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Guide On How To Build The Perfect Business Branding And Visual Identity In 2021 – Graphic Design 

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Big companies are easily noticeable from a distance. They have brand colors and logos that send a specific message to the audience evoking certain feelings. It is not easy to achieve that level of brand identity. It requires the assistance of the best freelance graphic designers in Dubai as well as the commitment to give people consistent messages over the years, which explains why only a few big companies are easily noticeable by their brand. Before you hire an expert in branding, you might have to look at the salaries of freelance graphic designers to help you plan your budget accordingly. You should also know the difference between brand, branding, and brand identity.

Brand identity is the overall image consumers get from the collection of all elements a company uses as part of its marketing and market differentiation. A brand is how the world sees the company, while branding is the art of shaping a unique perception. For you to be successful in creating a brand identity, you must ensure that all your company elements are targeted toward creating a connection between your business and your customers. Branding identity is part of the essential skills digital marketers should learn in 2020 to create the right perception of their brand and build customers’ loyalty.

How to Create a Noticeable Visual Identity

Before you can determine the essentials that should be part of your brand identity, you must have a clear idea of who you are as a brand. The factors that define you as a brand are your mission, values, unique positioning, brand personality, and brand voice. If the elements are not clear, you can understand the business better by relooking at why you started the business, the beliefs and essential values of the company, and what makes the company special. Once you have a clear idea of what your company is as a brand, you can now look for ways to bring that into life and show it to the people. Some of the steps that you should take to build your brand identity and propel your company to the next level include:

Develop your brand design

Your process should start from the bottom to the top. Before you can move to the assets that will help you get the identity out to the people, you must focus on the design itself. The most important elements that you should consider in your brand design include:

1. Typography

The fonts you choose for your branding materials are essential in helping you build brand identity. Whether it is for your business logo or brand, you should choose fonts wisely as different fonts can send a different message. The Serif fonts like Times New Roman can give your brand a traditional, trustworthy appeal that looks old school. They have an anchor feel that makes them ideal at the end of the letter. Sans serif fonts have smooth edges that give a modern taste to brands. Script fonts have a handwriting appeal that helps to add a lavish or a womanly feel to your business image. Display fonts offer a specialized feel to the brand, which makes them perfect for accentuating a specific element. Display fonts can help you create an identity that people will not forget.

2. Color Palette

Colors can help you create an attractive design that creates a specific emotion in people. You can take the psychological advantage of colors to create logos and branding colors that trigger a special impact on the perception of your business. Therefore, before you choose your favorite blue or black color, you must understand how colors impact UX designs. Red color helps to create excitement and passion. Orange can make your design look friendly and playful, while Yellow brings about happiness. It is necessary to know what different colors mean before you can settle on your perfect logo and branding colors.

3. Form and Shape

A brand logo with sharp and square edges will create a unique effect from a logo with circles and soft edges. Enhancing the power of shapes and form can help make your brand more memorable. Round shapes create a feeling of unity and love, while straight-edged shapes offer a sense of trustworthiness and strength. Horizontal straight lines offer tranquility, while vertical straight lines are a symbol of masculinity.

 Elements of your Brand Identity

A perfect logo should be visually appealing with a simple, uncluttered design. It should demonstrate longevity with a classic design that won’t go out of style. It should further communicate what your business is all about and the value of your brand while making a lasting impression. You can take advantage of the best free logo maker to create multiple logos that match your brand vision.

2. Website

Your website plays a significant role in determining whether people will do business with your company. On most occasions, people tend to visit a website before they can initiate any interaction with the company. Since it must demonstrate all elements of a good brand identity, your graphic designer should know how to switch from graphic design to UI/UX design. Your website should be the epitome of your brand identity.

3. Business Cards

You cannot run a business without a business card. A well-designed card will go a long way in enhancing your brand identity. A good business card should have a memorable, capturing design that will help people keep your brand in their minds longer. You can take inspiration from the 10 memorable business card designs of all times when designing your business card. You should keep in mind all elements of good design, including typography, color, and shapes when creating your card.

4. Product Packaging

Customers should be able to tell your products on the shelf from afar. The packaging should highlight your business image while being attractive to your customers. Incorporating your brand identity and attractiveness in your packaging helps to capture the attention of your loyal customers and others who may not know about your product. This is also applicable to menu design for restaurants and cafes. 

5. Email Design

Brand identity can be the difference between your emails getting opened or trashed. In this era, where everyone receives a lot of emails, your brand identity can help customers notice your emails from an overloaded email and, thus, click them to read your message.


Freelance graphic designers in Dubai can help you build your business branding and visual identity by ensuring that all your design assets have a consistent, eye-catching brand design. Whether it is on your website, business card, email, or social media handles, a graphic designer can use experience and skills to ensure that customers can notice your brand without even reading the content on the marketing platform.

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