. The golden package is the most ideal, especially if you don’t want stressful and top-notch wedding planning services.

Krasnyi weddings offer different offers that are advertised on their website for each of the available packages. You can keep an eye on these offers and choose the one that pleases you.

If you need their services, book an appointment with them. Their offices are on Jumeirah 3, Villa 559 – Dubai.

8. Event Land Company

Event Land Company is among the top wedding planners in Dubai because of its wide array of services at an affordable rate. The services include venue selection, sound, and lighting, among others. They also offer different themes, including a beach theme that makes your bid day as memorable as possible.

If you wonder whether you can have your wedding in Dubai or any other location, this company offers both Dubai and destination weddings. Their services also include birthdays and corporate events.

You can find them at 2141, Binary Tower, Marasi Drive, Business Bay – Dubai any day except Sundays.

9. Fabulous Day

Fabulous Day is an event company created to make your wedding a Fabulous Day, just as the name suggests. The company offers vast services that are customized to meet your needs.

The company has three main packages, which you can choose from partial planning, day coordination, and full planning. But note, partial and full planning includes choosing wedding gowns, cakes, and venues. The coordination package day involves coordinating the wedding as it is happening for the smooth running of things.

Fabulous Day Event Company has its offices located in Astro, Al Shafar Tower 1, and they are every day of the week except Saturday from 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Final word

Starting your life together as husband and wife should be unique and memorable because marriage is a beautiful union that should be celebrated. Because of this, you should choose one of the best event management companies in Dubai that will understand your journey and make your day memorable.

Lastly, if you are in search of an event management company to help make your dream wedding come true, check out Bawabba for the best event management companies in Dubai.

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