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9 Best free graphic organizer templates

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Here are the top free graphic organizer templates to help propel your career as a freelance graphic designer.

Graphic organizers are helpful in all thinking processes, helping multitudes of people arrange their lives and work in more visually concrete ways. Whether part of a story or comparing world leaders while ordered along with historical events, graphic organizers are essential tools of critical thinking that help the user see how ideas are connected.

As a freelance graphic designer in Dubai, having a source for the best free graphic organizer templates will help you boost your freelance career to the next level.

With the best free graphic organizer templates, you can create storyboards, T-charts, cycles, and fishbone diagrams that encourage collaborative, cognitive learning. You can then share concepts that connect facts and terminologies with diagrams that, in a nutshell, will comprise any topic.

Where can you find the best free graphic organizer templates?

A graphic organizer offers visual aids that depict the interrelationship and flow of information, usually with pictorials or diagrams. Types of graphic organizers include flowcharts, concept maps, mind maps, and thematic maps.

Graphic designers are often called upon to create graphic organizers, and for this, a template is a go-to that enables you to complete projects successfully.

There are many graphic organizer makers online that offer creation tools and easy-to-use templates. For the best free graphic organizer templates, consider visiting one of the following online stops. They include;

1. Wisemapping

There’s a nifty graphic organizer template that allows you to recover any lost progress with a history recovery feature, and it’s free for individual use.

Wisemapping provides a personal workspace where 5-minute tutorial videos guide your graphic design. The charts you produce can be hyperlinked with your web address, other sites, or credits.

Wisemapping’s software is open-source, meaning it’s free to download and install on your computer. You can share your workspace with colleagues, brainstorm, collaborate, or publish your designs from the dashboard.

Other mind-mapping features include animated styles, topic shapes, and colors which are fully shareable and for free.

2. Conceptboard

As a graphic designer in Dubai, you often collaborate with colleagues or create brainstorming tools like flowcharts or mind maps simultaneously.

Conceptboard is an online whiteboard system where you can add images or videos that improve the effectiveness of your design. Templates offered here are easy to manipulate and understand, plus there is a richness of features that makes it a great teaching tool.

When in need of professional-level graphic organizer templates, such as brand equity pyramids, Conceptboard has it all. You can quickly generate a design that incorporates performance, and imagery that resonates with feelings and judgment.


You can create graphic organizer designs from scratch with the free tools on offer at, a user-friendly website made for the classroom. Graphic designers from novice to professional level will find helpful templates for creation alongside concise guidance for when you are undecided.

There isn’t much that this graphic organizer maker won’t do, but there are no collaborative features or readily designed templates.

Once you’ve created your graphic organizer designs, you can save, share, download, or publish them from the website. Usage and tools are free on this template-making platform which scores 3.3 out of five in designer popularity ratings.

4. Venngage

More than a million graphic designers use this free tool globally, a viable source for all the templates you need as a freelance graphic designer in Dubai. You can create appealing organizers using Venngage, a program that supports collaboration and team sharing.

Print out your designs and infographic templates on offer, alongside multiple images, pages or charts, and icons.

A paid version of Venngage contains more maps, charts, icons, and images, making it worth your money when you decide to try premium. However, staying on the basic plan still gives you sufficient resources like the free graphic organizer maker and other tools worth trying.

5. Mindmeister

Compatible with several browsers, this graphic organizer software is available free on the web. There is a wide range of templates on Mindmeister, and you can also make your designs from scratch. A user-friendly graphic design experience awaits you when using this tool, making file management seamless.

You can embed your links to charts and maps you’ve designed while taking advantage of other features that are premium elsewhere. Familiar icons get displayed on an elegant dashboard in an open-plan design that’s fun to play around with, even for beginner designers.

There is an option to print or share to the cloud, while an interactive panel lets you catch up with other freelancers via inbox live chat. Personal, professional, and premium plans are available at monthly charges if you like Mindmeister and want to see what more is on offer.

6. Mindomo

A desktop application that’s free to install offers excellent graphic organizer designer options, plus you can use it offline without the internet. Mindomo is a superb choice for templates, and you also have the opportunity for from-scratch graphic organizer designs.

While there are premium and professional plans for more feature options, the free tool lets you work with six types of graphic organizers. You can create a Gantt chart, mind maps, a tree organogram, concept maps, and basic and outline organograms.

Going with Mindomo as your graphic organizer template provider and the interactive dashboard gives access to well-placed control icons. You can easily add images, audio, or video for an immersive graphic organizer design. Share or show your work from the free plan, or subscribe for additional collaborative design tools and template resources.

7. Mind42

You can make charts and diagrams or use readymade graphic organizer templates from this cloud-based application. Mind42 is a free design tool that operates much like Google Docs or Sheets, so everything is done online. Your saved files are private by default unless shared, and you can add permission to collaborate work saved in the cloud.

There is an extensive library of free-to-use maps and charts, or you can create graphic organizers using Mind42’s comprehensive guide.

Once you’ve created an account with Mind42, personalization options include changing the language for your dashboard. An FAQ section allows the graphic organizer design community to share best practice techniques, while a blog offers in-depth literary resources.


A free online map creator that provides presentation mode and supports online collaborations is worth checking out for a freelance graphic designer in Dubai. Additional features are available if you subscribe to premium, but the basic templates will still promote your design efforts. also features storage options for your mind maps, and you can share, download, project, or directly print your work from the web application. Create your teams and collaborate with other freelancers for flowcharts or mind maps to showcase your talent.

9. GitMind

You’ve probably heard of GitMind but didn’t know if this online flowchart and mind map makers free graphic organizer templates. This versatile design tool uses a concept map maker with specialized elements and shapes that make diagrams or charts. GitMind gives you online collaboration for free, a premium feature among its competitors.

Start your designs from nothing or use templates of readymade graphic organizers that you can transfer to other freelancers through peer-to-peer connections. You can export creations in various formats, and the valuable autosave function ensures you’ll not lose any design progress.


The internet gives you an ample selection of mind map and chart templates that direct you in your endeavors as a freelance graphic designer in Dubai. Use the featured application and tips above, available free to download or on your web browser.

There are more similar resources that offer free templates for the discerning graphic organizer designer. Using each of the tools will give you a personal insight into how they are, and you can decide which ones to keep as your itinerary of reliable template sources.

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