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The Cost Of Hiring A Freelance Graphic Designer in Dubai

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Graphic designing is a craft where experienced and professional content creators design layouts and platforms to communicate the message to the targeted audience. It is defined as the art of projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. These visuals may vary from a pure business logo to a complex website. Below is the list of all the types of jobs that a freelance graphic designer in Dubai would do for you. And the cost they would charge for it. You can find out more about these designers on Bawabba.


Logo designers are the people who create distinctive brandings for companies and businesses. Logos are extremely important as they are the identity of one’s business. It is the first point of contact with your enterprise with the outside world. Freelance graphic designers in Dubai help you create the perfect logo.

Now, it may be clear that the cost of logo design varies depending on the size of the business. And also on how much they are willing to spend. Just like other service providers, logo designing also offers a range of prices and packages. The costs of these packages can vary from as low as 10 AED to professional designers that can go up to 1000 AED.

Despite having a distinctive monologue for your business, this logo design could be a tough decision. You are setting the budget for the logo which shouldn’t be too high or too low. After that, you need to find a graphic designer who would comply with your requirements and also accept the amount that you pay.

It is, however, imperative to have an experienced designer aboard. The key is to know that similar projects were conducted in the past.


web designer is a person who creates websites for companies and corporations. He is an IT professional who is responsible for designing the site, improving its usability, and enhancing the visual appearance of a website. Using distinctive techniques and color schemes, they create websites that are appealing to the eye. And also give away all the information that one needs.

Web designing used to be very expensive back in the days when businesses would give thousands of dollars to freelance graphic designers in Dubai for web creation. However, nowadays, since several individuals have learned the art, and are providing services 24/7, this job has touched the ground. You could get a website up and running from 200 AED to as high as 20,000 AED!

Nevertheless, you have to be very smart when searching for a web designer as a minor fault could completely defect your website. It should be able to handle traffic and must be clear and comprehensive for the viewers. Certain web designers claim to have expertise in the field but might just end up wasting your time and resources.

The design must not be heavy. Since one search engine optimization factor is speed, some designers tend to mess that up. They provide a very high quality of graphics which take time to load and hence, slow the speed.


What is a business without an identity? We have noticed frequently when you visit a brand or meet an influential person, that they hand you their business card. Brochures, business cards, and letters are all the identities of a business. A freelance graphic designer in Dubai would help you build brand identity in the market.

He would create visual elements of your brand through strategy and intelligence. These elements, most evidently, have relevant information such as the logo, the name, tagline, and contact information. There are numerous deals for entrepreneurs to select from that can be as low as 99 AED, and go up as you increase the number of productions.

This would reinforce the business and create its identity in the eyes of the consumer. The repetitive promotions would stick with customers. And your name would pop up in their mind when they need something that your business provides.


The power of photoshop is regularly seen on advertising campaigns and magazine covers. Photoshop is so much more than just beautifying a picture. It is indeed a powerful software for manipulating photographs and videos according to the artist’s will.

Photoshop artists have been trending massively due to the increase in brands in Dubai. These illustrators create compositions, edit pictures, and mix and match them in such a way that it is appealing to the eye. These artists tend to have a very creative imagination.

They master the art of turning ideas into meticulously designed images. Most businesses provide thought and the artist works his magic.

You could hire these professionals within a range of 200 AED to 2000 AED. They can help you with architectural projects, realistic renders, and also business magazines. You can easily find these graphic designers on Bawabba.


Layout artists are also called directors of photography (DoP). They are graphic designers who deliver ideas and information through visual communications. They assemble style, illustrations, drawings, and photographs to create a visual design on paper or a computer.

As far as the cost is concerned, most experienced artists charge between 250 AED to 600 AED on a per-hour basis. If you have a lower budget then you could most definitely hire a newbie or a beginner, but that also brings along the additional risk.


As more and more entrepreneurs and world leaders are coming forward, they need someone to help initiate and brand them. Thus, graphic designers are the perfect reach.

 When you are looking for the correct person to do the job for you, knowing the different types and costs of graphic design would help you identify the specialist that you need. You could find a team of experts and specialized designers on Bawabba.

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