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4 Steps To Make Motion Graphics By A Freelance Graphic Designer

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A motion graphic is an animated graphic or video that tells a story. Since videos are the most effective way to share information, motion graphics can be tricky as there are a lot of moving parts. To create an engaging motion graphic, a set of steps must be followed.

Motion graphics does not start with a storyboard. Instead, it begins with a story that comes from a script. These motion graphics are short, usually ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Still, they need a well-written script detailed every second.

Simplicity and clarity are the prime factors when writing the script. The total number of words in a 30 seconds video must be no more than 65. To craft a perfect story, the writer must do the research beforehand.

Who is the audience? What information do they want to give away? How do they want their audience to feel after the video ends? All this should be considered when drafting the scripts. One of the significant benefits of motion graphics is that it provides multiple ways to tell a story.

Motion graphics gives freelance graphic designers in Dubai movement, sound, and other tools to work with. When crafting scripts, you should consider which parts of your story must be communicated best with the instruments that resonate perfectly with it.

If your motion graphics only give information, then the kinetic text should be used. It is a smart way to engage people, and they would read it attentively. Secondly, a brand’s voice is searched when it comes to marketing.

Voiceover is an opportunity to do that. This would ensure that the audience gets your message whether they are looking at the motion graphics or not. Another interesting way is to combine both kinetic texts and voice-overs!

This works best for data visualization and explainer videos as well. Before heading to design, make sure you get your script approved by a relevant stakeholder. There is nothing more disappointing than going to square one, once you are already in the storyboard phase.


A storyboard refers to a sequence of drawings. It typically consists of directions, dialogues, and small shots. This phase combines the script and the visuals. Once the text is ready, a freelance graphic designer can start visualizing it.

This is when you bring along the script and the visuals to see the final product take shape. A brainstorming session could be initiated with the members of your team. It may include the producer, the scriptwriter, and the sketch artist.

Everybody puts down their ideas on the table and comes up with the best motion graphics to bring them to life. During this stage, you could draw out pictures on a whiteboard, and everybody could discuss them together.

Additionally, the final script is reviewed one more time before the actual creation of the graphic video starts. This brings the text to life!


Style and color contribute as much to the story as the story itself. A simple choice can make a massive impact on the audience such as choosing a black text or white text color. Thus, the color and style must be selected very carefully to make sure that they convey the message effectively to the audience.

Once you have an idea of the storyboard along with the sketches, the translation begins. This transaction is converting storyboards into actual designs. Everything gathered up till this stage would be used in the final animation. Hence, you should take your time and complete this step with precision.

This would also help the designer and the storyboard sketcher. After this, you must pass out the visual notes to all the stakeholders and the production team. In the end, you will pass them on to the animation team for the final cut.

These visual notes would then be used by freelance graphic designers in Dubai to come up with final motion graphics. You can find professional and experienced graphic designers on Bawabba.


This is the stage where the real animation process begins. It is the step when everything comes together. Once you have done all the previous steps with precision and attention, you can begin with this.

By the time the animation commences, every stakeholder would have an excellent idea of what is about to come. Certain things need to be taken care of during this fourth and final step.

The animation style isn’t just about fading in and fading out of the scenes. It is the art of transitioning the story from one point to another point. It must be done keeping in mind the cohesive layout of the story.

Wiping away a scene entirely communicates finality. But moving from one part to another part is what keeps the story moving. You do not want to confuse your audience now, therefore, animation plays a significant role.

Secondly, timing is essential too. Pacing away can either make or break the motion graphic. Too slow and people would lose interest. Too fast, and people won’t be able to comprehend your message. Pace keeps the people interested. Considering strategic variations can be helpful as it adds to the excitement.

Music is another layer, like any other element, to drive your narrative. It can fill gaps that visuals or texts won’t be able to fill. It can help set the mood and affect the tone of the story.

Sound effects can either be a hit or a miss depending on the animator. Some animators believe that the elements should speak for themselves. At the same time, others believe that it is a necessity and as significant as any other part of the motion graphic.

The key to sound effects is only to use what adds value to your project and doesn’t distract away from the story you are trying to portray.


Conclusively, if you have done the job well, you would have a final result that you would be proud of. Following each step as explained above, you and your stakeholders would have a perfect motion graphic video as per everyone’s expectations.

You could even go one step above with your freelance graphic designer in Dubai and create a 360-degree storytelling motion graphic. Find them on Bawabba now.

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