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10 Best Wall Painting Ideas in Dubai

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Wall painting in Dubai is an art that helps improve the dull white or one-colored wall with new textures and paints. However, the hardest part of it all is choosing the best wall painting idea in Dubai.

There are many questions to answer when it comes to selecting a wall paint style –

  • What design to select? 
  • What colors to choose?
  • How much would it cost?

We have listed 10 ideas that would help resolve your issues with selection.


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Choosing a gradient wall helps by adding shades of a color that transforms any wall to resemble a sunrise, water, and/or animal fur. This wall painting idea in Dubai also known as the ombre has gained a lot of popularity, taking over the design world. It has now somewhat been seen everywhere – from walls, clothing, and art pieces, to furnishings.

 You can choose to blend more than a couple of colors to create a stunning ombre wall painting in Dubai.

Circles or Polka

Freelancing - Polka

Circular designs could be used while painting bubbles, planets, sun, and moon in a kids’ room. Adding a polka dot design helps to make the room lively and joyful. You could also use circular designs on a living room wall if it goes with the theme. 


Freelancing - Lines

Stripes or lines could be either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. You could use it in different levels of thickness. One example of this style is the piano keys – simply black and white stripes. Stripes can completely transform a room giving it an entirely new look. Another would be a colorful rainbow consisting of curved stripes. 


Using a color that’s different from the other colors of the room helps make the wall look different from the rest. To create a subtle transformation, the best way is to paint a color block on the wall and/or allocate it in the middle of a wall as a dimensional accent.

Just like mentioned for the vertical stripe design, choose to use tape to have a neat, clean, and bold block of color.


Freelancing - Geometric

Patterns can be of almost anything that interests you. It may seem difficult in the beginning, however, it is easier than you think. You may want to check the chevron or herringbone design options. You can, choose tapes to create a pattern. Geometric patterns also look very attractive. 


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Wall Stenciling is the most known and easiest alternative to expensive hand-painted murals or wallpapers. It is simple, easy to paint, and, adds elegance and interest to your wall space. There are various stencils available of different shapes and sizes to suit your design. 


Freelancing - Texture

If you have a single textured wall in a room, you could try and paint it with a different color to make it stand out from the rest. Try a muted paint tone on the walls.


Sponging is perhaps the most commonly used and simple mural painting technique. It involves the use of a sponge paint roller or even a simple sponge.

This technique may not be ideal for fine details but is good for creating a sense of texture. Sponging is a more commonly used handy mural technique for quickly filling in large areas with color.

 Because it can easily cover surfaces made from brick and concrete, this is one of the most popular wall painting techniques in Dubai.

Black & White

Freelancing - Chalk

This will take you back to school days. You can use chalkboard paint to create an accent wall. This gives an option of upgrading the living space with a brand new look, and, of course, different chalk drawings.

Half & Half

This refers to the traditional style of wall painting in Dubai where the wall was divided in two. It brings out the best in the accent wall and certainly helps the wall to stand out.


Wall painting in Dubai can get expensive depending on the design you choose. To reduce costs you can always get your wall painted by a freelance mural artist in Dubai.

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