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The 10 Most Creative Business Card Designs Of All-Times With Eye-Catching Designs // Freelance Graphic Designers in Dubai

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Every day we meet new people and build new relationships. While some become part of our daily lives, others tend to drift away. However, after some time we find ourselves trying to reopen the connections of those we had met sometimes back, with or without success, depending on how we interacted. A business card comes in handy in helping us reopen the communication. Since it is impossible to keep all your contacts in your memory or in your phone contacts, a business card is imperative in helping you preserve contacts that you may need in the future. If you are not already marketing your business with business cards, you should contact the best freelance graphic designers in Dubai to help you design attractive cards that will give the perfect first impression.

What are the benefits of using a business card?

What makes a good business card?

Although you can design your own business card, it is imperative to involve professional graphic designers as they have the skills necessary to create an outstanding design. The best designers know how to switch from graphic design to UI &UX design when necessary, allowing your business to benefit from their creativity. Furthermore, a designer knows how to play with different elements to make your business card stand out among those of your competitors. Some of the things that you should give much importance to when designing a business card includes:

1. Color

The color of your business card is the most prominent aspect of your card. Before even people read what is on the card, they will first notice the colors and thus, it is good to ensure that they are eye-catching. While some people opt for plain white cards, brightly colored cards tend to be more attractive and effective in capturing the attention of your acquaintances. Before you settle on the right color, you should make sure that you understand the psychology of color palettes in UX designs. The color not only makes something beautiful, but it also helps to create different emotions. Warm colors offer a sense of energy, while cool colors are soothing. Dark colors are ominous and more appealing to men, while tint colors are more feminine.

2. Texture

An effective way to distinguish your card is to use texture. A textured card will create a bigger impression as it engages more senses than purely visual design. The card will create positive memories once you give them out, making clients more likely to contact you in the future.

3. Shape

As you think about the shape, you must realize that it can refer to the shape of your card, logo, or of your image. You no longer have to be confined to a rectangular card thanks to custom die-cuts that make it possible to create cards with any design. Some printers go an extra step to print 3D business cards. Since 3D printing is still relatively new, you must keep in mind the essential qualities of successful 3D designers, if you opt for 3D business cards.

4. Layout

The best business card should have a lovely layout that will stop people from throwing it away. When designing a layout, you must keep in mind that people will keep a card that they can read, and thus, the text must be readable. It should also have a good hierarchy and should incorporate size and spacing to highlight the essential elements of the card. Luckily, the top graphic designing tools will help you achieve excellent results as long as you have the basic knowledge of how to use them.

10 Most Creative Business Card Designs of All-Times 

1. Floral Business Cards

Freelancing - Img 1

Image Source: freepik 

Incorporating floral elements in a business card is a creative way to make the card shout what you offer. While this design is popular with floral businesses, it is gaining popularity among other types of businesses that deal with people directly. An attractive flower improves mood while making the card attractive.

2. Radiant and stimulating cards

Freelancing - Img 2

Image Source: visme

If you have been meeting with freelance graphic designers in Dubai, you may have already come across radiant and stimulating cards. They are popular with creative professionals like interior designers, graphic designers, and web developers. The card layout usually features a unique pattern that will grab the attention and a clean design on the opposite side.

3. Abstract Business Cards

Freelancing - Img 3

Image Source:designhills

Clean, modern, and professional, abstract business cards are popular with people in designing, architecture, and photography businesses.

4. Patterned Business Cards

If you are not into presenting your ideas visually, you can go for simple but clean patterned business cards. Cards with vibrating patterns and interesting textures can help you convey your message effectively. With the use of optical art and letterpress techniques, you can be able to create amazing business cards.

5. Yoga Mat Business Card

Freelancing - Img 5

Image Source:designhills

With most people taking health seriously, health-based businesses like gyms are gaining popularity. People who work in gyms and private coaches are opting for cards that tell what they do, preferring cards that look like yoga mats.

6. Eco-friendly Business Cards

When your business takes environmental issues seriously, you should show that in your cards. Eco-friendly business cards will make everyone recognize how you see the environment matters while at the same time appealing to those with the same ideologies.

7. Perforated Cards

Freelancing - Img 7

Image Source:designhills

Perforated cards can help you build your brand while at the same time, marketing your services and products. With a perforated card, you can include contact information and graphics on one part and special offers on the other half.

8. Bottle Opener Business Cards

Freelancing - Img 8

Image Source:designhills

Have you ever thought about adding functionality to your card? With a bottle opener card, you can be sure that your cards will be functional at parties and events while being attractive.

9. Own Lego Agent Business Cards

Freelancing - Img 9

Image Source:designhills

You can showcase your creativity by designing a business card with a miniature character that represents you or your business. You can include a logo and name on the front and other details on the backside of the miniature card.

10. Classic Rock Theme Business Cards

Freelancing - Img 10

Image Source:designhills

If you are a musician or you work in the music industry, a classic rock theme card will represent the nature of your business very creatively. The comb can also represent those in the hair business.


A good business card should be remembered for its artistic and creative nature. By remembering the design of your card, people will be able to keep your brand in their minds and heart. Seeking the services of a freelance graphic designer in Dubai will help you design a card that will be not only attractive but also a memorable marketing tool.

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