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Freelance Graphic Designers Salary Worldwide

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The need for digital design has continuously been on the rise as soon as eCommerce took center stage in the world economy. All businesses require different services ranging from website designing, logo creation, branded websites, social media content, etc.

All this has been good news for all people working in the fields of both UX and UI. This has been, perhaps, the main reason why there has been a rise in the number of freelance graphic designers in Dubai.

There are very many reasons why graphic designers are currently opting to go through the freelancing route. One gets to enjoy the freedom to set their own working hours, the ability to work for numerous clients at a go, and the possibility to develop their personal brand. Despite all these, one still wants to earn a good salary out of their work at the end of the day.

The world of graphic design is not as simple as some people would have imagined. Making a good living out of art is an attractive lifestyle, but there are several practical factors you need to consider first.

Whether you are looking forward to hiring a graphic designer or planning on being one, it is paramount to have a basic understanding of how much these individuals make. Take a look at some of the factors influencing the salaries of freelance graphic designers worldwide in 2020.

1. Total Experience

Every job industry has different titles for the many working there. This not only helps in the smooth running of the business but also determines how much everyone is to get. The world of freelance graphic designers in the UAE has also categorized these professionals into three; entry-level (beginners), junior, and senior workers.

When you hear the terms “junior graphic designer” and “senior graphic designer,” the first thing that comes to your mind is that these two groups receive different salaries. However, they also differentiate the experience they have, the expertise, and the skills garnered over time.

So how do their salaries vary?

  • Entry-level graphic designer
    This group consists of individuals that have recently cleared school or have just started their own firms. Some of these people have actualized their dreams of becoming freelance graphic designers without a proper college degree. Such designers are proficient in various fields and are yet to hone their style or make a name for themselves. According to, the average salary for freelance graphic designers in this category is at least $38,493. These people have experience of up to two years in the industry.
  • Junior-level graphic designers
    These designers have experience of between two to five years. At this stage, they have already mastered the major tropes of the industry. They have had opportunities to expand their skill set, and the fact that they have stayed in the field of designing for that long shows their motivation to make it there. At this stage, the majority of junior freelance graphic designers in Dubai usually have their own professionally made websites with their full portfolios and the terms of engagement. Designers in this category walk away with at least $47,983 in earnings.
  • Senior graphic designers
    Just as the name implies, senior graphic designers are held in high regard in the industry, whether they are in the freelancing world or are employed by a firm. They have more years of experience in the field of five years and more. They are also attributed to having managerial skills as they have had to oversee a group of other graphic designers at some point. The salaries for designers in this category highly vary, but according to multiple reliable sources, it is well over $51,000.

2. The scope of work

It is imperative to note that the salaries of graphic designers are not fixed to some precise mathematics or science. Unlike some fields where the wages are tightly regulated, such as working in the civil service, military, or teaching, many factors affect how much a freelance graphic designer in the UAE earns.

One of these factors is the type of field the graphic designer majors in. These skills can be learned in some of the best graphic designing institutes in Dubai, where you get to specialize in your most preferred fields. To help you break down the salary estimates for the different areas of graphic design, take a look at the statistics as presented by

  • User Experience Designer – $84,841
  • Senior Designer – $80,622
  • Art Director – $77,606
  • User Interface Designer – $74,456
  • Designer – $68,299
  • Architectural Designer – $60,874
  • Instructional Designer – $56,422
  • Senior Graphic Designer – 54,914
  • Interior Designer – $51,985
  • Web Designer – ,280

From these estimates, you can see that the salaries for graphic designers not only increase as the experience improves but also depend on the skills one has. An art director, for example, is in charge of a larger group targeting different goals.

This is a whole lot of responsibility to undertake, and the bigger earning range shouldn’t come as a surprise.

3. Expenses

As a freelancer, you will definitely have many expenses to incur in your field of work. For starters, you may have to look for some of the best graphic design tools and other software, which might cost you a little extra. Some of these expenses might be eliminated once you start working in a firm. This is why the prices for freelance graphic designers in the UAE should be reasonably priced to meet all the expenses and as enough compensation for their work.


Freelancers benefit not only from the diversity and flexibility of their work but also from a healthy income, as shown in this post. While these estimates may not be the precise amount you may be looking forward to, they will help every freelance graphic designer in Dubai to price their services fairly.

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