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What is the best free logo maker?

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In order to survive in the already very competitive field of businesses, you need something that people can identify you with. A sign that can create and build good relations with your clientele. Companies often use logos for visual identity while standing as a symbol of memory to your customers. It has been proven that a good logo has the potential to attract customers while still retaining them. Designing a logo for your company can be quite costly. High-end software for making quality logos requires a lot of expertise and knowledge for one to use. Furthermore, it may force someone to employ a graphic designer to create for them a logo using sophisticated software. The best free logo makers are simplistic in nature, helping you create world-class logos easily and quickly.

Below is a list of the top 7 free logo makers-

Canva Logo Maker

With a wide array of options to choose from, Canva is not your average free logo maker. The drag-and-drop editor has many customizable designs to pick from. This site can be used to create top company logos, posters, cards, and many others. If worried about its complexity, there are a number of templates that can help you get started. To match your needs, you will need to specify some dimensions at the start and fill in some other details which will be required of you. You can customize graphics, images, texts, and many other aspects vital for making and creating great logos. If pressed for time and need a good logo made within minutes, there is a dedicated Canva Logo Maker which you only type in your company name, choose the category (e.g. sports, music, etc.), and pick your preferred style before your logo is automatically tailored for you.

Orbelo Logo Maker

This logo maker is specifically made for people who are on very tight budgets and still need quality company logos. With Oberlo’s Logo Maker, you can channel your focus to tasks that require much of your time and still get the perfect logo. There are numerous navigation options that allow you to customize the logo to meet your preferred style. Details such as your company name will have to be keyed in before you play around with the different templates, color, frame, size, positioning, etc. It is absolutely free!

Logo Garden

This editor helps users make their own logos according to their own style and preference. The site provides a number of effects such as shine, shadow, reflect distress, and many others, which are usually only found on paid editors. The site is absolutely free. All you need is to register, create an account, and a link will be shared with you on how you will download the logo.


With a pretty clean user interface and a seamless process of logo creation, you can easily create the logo of your choice and download it in a zip version. Although it might be of low quality, the logo will do just fine. If you need to access a clearer and quality logo, you can do so while parting with a few bucks.


Creating a competitive logo with Hatchful is quite simple and super-fast. The only thing you do is choosing your business space and the category your business fits into. You are, afterward, offered a chance to choose your preferred style of the logo while writing down the name of your business and slogan if you wish to. You will be presented with a number of icons to choose from which you can further customize.


Ucraft is a company that specializes in building websites while offering free logos to other users. All you need to do is sign up with them, create an account, and proceed to make the logo that best fits your style. With numerous icons and templates to choose from, you can easily get your logo ready within 10 minutes! After that, you can easily download your logo in high-quality .png format.


This website has a very appealing and user-friendly interface making your navigation quite easy. You can build your own logo for free within just a couple of minutes. All you have to do is fill in the details required of you such as the business name. You can also choose a category that best fits your business from the over 30 options. While saving you lots of bucks by guiding you on how to create the perfect logo all by yourself, you will have to part with some fee in order to download a high-quality vector-based file that can be used for large-scale printing.

Take away

Finding the right free logo maker will no longer be a big worry to you. Use our list to pick the one which works best for you. In order to receive better high-resolution results, it is advisable to first consult graphic design in Dubai.

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