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A definitive guide to the fees for the best 3D graphic courses in Dubai

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The demand for freelance 3D graphics designers in Dubai has been on the rise. Marketing agencies, advertising companies, and corporate entities look for people who can create 3D visual images to communicate various messages to specific audiences.

To achieve this, companies are on the lookout for 3D graphic designers. A 3D graphic designer, therefore, helps an organization or company solidify its brand’s identity by dictating how people will engage with the brand, hence driving revenue.

Why should you take up a 3D graphic course in Dubai?

Have you probably thought about switching careers and giving it a go in 3D graphics? Alternatively, you may be looking for a career where you want to put your passion for art to daily use. A 3D graphic designer course in Dubai could be a good starting point.

Here are a few reasons why you should take a course in 3D graphics.

1. Impressive salary

In terms of salaries for freelance graphic designers, the sky is the limit if you choose to take this career path. The salary is usually a bit low for beginners, but you will earn more as you gain more experience. With the requisite skills, experience, and high salary, self-development and work balance will be easy to achieve.

2. Numerous opportunities

A quick Google search on job opportunities for 3D graphic designers in Dubai will astound you. Corporate jobs and other sectors such as marketing and advertising agencies are looking for 3D graphic designers. Getting a job requires you to showcase your portfolio, which features your best designs. You can apply for full-time jobs, or you can choose to be a freelance 3D graphic designer.

3. Exciting challenges

There is never a dull day in the career of a 3D graphic designer. Every day presents a new creative challenge. One day you are creating a design for a hotel, and the other, you are creating a business logo for a fitness company. This constant flow of deadlines is what keeps you going.

4. You can work from anywhere.

Your clients will not mind where you are working from as long as you deliver the results. You can choose to work from home or, you can find a shared workspace. For introverted graphic designers working from home would suit you. However, if you are the bubbly kind who fancies being around people, a shared workspace would work for you.

5. Smooth career

Once you build your portfolio with the best designs, your work will do the marketing for you. A degree or a professional certificate may open up opportunities for you, but the right skills and knowledge will propel you furthest.

6. Graphic designers have fun.

Graphic design studios are not your typical 8-5 corporate workspaces. They are vibrant and the opposite of corporate offices. With flexible work patterns and customized spaces, working in a 3D graphic design studio is fun. If you are self-employed, the online space is just as exciting.

7. Your dressing your choice

Will you need to wear the historical “shirt and tie” on your workdays? The answer is no. You can never be at your creative best in uncomfortable clothing. If you are comfortable working in a cool polo shirt and a short, you get to choose what to wear without breaking any traditional dress codes.

Factors influencing fees charged for 3D graphic design courses in Dubai

Having the necessary certifications is mandatory if you want to be part of the booming 3D graphic design industry in Dubai. To get these certificates, you may need to enroll in the best graphic design courses.

The price of these courses varies between different institutions and is determined by several factors such as:

  • The duration of the course

One of the main factors influencing the cost of graphic design courses in Dubai is how long it takes. Courses that take longer charge higher fees, translating to more interactions with the tutors and a better understanding of the course.

  •  Job potential

The potential of getting a job immediately after completing your course is also a determinant in the cost of fees. Some colleges may charge higher fees due to their ability to link students with potential employers or opportunities after completion. Other colleges will teach you the coursework and expect you to look for opportunities yourself. This influences the cost of fees.

  • Material covered

Some of the 3D graphic designer courses offered might be more comprehensive than others. Reputable institutions may charge slightly higher fees than less reputable institutions since they can cover coursework in depth. Comprehensive coverage of the course translates to better-quality professionals in the long run.

Cost of the top 3D graphics courses in Dubai

1. Oscar Education Group

Oscar Education Group was started in 1993 and currently boasts a ratio of six students per trainer, giving graphic design students maximum attention to better grasp coursework. In this course, students are shown how to create animated characters and 2D and 3D shapes. The duration of the course is two to six weeks for AED 945.

2. Informatics Institute of Management Studies

The Informatics Institute of Management Studies college offers graphic design courses, including AutoCAD 2D and 3D/Revit, photoshop, illustrator, and video editing basics. The course takes sixty hours, and the institution promises to give you your investment return by providing quality coaching. The cost of the course is AED 1500.

3. CyberModo

CyberModo offers one on one classroom and online training with flexible days and times. The course length typically takes thirty hours. Group classes of two to four people can also be scheduled, and the course can be done in five to seven days on dedicated full-day training. The cost of the entire course is AED 3500.

4. Aptech Computer Training

Aptech Computer Training is a learning solutions company that plays a crucial role in helping individuals and companies adapt to a knowledge-driven world’s dynamic requirements. They train on Maya, a 3D computer graphics software that you use to create interactive 3D applications. The course costs AED 1000, after which you will be issued with an approved ministry certificate.

5. Filbrit Training Center

Filbrit Training Centre is an educational center offering 3D graphics design using 3ds max (interior and exterior) and AutoCAD. It is fully licensed by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authorities) and DED (Department for Economic Development). The course duration is thirty to thirty-five hours at the cost of AED 1000.

6. Laures Training Institute

Laures Training Institute imparts students with graphic design knowledge by developing their conceptual and idea-generation potential. The objectives of their course are to learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. The course takes up to one month at the cost of AED 1500.

7. Learners Point Training Institute

Learners Point Training Institute trains in Unity 3D, a powerful development platform creating multi-platform 2D and 3D games. After completing the course in Unity 3D engine, you will be able to understand the principal techniques and develop 3D and 3D games like a professional. The course duration is six weeks at a total cost of AED 3999.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the art of combining creativity with technical knowledge to come up with visual communication content, such as pictures, graphics, etc.

How long is a graphic design course in Dubai?

Graphic design is a vast field and there is a lot to learn. In many cases, you never really reach the end of learning graphic design as we learn new things every day. However, a typical course is about three months for a beginner to obtain a certificate.

Some short online courses can take up only a few hours to complete. If going for further studies, one can take up to four to six years to complete a bachelor’s and postgraduate degree respectively.

What are the most important courses to take to become a graphic designer in Dubai?

To become a professional freelance graphic designer in Dubai, one should be a master of courses covering Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, After Effects, and Illustrator.

How much is a graphic design course in Dubai?

How much a graphic design course costs in Dubai totally depends on the nature of the course, how long it takes, the college you get the certification from, and your area of specialization. However, be prepared to spend anywhere between AED 800 and AED 160,000 as a graphic design course fee in Dubai.


Becoming a freelance 3D graphic designer in Dubai requires you to showcase your knowledge and talent. For some companies, educational requirements are not a must. However, for most of them, a certificate or an associate’s degree in graphic design will be required. There are several graphic design templates available as well.

Knowing what it will cost you in terms of course fees is the first step in your career as a 3D graphic designer. However, it is essential to remember that value for money is more important when assessing the most favorable institution to undertake a course in 3D graphics design.

With the above information, you can now make an informed decision on the next step on your journey to becoming a professional 3D graphics designer. Lots of fantastic opportunities await you ahead.

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