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Best Freelance Jobs for Graphic Designers

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The best freelance jobs for graphic designers in Dubai include:

  • Multimedia designer.
  • Photo editor.
  • Logo designer
  • Web designer.
  • Advertising designer.
  • Publication designer.
  • Apparel designer.
  • Packing designer.
  • User interface designer.
  • User experience designer.
  • Art illustrator.

Are you looking for jobs involving graphic design?

Graphics are all around us. They influence how we perceive the world using colors, photos, fonts, and illustrations.

As you begin to explore jobs in graphic design, it’s best to understand the career prospects and what various positions entail. There are many jobs within the graphic design to choose from. Design careers can range from multimedia designer, flash, sports, website design, and art director. Its scope is vast, increasing the number of possibilities for those interested in graphic design.

We at Bawabba freelancing site in Dubai are here to expand your idea of what it means to be a professional graphic designer.

Join us as we explore everything about graphic design and the best freelancing jobs available for graphic designers in Dubai.

Let’s get started.

What is graphic design?

Graphics design is a form of visual communication that provides information, shares ideas, and persuades the audience to consider new perspectives.

From a broader perspective, graphic design is a profession, art, or an academic discipline where virtual communication by use of animation, images, etc is used to transmit messages with some specific objective to a particular group or population.

What do graphic designers do?

They create graphics and layouts for various products, such as company logos, websites, clothing, books, and games.

They utilize various computerized design programs to sketch new designs and incorporate existing brand details to create innovative designs and appeal to brand target audiences.

Graphics designers must possess strong knowledge of color theory, image construction, and other artistic principles.

What are the best freelance jobs for graphic designers?

Graphics design is broad. Meaning, there are tons of opportunities for graphic designers here in Dubai.

You will notice that the job description for most jobs overlaps. Graphics designers can use their skills in a variety of roles depending on the company or client.

The flexibility of your knowledge in graphic design can be put in different roles.

Take a look at these freelance graphic design jobs you can get your hands on in your career.

1. Multimedia designer

This is one of the most common jobs in freelance graphic design.

A multimedia designer uses art, sound, and design skills to create video, audio, and animated images.

They are tasked with producing sketches, plans, scales, models, or drawings needed for the design. They liaise with the client or company to design props, sets, and costumes that meet their expectations. They direct set assistants on design interpretation and advise on other areas such as lighting and sound to ensure production sets resemble the designs.

They are responsible for developing the graphics for the story’s characters, background scenes, and props.

Multimedia designers can find jobs in various fields: television or video production, set design, and video game development.

For top success in multimedia design, you require creative thinking and solid, imaginative capabilities to develop unique and striking designs. A bachelor’s degree in a visually creative field such as graphic design, web design, or multimedia digital art is an added advantage for multimedia designers.

Multimedia designing requires previous experience in producing videos and using CAD software.

2. Photo editor

When considering jobs in graphic design, you can’t leave out photo editing. Why? Large numbers of e-commerce companies require photo editors. In short, there are tons of photo editing jobs available.

Photo editors work with real-life images to adjust and combine images to create a final image that meets the client’s or company’s expectations.

Photo editing roles can range from adjusting lighting and color balance on a photograph, changing garment colors, or adding logo information or a banner to the image.

Photo editing requires complete knowledge of photoshop, which is typically one of the graphic design programs.

Many companies prefer to hire a photo editor with a bachelor’s degree in photography, graphic design, and product design. However, this is not a requirement for those who possess knowledge of photo editing software.

3. Logo designer

You’ve seen professional company logos on various websites. That is what logo designers do. They work to develop visually compelling symbols to represent the company, brand, or product. They research the target audience to gain a strong understanding of what characters they find appealing and remarkable.

The designer then chooses distinct colors and shapes that relate to and establish the company’s identity, product, or brand.

Logo designers must be aware of other designs already in the market. This is to ensure they are not copying or recreating a trademarked logo.

As a logo designer, you need to have strong illustration abilities and an understanding of consumer advertising. Job requirements vary based on the company, but a bachelor’s degree in graphic design is an added advantage.

4. Web designer

As online sales and advertising continue to grow, clients seek graphic designers with strong knowledge of technology and web layout design to work on their websites.

Web designers work with web developers to create web pages, design page layouts, and develop website graphics. They are responsible for designing the navigation menus, drop-down options, and website structure.

Web designers partner with the marketing team to determine what content is included on each web page, place graphics, and ensure continuity as consumers browse the website.

Having coding and programming skills will give you a competitive edge compared to other freelance web designers. This is because you can develop and design a website on your own. Most jobs require previous web design experience, a strong portfolio, and an associate degree in web design or graphic design.

5. Advertising designer

Advertising designers utilize graphic design, sketching, and photography to create visually persuasive marketing elements for a company or brand. They may create billboards, online magazine advertisements, and other promotional materials.

They sketch or use CAD software to develop initial concepts based on marketing and public relations strategies. Advertising designers work with clients or marketing teams to create concepts of advertising graphics into a perfect design that meets expectations.

Requirements for advertising design may include strong knowledge of design and marketing techniques. Many jobs require a bachelor’s degree in Graphic or CAD Design and a strong understanding of the brand’s audience.

Training in advertising or business is an added advantage.

6. Publication designer

Publications designers develop layouts, visual appearances, and graphics for a range of online publications.

Companies hire freelance publication designers to add images and pictures to written information such as annual reports, research papers, books, catalogs, and user manuals. These images help make information easy to comprehend and elaborate topics using images.

A publication designer is responsible for developing the images and incorporating them into the publication in a visually appealing manner.

You require a bachelor’s degree in graphic, visual, and print design to pursue a publication design career. In addition, you need high-level creativity in translating written information into a sketch and developing the appropriate graph to best display data.

7. Apparel graphic designers

Apparel designers create individual, original images for clothing. They develop a strong understanding of the brands’ target audience and ensure the graphics are cohesive and visually appealing.

They design various images and font-based graphics for screen printing on shirts, pocket-placed embroidery designs, and other unique designs.

Apparel graphic designers work in CAD programs to develop and scale to fit within the clothing pattern size. They need creativity to make the color appealing but straightforward.

To be an apparel designer, you need a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, and previous apparel design experiments are required. These designers can be employed by apparel brands or third-party agencies that design clothing on a contract basis.

8. Packaging designer

Packaging designers develop labels on a product to protect the product during shipping and communicate essential features. They use CAD software to write product details using appropriate don’t and graphics to explain the function and how it looks or how to use it.

Package designers work with marketing and product design specialists to convey essential details to customers. So, this can act as a marketing tool.

To be a packaging designer, you need a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, product design, or art. Clients usually prefer previous packaging and design experience with knowledge of the target audience.

9. User interface designer

The user interface designer is responsible for ensuring every webpage or operational step of the final product follows user experience (UX) intent.

They have basic coding skills and can develop the designer’s vision by working with software programming experts. UI designers make web pages, advertisements, and electronic programming easy for the consumer to interact with. They must ensure that the UX design is feasible and well-executed.

A minimum of a two-year degree in UI design, graphic design, or computer programming is commonly required for UI designers. However, some employers may prefer that prospective employees have a bachelor’s degree. A solid background in all three specialties is beneficial for combining a strong design appearance with a functional technological interface.

10. User experience designer

UX designers make products, services, and websites enjoyable and accessible for users. They consider the intended end-use of the product and how the product feels to the consumer to ensure it is a user-friendly product or service. UX designers most commonly work in web design to make websites visually pleasing and easy for customers to navigate. They also work with other technology-based products, including software, gaming systems, computers, and automobiles, to develop visual aesthetics and graphics. UX designers ensure the product has a logical flow from one step to the next. They test the product under normal usage and resolve any inconsistencies in the appearance or flow.

UX design roles typically require a two-year degree in UX design, graphic design, or computer programming. Knowledge of all three specialties is beneficial for combining a strong design appearance with a functional product. Some employers may prefer candidates to have a bachelor’s degree.

11. Art illustrator

The graphic art designer is a high-level executive responsible for guiding the design team’s vision, directing the theme concept, and overseeing all design artwork. They can work in various industries, including fashion, print publications, advertising, television, or consumer products. The brand or freelancer may employ the director, but they always work closely with the client or sales team to understand their artistic vision.

They’re responsible for reviewing and approving designs completed by the art and graphics teams. As an executive, the art director also works closely with the marketing, financial, creative, and customer service directors to coordinate projects and maintain a consistent brand image.

Art graphic designer positions typically require extensive experience in the related industry to understand the business goals. A bachelor’s degree in any art or design field is commonly needed, but some employers may prefer candidates to have a master’s degree in business or art.

How to market your graphic design services

For freelance graphic designers, showcasing your services can be a challenging task. However, marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. You can start slow and keep trying new strategies and see what works.

Some strategies you can try in the marketing process may include:

1. Social media

Posting regularly on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is a good way of showcasing your graphics.

You can set a business profile on Instagram and Pinterest so that you can access analytics data about your followers.

On social media, you can share a mix of your works and personal images so that people can spot you easily.

2. Study your competitors and deliver better

What are your competitors doing? How are they marketing their services? And you can serve your customers better.

Look for ways you can set your works apart from other graphic designers.

You can do this by;

Improving your quality and creativity, providing better customer service, or improving your project management skills.

3. Building connections

Networking with people in and out of your profession improves your reputation.

Keep connecting with people even if they don’t fit your services. Those people are likely to refer you to someone they know in the future.


Graphic design is a broad and ever-growing field. The demand for specialized designers is on the rise here in Dubai and around the world. Meaning, there are tons of jobs available for you.

You can land these jobs by building the right relationships and marketing your services heavily through social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

If you are a designer looking for graphic design jobs, join the best freelancing site and start earning. If you are a client looking for designers to handle your project, look no more. Bawabba has top-notch freelancers who can deliver pure gold.

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