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5 online tools for excellent designs and presentations

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We live in a world where most of us are either students or working in an enterprise, Playing such roles is often met by certain requirements. Most commonly these include designs and presentations. Below are the best online tools for design and presentations.

Here are the 5 online tools for creating high-quality presentations in 2021:

1. Prezi

We all have used the traditional types of software that have helped us in making presentations. The types where we use the slide-based approach; moving back and forth on each individual slide. The type where we use it as pages of a book.

But Prezi is bringing something new to the game. This changes the way we present our slides. This online tool uses a canvas-based approach. To put it into simple words, Prezi uses one very large canvas, and the user’s presentation seems to move around on it. It uses frames out of which the user zooms out and in.

But what makes it different than others? Well, for one, it is completely free. Secondly and most importantly, its unique presentation style makes it stand out. It allows your presentation to look creative and artistic.

Lastly, the use of canvas helps the presenter make his point. Prezi allows the person to convey his message in an effective manner. This new way of presentation renders Prezi one of the best designing tools for presentations.

Prezi has 3 paid packages. The “Standard Package” which is for personal use provides the user with unlimited access to visual content online. It also gives added privacy and lets users import slides from PowerPoint. It has a price quote of $5/month.

The “Plus Package” which is for expert visual communicators is $15/per month. It allows access to premium images and icons, offline use, and PDF export.

The “Premium Package” stands at $59/month. This one is for business professionals as it provides advanced presentation analytics. Additionally, it also gives the user access to online training.

2. Placeit

Placeit is another great website that helps in designing almost everything. This tool contains such a wide variety of templates that it has become a one-stop shop for designers. It gives its users the capability to design logos, t-shirts, apparel videos, packaging, and much more.

This tool is effective because of the variety that it displays. It keeps on adding new templates regularly and has the largest collection of mockups on the internet. And not only do they have such a large library, but they also provide the easiest way to make mockups.

They have a feature of smart templates where the user can make content edits while the smart template automatically adjusts to it. This shows the flexibility and ease of use that every user is looking for.

Placeit has one pricing plan called The Unlimited Subscription. It has a monthly rate of $14.95 and charges $89.69 for a yearly subscription. It is worth noting that yearly subscripts allow 50% off on monthly charges. These packages let the user use unlimited templates. They can freely choose from a wide range of logos, mockups, designs, and videos.

3. Renderforest

Renderforest has an all-in-one branding platform. It claims to offer the best branding tools to create high-quality videos, logos, mockups, and websites with minimal time and effort. This website is used by prestigious institutions such as BBC, BOSE, Sony Music, Cambridge University Press, and many others.

Renderforest has video templates for all purposes. No matter what category a user chooses, this website will definitely have a template for it. They range from intros and music visualization to animations and promotional videos. Users can use their easily customizable scenes to create videos within minutes.

The website provides mockup templates with a wide variety of layouts. It allows users to preview their mockups on a set of different products.

One distinct factor of using Renderforest is that it also has a tool for a user to design a website. With its customizable website templates and 100+ premium components, a user can easily make a fully responsive website without any tech skills.

Lastly, this website provides some small courses for people to learn such as “Brand Strategy” to help them make better decisions whilst using the platform.

Renderforest has four pricing plans. The Amateur ($9.99/month), the Pro ($24.99), the Popular ($39.99), and the Agency ($49.99/month). All of these would be billed annually.

The Amateur plan unlocks 7 HD720 videos and up to 5-minute videos per month. The Pro version unlocks 20 HD720 videos and up to a 15-minute video. Popular gives users 60 or 30 HD1080 videos and up to 30-minute videos. Lastly, the Agency package provides the user with unlimited HD1080 videos and up to 60-minute videos.

4. Canva 

Canva is also one of the popular tools used by designers all over the world. It is easy to use and user-friendly. Most of the website is free and anyone can use them.

Canva provides the user to design logos, social media posts, business cards, or anything they desire. It helps in making a poster for a school project. Additionally, it allows users to make flyers and reports.

One can also make presentations on Canva. It assists by providing excellent templates and backgrounds. This software could be used to design eye-catching presentations. It is also widely preferred by designers all across the globe.

Moreover, Canva can be used to make videos too. Such a wide range of tools is under the fingertips and very easy to use. However, its premium version unlocks a variety of great tools. Designers can use them to make their work even more attractive and worthy of awards.

Canva has only one pricing policy. It charges $12.95/month on a subscription. It simply unlocks their entire library. After activating this, the user could choose from hundreds of templates and create whatever they want.

5. Google Slides

As we all know, Google is one of the biggest tech-giant in the world. It does not come as a surprise when we find out that they also have an app for presentations. Google Slides is a widely used platform by students everywhere.

It aids in designing inspiring and beautiful presentations. Google Slides is a completely free tool that could be used by anyone with a Gmail account. It helps its users to get a head start with ready-made templates. It has one of the best interfaces which is extremely easy to use.

It has quite amazing features. One of them is that it is accessible everywhere. With Gmail integration, users can access their presentations on any device. Also, they can work in a group whereby the slides are accessible to the whole group. This also means that people do not need an external device to carry it in.

Secondly, it becomes easily converted to Microsoft PowerPoint. If the client demands your presentations in that software, it is just a click away. Additionally, the fear of not saving your work dissipates. Google Slides auto-saves your work as you are doing it. This feature definitely comes in handy.

All in all, these are the best online tools for designs and presentations. With user-friendliness, it is easy to use. So go ahead and make your design today.

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