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 10 Tips to create a peaceful bedroom for freelance interior designers

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Regardless of the designs, you received from the best freelance interior designers in Dubai, every other room in your homestead will always be buzzing with activity. The living room is always ready to receive guests of all sorts and the kitchen is the busiest center of the homestead.

Your bedroom is the only ‘secure’ place where you can run away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house (and people). It is where you wind up after a long, tiring day at work. For it to function, this room should offer you a serene feeling.

Making your bedroom more peaceful doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You can create your soothing retreat without having it appear boring.

 10 incredible ways you can turn your bedroom into your little peaceful haven:

1. Make Your Bed

Although you can ignore this task, the rate and the role it plays to make your bedroom more relaxing is quite huge. An unmade bed isn’t romantic. Instead, it’s quite chaotic, and you can’t achieve peace of mind when here. It only takes two minutes to make your bed for that magnificent look.

2. Eliminate Technology

Yes, your phone, laptop, and TV are important to you. But this is a place where you want to rest: To detach yourself from the rest of the world. With social media and bad news from the television, you won’t be able to relax your mind. Also, you won’t be able to achieve that peace of mind.

3. Add More Pillows To Your Room

Have you ever gone to a five-star hotel only to find flattened pillows? Your room is not a college dorm but a place you can explore different ideas. You can create it into anything you want. Add those throw pillows for extra spark.

4. Opt For Warmer Lights and colors

Warm light makes your bedroom look chic. You should know that brighter colors take the focus away from the room. Warm lights work great when clustered together, for instance, putting them close to the wall. Opt for soft and restful colors. Although red is excellent, it isn’t the best to give a serene feeling. Consider shades of blue and violets to achieve tranquillity.

5. Wall To Wall Carpet

For a luxurious touch and warm feeling, carpet is the way to go. It would be best if you worked with neutral shades to maximize the effect it brings to the room.

6. Add Velvet For A Colourful Room

Velvet is easy on the eyes as it makes your room look calm. It also offers a comforting look. Placing it in your place would make it look cozy and relaxed. Throw those Velvet pillows and blankets to give you that appealing look. You can also cover your chairs with velvet.

7. Experiment with Different Wallpapers.

The best part about wallpapers is that you can choose any design and color depending on your likes and preferences. Get the right wallpaper to create that magical look by placing it on the walls of your room.

8. Declutter Your Room

Eliminate all the unnecessary things from your room. Such elements make it look busy, snatching the relaxing look. Add artwork like pictures of water scenarios and nighttime landscapes. Rearrange your furniture, for instance, placing the bed away from the bathroom door.

Also, you can replace heavier bedding with lighter ones to make it look light. You can decide to opt for sateen or Egyptian cotton. Lastly, give your room an array of life by drawing those curtains.

9. Add Fragrance to Your Room

Make your bedroom smell different from the rest of the rooms in your house. Once you get into your bedroom, you should feel a difference in smell. Go for a fragrance you love. Use pillow mists, and scented candles to achieve the perfect scent.

10. Personalize Your Space

Because this is your little spruce, add everything that you are attached to. It could be pictures of you and your lover or gifts you received from them. Add anything that reminds you and your lover, of every good thing you share.


Giving your room a relaxing feeling is fulfilling. This is the one place you’ll always run to if you need to find peace. Freelance interior designers in Dubai can help you transform your bedroom into something you desire by making it your little heaven.

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