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Best Graphic Designing Schools in Dubai – Best Graphic Design Institutions in 2023

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Graphic designers have become some of the most sought-after professionals over the last couple of years. The evolution of graphic design has seen it change course over time, due to the inevitable technological advances. Moreover, graphic designers in Dubai are needed in almost every type of company to offer their expertise. This is because the financial world has dramatically changed.  Hence, the need for businesses to employ wise marketing strategies has improved.

The Benefits of Studying Graphic Design at a Reputable Institution

The love for art by humans did not develop overnight. Human art is as old as civilization itself. However, the need for more complex knowledge and the use of sophisticated software has necessitated the need for advanced training institutions in graphics design in Dubai. With the right passion and training for the various graphic design tools, you are set to become a fully-fledged graphics designer.

Graphic design jobs are everywhere. In the UAE, the number keeps shooting daily. Here are the top 7 benefits for studying graphics design at the right institution;

1. Creativity is not for machines

With the rise of artificial intelligence, many human jobs are being replaced by robots. Soon, the majority of jobs will be done by robots, and many people will be left jobless. Robots lack creativity, as only the human mind can do so. Graphic design is all about creativity and visualization. You will be assured of a job if you get the necessary advanced training to standing out from the rest.

2. Get the chance to be your own boss

There are a lot of opportunities that graphic designers can take advantage of; from opening their graphic design agencies in Dubai or going freelance. 

3. It has never been a better time to live and work abroad.

As technology advances, the whole world also changes. No country is left behind as both their local and multinational corporations are in dire need of staying relevant. A graphic designer is always needed at almost any type of business. You would get a better preference if you got your training from an accredited graphic design school in the UAE.

4. Cater to the needs of Generation Z

The introduction and use of social media platforms have been more popularized by Generation Z (People born between 1995 to 2002). Such people are more interested in creativity and are always eager to find out about the latest trends. 

To better understand such a generation, you will need to undergo thorough training, which involves opening up the creativity in you.

5. Make your mark in the world

As a designer, you will have to make and come up with unique strategies. Some of these strategies are used all over the world. Seeing them will only bring you joy as your work will be seen by other generations to come. Where else to get the necessary knowledge to do this than from some of the best graphic design schools in the UAE?

Choosing the Best Graphic Design School in Dubai

As you would have guessed, there are very many schools and institutions offering training in graphic design. They all offer anything from a diploma certificate, degree, advanced degree, and even masters’ degree. However, picking one from these schools is going to take you a lot of time. 

You will need the right filtering procedure to remain with only a handful which you can check out their reviews individually. Some of the factors to consider when picking the right design school include;

  • The school’s reputation
  • The quality of graphic design programs
  • Accreditation by the government authorities
  • The curriculum used 
  • The flexibility of the courses

Review: The 10 Best Graphic Design Institutions in Dubai

Having taken the factors mentioned above into consideration, below is a list of the ten best graphic design institutions in Dubai. Note that they follow no particular order.

1. Zayed University


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With a curriculum that goes hand in hand with the accreditation standards of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) in the USA, this school offers more to its graphics design students. It opens up the world of creativity with innovation to those interested in fine art. 

There are numerous facilities one can take advantage of and is open even to non-citizens. You will also get to work with professional graphic designers and even meet up with industry leaders through seminars and other workshops. 

2. SAE Institute 


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Undertake the Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) at SAE Institute Dubai. You will have the opportunity to get a broader understanding of design, especially on graphics design components and beyond. With a unique teaching style from the highly-trained SAE staff, students will get hands-on experience on how to handle real-world projects and how problems ought to be tackled. 

The institute, which is focused on creativity and innovation, has alumni all over the globe, working for world-class design agencies. 

3. American University in the Emirates (AUE)


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Taught by highly regarded faculty members and a general undergraduate education core, learning here is worth it all. 

With the excellent learning experience, you will not be surprised to find out that this is a school of choice for many graphic designers

While using the American curriculum, this institution focuses on developing a student’s strong decision thinking capacities. Moreover, the trainees are encouraged and taught how to act through design, in proposing new visions for the future. 

One of the perks of this university is molding the learner’s ability to be more creative, instead of solely focusing on other people’s works.

4. Middlesex University Dubai


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Founded in January 2005, this institution is home to over 3,000 students from over 100 nationalities. Focused on embracing the growing trends and changes in the design world, your time at Middlesex University Dubai will most definitely be worth it. This is probably one of the most prestigious art schools not only in Dubai but is well-known all over the world.

It is praised for focusing much on the functional aspects and practical application of the different designs taught. Middlesex University Dubai also boasts of a wide range of graphic design courses one can apply to – incorporating all there is to know concerning the profession.

5. EMDI Institute of Media and Communication

Based in the Dubai Knowledge Village, this institution offers a whole wide array of courses necessary for one to become a professional media and design career person. With very affordable fee rates for the diploma in advertising and graphic design, you are sure to get nothing short of the best training.

6. Lotus Education Institute

Ever since 2002, Lotus Education Institute has been a leader in offering graphics design courses. A curriculum in place is set per the international academic standards with customization of the local society. Academic and subject training is provided at the institution for both Creative & Digital Graphic Design. 

7. ITI Institute

Receive advanced graphics design training from some of the best institutes in Dubai. Get to familiarize yourself with all the essential design tools within a short time. Once enrolled, you will be taken through the various relevant courses in graphic design such as; Adobe Photoshop Training, Adobe InDesign Training, and Adobe Illustrator Training. There are other related computer courses should you be interested in studying including; Autocad, 3DS Max, and Revit. 

8. Karama Institute

Enjoy flexibility as you sharpen your graphics and web design skills with Karama Institute. With various graphic design courses offered, the tutor can tweak your studies to cater to your needs. The tailor-made lessons will focus on improving more on where your interest lies, while still tackling other topics. You also get to enjoy very affordable rates on all courses, which are to be taught within 10 hours each. 

9. London Institute of Graphic Designing and Research Studies

Discover your potential as you study with some of the most friendly tutors and students from LIGDS. The institution provides graphic design programs majoring in visual and graphic designing. Having received the training from this institution, one is ready for the competitive graphic design industry, which is currently in high demand for well-trained individuals. 

With cutting-edge technology and up-to-date curriculum used, this institution will help you kick start a successful career in graphic design. 

10. Rolla Academy

Open the doors to endless possibilities of visual imagination as you train to become the best graphics designer from Rolla Academy. With a whole wide range of tools to learn with, your certificate will definitely speak for you. The institution is well-known for its strong visual programs, especially on graphic design. 

In Conclusion

Nothing beats the feeling of having to create something unique, and more so if it gets used all over. Building your brand has never been made easier. There is plenty of job offers awaiting you once you take part in designing classes. Click here to find experienced freelance graphic designers in Dubai.

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