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The Psychology Of Color Palettes In UX Designs

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Did you know colors can make your website unusable? In humans, color is not just a beautiful thing; it also helps to create different emotions. We can distinguish similar things using color. Humans often feel colors as something creating various emotions when viewed. 

According to various scientific studies, humans produce colors in the brain’s visual system. In real life, however, colors do non-existent. It is because we provide colors from our minds, making them subjective. 

1. Color And Design

When thinking of digital designs, color plays an integral role in determining the outcome of the product. As such, you must understand color psychology as an intrinsic aspect of creating color palettes that work perfectly in digital design. While there are Freelance web designers in Dubai who consider color as an aesthetic choice, it is a key factor determining the psychological impact of any design; and therefore its UX. 

There is a thin line between a good and great design. First off, with well-thought-out palettes, you can elevate your designs from the usual to having a psychological impact on users. When planning to get web design in the UAEmake sure the service provider emphasizes the color palette. A bad or mediocre palette will definitely detract from the experience of the user. It is likely to interfere with the usability of your site or app. 

By itself, color theory is a complex subject. Using color in UX design entails more than creating a palette looking great. A designer must think of how different shades in the same hue can create psychological effects on users. It is also vital for them to incorporate accessibility in their designs to have a unique product. With that in mind, designers can incorporate better color use in different configurations without rethinking the whole process. 

With the basics covered, however, the next most rewarding aspect of color theory is mastering the incorporation of unexpected colors in their designs. For instance; while they are a little overused, blue/grey/white color palettes are very good for financial sites. This is because blue is mostly associated with trust and loyalty in the psychology of colors. When contracting freelance web designers in the UAE, it is, therefore, vital to ensure they have this color psychology at their fingertips. 

2. Color Theory

The theory of color and the psychological effect it can have on users is not just a complex topic, but a subjective one as well. There are some aspects, nonetheless, which can be addressed at a universal level. 

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Issues such as the collective meaning of the main palettes are not in question. We have primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, which are not in contention by any web design UAE service. There are traditional color palettes as well as cultural variations in some of the meanings of colors. They are, however, all fairly straightforward in their application in digital designs. It is effortless for designers to grasp the concept and incorporate the same in their work. However, when it comes to the application of different color schemes in UX design, there are plenty of finer points to learn. 

While underlying meanings of color are easy for most designers to learn and incorporate, more subtle color meanings can have excellent use in digital designs. This is why the best digital designers all over the world advise against overlooking the emotional impact of interface colors. Some colors are indeed universal when looking at the UX design. Colors such as black, white, and gray are the standard universal colors you won’t miss in almost every great design out there. 

That notwithstanding, the colors a designer chooses to combine with the universal colors can have a significant impact on the perception of users. This is what distinguishes a great design from a mediocre one. Two designers can create a palette with black as the universal color, for example. But their designs will have a different impact on the psychology of users hence different perceptions. 

Yet again, how a designer chooses to use each color will have a dramatic impact on how it is perceived. For instance, when using blue as your primary color in contemporary, minimalist design; it is going to have a completely different feel than using the same shade of blue as an accent color in an intricate, corporate design. 

3. Cultural Color Differences

It is not uncommon for most designers to overlook the cultural differences existing in different colors. In many Western Cultures, for instance, white is linked with purity, hope, and innocence. In total contrast, however, the same color is associated with bad luck, death, and mourning in some parts of Asia. 

Some colors such as orange, however, are generally seen to have positive connotations across diverse cultures. Others like white have distinct differences between different cultures. This can definitely make life difficult for a designer trying to create a design appealing to different audiences. 

When creating your product or website, it is crucial to check out the cultural implications of color palettes with the intended audience in mind. A good rule of thumb is to balance both imagery and colors being used to avoid negative cultural connotations. When creating a product targeting a specific culture, there is no need to worry about how your chosen color palettes will affect other cultures. 

4. Matching Colors to the Brand

When looking for a great web design agency Dubai has plenty of choices to work with. Irrespective of whom you choose to be your designer when dealing with UX design, it is essential for designers to understand how brand values play a role in creating color palettes. Brand values are, however, not the only important factor to consider. 

Designers may also want to check out industry norms when matching their UX design to the brand. Similarly, colors already in use by competitors are an essential consideration. Using color palettes nearly identical to other brands in your industry is the best way to create confusion and make sure the brand does not stand out. 

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With most aspects of the theory of color in perspective, it might be time to start that web design project or have a re-design of your existing one. With these tips in mind, you can hire one of the best freelance website developers in Dubai to have them incorporate some of these ideas in your UX design, at affordable prices.

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