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Top 10 Graphic Designing tools in 2021

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Technology has greatly changed how people view things and their reactions. Let us be honest, a well-crafted and designed image or graphics work has the potential of grabbing someone’s attention more than a less crafted piece. All these are made possible through the use of the best design tools there are. With a growing number of freelance graphic designers in Dubai, it is important they incorporate the best graphic design tools in order to provide excellent results and remain relevant in the competitive field.

While graphics can come in different forms, including; images, drawings, illustrations, logos, clip art, web graphics, etc. the following list of the top 10 graphic designing tools in 2019 will help you to get outstanding results. The list is in no order whatsoever.

Adobe Illustrator

Freelancing - Adobe Illustrator 2

While we mentioned that this list does not follow any order, Adobe Illustrator just had to come up first. This has, for quite a while, been our most preferred graphic design tool. Adobe Illustrator is an ideal vector graphics manipulation tool that is crucial to professional graphic designers and artists. It allows its users to come up with beautifully crafted designs and illustrations. Adobe Illustrator has a wide range of tools to choose from.

It is useful as it saves the designer quite some time owing to its predesigned templates. With Adobe Illustrator, images can be realistically drawn, logos can be created, icons, cartoons, maps, info-graphics, etc. Above all, the user can scale the artwork to any size, saving them time and energy.

Adobe Photoshop

Freelancing - Adobe Photoshop 1

Adobe Photoshop is the ultimate image design tool available. This is due to the ease of use and the quality of the results it provides. Furthermore, with a wide array of tools to choose from, Adobe Photoshop will give designers many options and open many ways of completing their projects. With the software, one can create and enhance 3D artwork, paintings, and other illustrations. The brush smoke smoothing, paint symmetry, brush management, luminance masking controls are just but a few features of Adobe Photoshop.


Freelancing - Coral Draw

Any professional graphics designer will mention having used CorelDRAW as their first-ever serious graphic design tool. With some of the best tools to use in illustrations and images, this is probably the ‘must-have’ tool for any serious graphic designer. The product is quite easy to learn and master making it an ideal option even to newbies.


Freelancing - Vectr

Vectr is another great invention for graphic designers. Usually being identified as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, Vectr has proven its worth to many beginner graphic designers. With comprehensive features helpful in accomplishing vector design tasks, the software is made even more appealing by the fact that it is free of charge! The different tools such as Shape tools, Opacity, Backgrounds, Gradients, Borders, Shadows, Filters, and Typography, are readily available and often produce amazing results.


Freelancing - Inkscape

Inkscape has been the number one choice for designers who wish to get quality results having spent less time and energy on the project. This is because the tool is quite easy to use and master. It can also be used by almost every level of designer from an amateur to a professional. It can be used to design a number of graphics such as logos, icons, etc. One of the plus sides of this software is the fact that it can support many different file formats. Among some of its features include; object grouping, shape tools, pencil tool for freehand drawing, alignment commands, and many other features.


Freelancing - Scribus

If you are an amateur designer in desktop publishing and looking to get into the professional world of graphic design, Scribus is the ultimate tool for you. This is an open-source graphic design software that is available free of charge. It features a text property palette, complex scripts, user-friendly tools, and support for most devices.

Gravit Designer

Freelancing - Gravit Designer

Vector editors tend to be a bit more complex than other types of graphic design tools, a vice that Gravit Designer comes to counter. It makes the graphic design to be easier and much more fun to do. The software serves a wide range of functions including; presentations, concept art, etc. Gravit designer is somewhat different from other types of vector design software as it has online options too. The cloud storage available automatically saves your progress and there is no chance of losing your project.

Corel Corporation, who are the manufacturers of CorelDRAW, are also the manufacturers of this product. It is made with a nice and elegant user interface which is quite easy to master. The product is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS users. Some of its key features include; Powerful pages, auto layouts, powerful grids, multiple styles, etc.


Freelancing - Canva

Canva lets you create professional and high-quality graphic designs. It is a cloud-based platform that has very effective drag and drops features and also a huge library of templates to save you time. One can get access to very many graphics and fonts that help the make or create any type of graphic design they desire. One major benefit of this software to freelance graphic designers in Dubai is the fact that the client can see the progress of the designer and is able to comment on and (or) edit the file together since it is an online platform.

Canva is different from other types of tools as teams can work together on one project at the same time and is quite easy to use. The product was mainly designed to make project collaboration easier.


Freelancing - Krita

For comic book artists, text painters, and illustrators, Krita is the ultimate answer to most of their needs. The software is very simple to master hence used by both noobs and pros. This is an open-source graphic design tool that is completely free of charge and all tools made freely available. The user has the ability to customize the brushes, the ability to import and export certain resources such as texture and typography, and a wraparound mode enabled.



Freelancing - Venngage

Venngage is a cloud-based software that enables both professional and beginner graphic designers to create infographics. The software makes it very easy to use thanks to its drag and drop features, easily customizable templates, and simple user interface. The tool is more appealing to graphic designers who are creating content for marketing and preparing presentations.

Over to you

While there are many other tools graphic designers can use, we believe our top 10 list is a must-have for any graphic designer. Do you think we have left out any important tools? Let us know in the comment section below.

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