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10 Creative Food Menu Designs That Should Inspire Graphic Designers

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A food menu is a critical part of every food and drinks business. Once customers get into your restaurant, they ask for a menu to help them know the foods and drinks on offer as well as their prices. Although the purpose of a menu is to inform your customers about available delicacies, a freelance graphic designer in Dubai can make it a valuable marketing item for your business. When it is properly designed, a food menu can help hotels build perfect business branding and visual identity that will remain in the minds of customers long after their initial visit.

Some businesses do not take food menu design very seriously. Instead of investing in a unique quality menu, they tend to copy menus of other restaurants that offer the same dishes. While that method achieves the bare minimum purpose of a menu, it falls short in terms of what a useful menu should achieve. If you do not have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer, you can take advantage of illustrations offered by major graphic designing tools to design a customized menu for your business. A well-designed menu can make people think about your restaurant whenever they feel like eating out. If you need inspiration, the following menu designs are some of the most creative ideas by businesses.

10 Creative Food Menu Designs 

1. Sano Juice, Barcelona

Freelancing - Menu1

Image source: Creativebloq 

Designed by Marina Soto, this menu has a vibrant, minimalistic style that captures the attention of visitors without being disturbing. The menu features stunning gradients of color on one part and an eye-catching flip with mono-weight illustrations. It also features a rounded sans serif type that complements the overall design.

2. Vera, Saragoza

Freelancing - Menu2

Image Source: Creativebloq

The menu by El Calotipo craft workshop will make you remember your visit to the Vera café. The café has a unique, thick wooden design menu with manually printed white letters on an in-house press. To add flexibility, the prices are printed on stickers to enable the café to change them accordingly.

3. Toko, Dubai

Freelancing - Menu3

Image Source: Creativebloq

Bringing together a traditional and a modern setting, the Toko menu by Brighthead Studio was designed with an intention to push its cuisine beyond Japanese cuisine. The attention-grabbing marbling is the main part of the menu design with shapes and flavors complementing the overall appearance. The menu has memorable colors that make the menu captivating.

4. The Clifford Pier, Singapore

Freelancing - Menu4

Image Source: Creativebloq

The menu borrowed its inspiration from the once-bustling port, The Clifford Pier in the 1930s. The thoughtful, colorful branding makes the café stand out among its competitors. The artistic menu has a stylish retro with lovely visual elements that include classic postage stamps, ginger flower motifs, and architectural elements that recreate the memories of pre-war Singapore.

5. El Kapan, Bulgaria

Freelancing - Menu5

Image Source: Creativebloq 

Strategically positioned at the central beach, the El Kapan restaurant is a lively place for young people in Varna. The menu brings together to barbecue and seafood in a fun way by including shish and fish as part of the restaurant’s logo. The menu brings art to food photography with amazing, memorable results.

6. Cellarmaker Brewing, San Francisco

Freelancing - Menu6

Image Source: Creativebloq 

A functional, imaginative piece of work is what this menu by Gamut signifies. The menu is not only inventive, but it is also enthralling. It goes the extra mile in helping you choose a drink by showcasing the ingredients of every beverage as well as what you have already sampled.

7. RAGU Café, Novosibirsk

Freelancing - Menu7

Image Source: Creativebloq 

A menu does not have to be pushy to capture the attention of revelers. At RAGU café, you can be able to see the food indicated on the menu even before you can make an order. The café has a one-of-a-kind menu with a minimalistic style with colorful photographs.

8. Montero, Mexico

Freelancing - Menu8

Image Source: Creativebloq 

The menu at Montero, Mexico, was inspired by the need to bring into life the colonial period. By designing the menu, Anagrama wanted to glorify the traditional kitchen values by highlighting raw materials from the local region.

9. Fade St. Social, Dublin

Freelancing - Menu9

Image Source: creativebloq 

When creating the menu for the gastro bar Fade Street Social in Dublin, Steve Simpson wanted to showcase the Irish character in a fun way while also highlighting the quality of food at the café.

10. Smith, Toronto

Freelancing - Menu10

Image source: creativebloq

Have you ever thought of a menu that changes with the seasons? The menu by Tracy Ma at Smith, Toronto has a capturing design that resembles a newspaper. It has large font and arty black and white photographs of servings on offer at the café. The amazing element of the menu is the fact that it is designed to change seasonally.


A great restaurant should have an attractive menu design that enhances the dining experience while helping customers make satisfying selections. If you would like to win over your customers and their friends, you should hire a freelance graphic designer in Dubai to help you turn your menu into an advertising tool. An effective menu goes beyond listing dishes to driving profit while communicating the identity of your restaurant to the world.

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