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6 Steps That Will Help Graphic Designers Land Their First UI/UX Job

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Making a career change from graphics to UI/UX design is turning out to be a highly rewarding move for freelance graphic designers in Dubai. An increased number of graphic designers and the declining print jobs are the main reasons why freelancers are changing their careers. Furthermore, the UI/UX designs are no longer the technology of tomorrow. Their demand has been increasing as more businesses adopt apps while others focus on the need for good web design. If you have been struggling to get graphic design jobs lately, you can significantly benefit by making a switch to UI/UX designs.

As a UX designer, you will have to research customer experiences through product reviews and interviews. Research is a critical part of every UX design, as you will have to keep looking for data that will help in product changes and improvements. You may also have to take your time to draft a strategy that will help in data implementation. UX designing is broad, and you can opt to specialize in one area, such as research or architectural design. In this article, we highlight the steps that you need to land your UI/UX job.

6 Steps to help you get your first UI/UX job

1. Keep improving your UX design skills

You should never start looking for a UX design job without working on your skills. UX design has many fields that you must explore to help you find the area of your choice. In your new profession, you can choose to be an interaction designer, motion designer, UI designer, or product designer. You may also focus on research and design, but you need to know their similarities and differences to make a better career choice. Once you find your favorite niche, you should learn everything you need to know for a successful UX designing career. You will increase your chances of getting high-paying jobs if you keep learning and improving your skills. The following materials can help you improve your UX design skills:

2. Learn to use a prototyping tool

A prototyping tool comes in handy in helping you turn your ideas into interactive, visual prototypes. Before you begin your job search, at least have a mastery of one prototyping tool. UX designers use prototyping tools to help verify some useful theories and principles they learn from online courses and books. The tools will help you practice your designing skills.

Mockplus is a popular prototyping tool that helps designers create, preview, publish, cloud sync, and share a project with just one click. It is easy and quick to install and uses a drag and drop feature to create interactions.

3. Build an eye-catching portfolio

Online freelancing sites like Bawabba are useful in helping you showcase your skills to potential clients. When creating your profile, make sure that you include a clear introduction of yourself, a quality photo, and use lists to show more information. You should also not forget to leave your contact information and a list of your design work showcasing your skills and experience. If you do not have any projects, you can work on some web or mobile application prototypes and showcase them as your work. It is essential to include case studies in your UX design portfolio as it shows clients how you solve problems, which is an important aspect of UX designers.

4. Improve your problem-solving skills

Your work as a designer will mostly revolve around solving problems. Problem-solving ability is a skill that you can acquire by getting yourself involved in various situations. Volunteering or taking a look at your life as well as that of your friend in an attempt to find pain points will help you build your problem-solving skills. Like any other skill, you must keep taking part in problem-solving situations to enhance your ability and become a better UX designer.

5. Establish Connections

Most UX jobs are not advertised on traditional job sites, but they are shared on Twitter, Linkedin, and through referrals. You will increase your chances of getting a job by joining UX groups on LinkedIn. Once you join the group, do not make the mistake of asking for a job immediately. Instead, introduce yourself to the community and start getting involved in the community as you get to know them. It is easier to find a job once you have a relationship with other designers. Keep building your network even after finding a job for growth.

6. Apply for your first job or internship

When starting your UX designing career, you need a place where you can learn from experienced UX designers and work on the design projects from the initial concept to the end product. The best workplace for beginner designers should offer an opportunity to work on a variety of platforms as well as on various parts of the design process.


If you follow the above steps, you will find landing your first UX job easier. Freelance graphic designers in Dubai can have a successful career as UX designers as long as they are willing to build on their UX skills and problem-solving ability.

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