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Selecting The Right Furniture For Your Bedroom – 10 Crucial Questions You Must Ask Yourself First

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The bedroom is one of the most intimate spaces in an adult’s life. On average, an adult will spend a third of their lives sleeping. All this time spent in bed, plus the one spent organizing your room/working/reading makes the bedroom the space in which you will spend most of your home time. For this reason, this area of your life must reflect your tastes and daily needs. Interior design in Dubai is known for providing clients with top-notch products at a fraction of the price. Luxury interior design in Dubai is unique in that it allows for an expensive service at an affordable price. 

How Much Space Have You Got?

Your furniture needs will depend on the amount of space you have. The bigger the area, the larger you will need your main pieces to be to fill out. Smaller rooms may need to employ “tricks” such as mirrors and low furniture to appear larger. 

You may want to get the exact measurements of your room before you make your furniture selection. 

What Is Your Design Vibe?

It may seem obvious, but choosing furniture that matches your style is primordial. The latter may be a more difficult task than you anticipate Interior design firms in Dubai often spend weeks asserting their clients’ exact tastes. It is natural for people to naturally inch towards what is “trendy” or “popular” or the overtly expensive. However, their choices do not always match their true desires. These unfortunate choices can lead to dissatisfaction over time, as the excitement of an eccentric or impressive selection fades away. That is why you must work with professionals dedicated to long-run customer satisfaction. 

What Type Of Bed Do You Need?

Beds are the centerpiece of a bedroom. They dictate how well you sleep and how your entire personal space feels and looks. People often think that the more expensive the bed, the more comfortable it will be. However, it’s about knowing your options. Before you choose a bed and mattress, you need to know how you sleep. Do you toss and turn in your sleep? Do you struggle with backaches when you don’t sleep well? There exists a variety of medically approved beds that improve backaches and other pains. 

How Thick Do You Want Your Curtains?

This may seem like a detail, and yet it is of utmost importance. The thickness of your curtains will dictate the light entering the room, which may have an impact on how your paint and furniture look. Thick curtains also facilitate late morning sleep and day naps, which may be convenient to some age groups and lifestyles. Thin curtains, on the other hand, allow sunlight to pour into the room. By welcoming sunlight, you allow your furniture to be on its best display. Once you have decided how much light cover you want your curtains to provide, you can choose a material and color. If you are an interior designer in Dubai, you could find curtains at affordable prices at Dragon Market, in Deira and Satwa too.  If you are looking for curtains for your own home, then you too could visit the same places to find the right curtains that match your taste.

How Much Do You Use Your Bedside Table(s)?

To many, bedside tables are just items of decoration. Few people actually stock up these cabinets with pieces they frequently use. It may be essential to establish how far you will use the bedside table before you invest in a large cabinet with various compartments. If you are an avid reader, however, you may want to opt for a wider piece. That way, you can store books and magazines within reach, to read at your convenience. 

How Large Is Your Clothes Collection?

Wardrobes, closets, and chest drawers are a home for your possessions. They can often define how well you keep your prized items over the years. If you own a lot of clothes, you should have the storage space to match. Large wardrobes are usually considered old-fashioned. However, Residential Interior Design in Dubai offers more modern solutions. You may want to consider installing display shelves, for example, which will incorporate your possessions into your decoration. 

What About Entertainment?

It is true that technology has infiltrated even our most intimate spaces. Most adults either scroll through their tablet/phone or watch TV before bed. Others like to listen to music or play at a station. Whichever your preference, you will need to decide on the technology you want to have installed in your bedroom. Many residents in Dubai have a passion for high-end, high-tech items like large flatscreens and state-of-the-art home theaters. However, the choice of technological installations you need depends on your tastes and budget. You would often find Good deals during Dubai Shopping Festival (from December to January), Dubai Summer Surprises (June to July), and holiday seasons, for example, during Ramadan and Eid.

Carpets and Rugs

If you are sensitive to dust, this is probably not an option. Carpets are known to provoke allergic reactions and irritated sinuses. However, they can be worth the hassle if you are willing to sweep them frequently. Carpets are a fantastic way to dress up rooms without taking space. Plus, they have a classic middle-eastern feel you may find that most love. During sale time, you could catch a great deal for as low as AED 100. We found some beautiful rugs at the Pan Emirates, Dubai for as low as AED 100 during Dubai Summer Surprises.

Are You A Plant Person?

The faint smell of flowers and healthy greenery are pleasant to most people. Why not consider plant pots in your room? For a new interior design wave, potted plants are relatively affordable. Plus, as plants are known to improve the quality of your breathing, they may lead to more rejuvenating sleep. You could find a street full of plants, fresh flowers in areas like Al Badaa, Satwa. You could also catch some unique items at Ikeahome centerHomes r us, or any other furniture shop. There are quite a few furniture shops at Mirdif City Center, Dubai.

Is There Room For Movement On Your Budget?

Initial selections when home-decorating are often a little over budget. But this is no problem if you are willing to stretch your budget to get what you want. If your budget is relatively limited, you may want to consider “items you don’t need” and do without superfluous decoration. The essential point is to inform your interior designer of your restrictions. 

Over to You

Interior decoration need not be a headache if you know what you are doing. Our freelance design consultants are known for providing clients with top-notch products at a fraction of the price. 

Find freelance interior designers in Dubai on our platform who have been selected based on their flair and skill. They have years of experience earning full customer satisfaction.

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