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5 Tips A Graphic Designer Can Adopt To Design A user-Friendly Mobile Application

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Mobile applications seek to address complexities in banking, education, and entertainment among other sectors by providing instant time-saving solutions. This activity executing tools embedded in portable devices offer real-time solutions at any point and at negligible cost. The effectiveness of mobile applications is a product of two factors: user interface(UI) and user experience(UX). UI is the interactive part of the application, and UX is the general satisfaction the application gives to the user. A designer should consider the two must in designing a mobile application. Below are five tips a freelance graphic designer in Dubai can follow to design an app that meets these criteria.

1. Understand the task

The mobile app task involves planning, developing, and marketing the application. In planning, the developer chooses the right app to create after considering the purpose of the intended app, whether the app will stand out, the ease of duplication, the target market size, and the expected price of the app. Unlike web applications, graphic designing requires more expertise despite the striking similarities in usability and interface. 

The App development market is competitive and crowded; the developer should, in response, figure out what clicks with a clearly defined target market. The app must provide a return on investment; this calls for proper sourcing and management of funds. The choice of technology and operating system is a factor to consider due to their implications on cost, performance, and user experience. App security from malware and distribution control sums up the challenges involved in the app development task.

2. Make Functionality simple

The mobile app exists to fulfill a specific user need. The app functionality must, therefore, be simple and focus given to the user by designing a descriptive menu easy to access and maneuver through. Adding onboarding tools help users understand the features and benefits of the app. The design of the app must fit into the device and allow space for other applications. Additional features should only be for enhancing customer satisfaction, and functions added only to address a specific challenge or fill an existing gap. To simplify the navigation process, a freelance graphic designer in Dubai can create tabbed menus strategically placed for ease of access. Personalization to enhance user experience can be part of the onboarding process where users can identify topics of interest, which, in return, tailor the content for the user. The designer should make the functionality user-focused and straightforward by ensuring that every future and functionality is strictly for enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

3. Make User The Priority

The best way to achieve optimum user experience is by dedicating expertise to user satisfaction. Factors considered in optimizing user satisfaction vary depending on the intended users of a particular app. Different people have different tastes and preferences based on age, education level, religion, gender, and region. The likes and preferences determine functionality and navigation. Onboarding tools can be incorporated to share the functions of the application with the user in a simplified manner. The app should have a fast load time, sorting options, and feedback mechanisms for maximum user satisfaction. 

4.  Go Easy on the Images

Images are communicative tools and play a key role in attracting potential users. However, misuse or overuse can damage the reputation of the designer. When used, the graphic should be exciting, engaging, and fun, and, most importantly, the picture should marry the app goals without killing users’ focus on the content. In conclusion, images should be used only where they are necessary for enforcing the message and giving the user the right impression

5.  Be a Member of a Community

Technology is ever-changing; the graphic designer, therefore, needs to be up to speed with the happenings in the industry. The designer will stay informed if they are a member of a graphic designers’ community. Here, designers can share ideas on new in-app designs and the latest trends. In the group, members get to share opportunities and challenges and learn from each other’s triumphs and mistakes. Community members can go to an extent of partnering in a mobile app design,  thus enjoying the benefits of specialized skills and cost-sharing.


Mobile devices have become part of human lives providing solutions to numerous challenges humanity has faced in history. The quality of solutions offered by mobile devices is a product of applications installed in the machines. The usability of the application is determined by the reception the app gets from the users. The above tips will prove to be a practical guide to a freelance graphic designer in Dubai on how to design an application that is effective and user-friendly. Adopting this methodology will be the surest way to develop a mobile app that overcomes all the odds in the market to become marketable and offer a return on investment.

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