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10 Clever Wall Art Ideas Interior Designers Can Use To Hone Their Creativity

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Is your living room giving you confidence and calmness? Even the most attractive designs can sometimes lose their appeal with time as you get accustomed to the design. Your home should always be attractive and pleasing to the eye. It should as well be functional while giving your guests a spending feeling. Unfortunately, it is expensive to redesign your space every few months. However, that should not make your home dull and outdated. Instead, we recommend that you look for flexible ways to refresh your space. A freelance interior designer in Dubai can make your dull space feel at home again by accentuating your walls to bring out your personality and taste.

You do not need to exhaust your savings to make your home more appealing. You can creatively use the ideas listed in this article to learn how you can decorate your home to give it a trendy décor and transform your walls into your home focal point at a friendly budget. 

1. Hang Paintings

Creatively painting your walls can give your home a refresher. With endless painting possibilities, you should not let your home design become stale or outdated. Transforming the look of your room with paintings is easy. It does not add clutter to your room, which can take your space. If you need inspiration on the paintings that you can use to give your room an inviting appearance, you should look for a freelance interior designer in Dubai to give you aesthetic designs that match your style. Some of the projects that you can use to transform your space include wall stenciling, classic harlequin wall pattern, metallic accents, polka dots, stripes, sponging, and rag rolling among other creative decorations.

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2. Quotations

If you have not thought about it yet, you can decorate your room with your favorite quotes. Quotation decoration not only makes your home more appealing, but it can be your source of inspiration. You only need to find some of the inspiring quotes that add beauty and encouragement to your life. You may even explore your creativity further by creating your own quotes. You only need a phone these days to create your quotation decoration. With the available apps, you can type quotes over your favorite images or solid color backgrounds and print the image on a canvas. A traditional way of decorating with quotations is sticking images of old magazines on canvas and placing vinyl letters of your quote on top. You should then spray all over the canvas. Once the paint gets dry, you should then remove the letters.

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3. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are popular decorative tools in homes. They help you add subtle texture and pattern to your living space or even a pop of color to your bedroom. With wallpapers, the options are more diverse than most people think. Creatively used in wallpapers can give a room a clean, smooth finish with consistent patterns. You can choose to spruce up your home a little bit or a lot with wallpapers. Using the wallpapers, you can creatively transform your ceiling for a picturesque appearance. Decorating with wallpapers on spaces with angled ceilings can brighten up the room in a charming way. The wallpaper can run from the ceiling all the way down your walls

 4. Wall decals

An easy and effective way you can transform any room is through the use of wall decals. Whether you are looking to transform your kid’s bedroom, your bedroom, living space, or kitchen, you have endless possibilities. In addition to making any room attractive, the wall decals also make people happy. They are affordable and effective in adding a layer of interest to any space. Anyone can install the decals easily and quickly, which makes them perfect for a quick transformation. If you are looking to transform a big space, you should contact a freelance interior designer in Dubai to learn about the new trends that will make your space stand out.

5. Wall Border Stickers

The wall border stickers can make your home attractive and picturesque to the eyes. Decorating with wall border stickers is easy as you only need to peel off the adhesive backing paper and stick it to your walls. The border stickers come in a wide array of styles and patterns. Whether you would like to give your room a classic look or a contrasting appearance, you will have endless options. You can use the border stickers to decorate any room in your home.

6. Switch Board Borders

When decorating homes, light switches are usually forgotten. That does not mean that the switchboards cannot contribute to your room décor. You can take advantage of the diverse switchboard borders to decorate your room. In addition to making your room attractive, you can use switchboard borders that say something about your room. If you are decorating a switch in your child’s bedroom you can choose among children-themed decorations. For a library, you can choose a book-inspired light switch cover. Other possibilities that you can use include a picture frame light switch, steampunk light switch cover, and map light switch among others.

7. Mirrors

Decorating your room with mirrors not only helps to make your room welcoming but also makes the room feel and look larger. When decorating with mirrors, you should give attention to the reflection. The mirror should accentuate the architectural element of your room. When it is hung across from the window, it can help increase the amount of light. You should also tap into the designs and styles available to make your room more attractive. Mirrors come in endless designs that emphasize different styles like modern, edgy, traditional, and classic. Using the services of a top freelance interior designer Dubai can ensure that the mirror is effectively positioned to maximize its aura.

8. Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are precious timepieces in most homes. However, you can use the clocks to make your room more captivating. Since they come in different styles, you can use them to give your room a specific look whether sophisticated, modern, industrial or vintage. 

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9. Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can add beauty and functionality to your room. They are perfect for small spaces where the overhead light is usually too bright. They come in different styles and appeals, which make them ideal for a wide range of applications. You can line them in your hallway or even on the walls to enhance the larger appeal.

10. Tapestry

The use of tapestry is finding its way back into living rooms. Tapestries add the color and beauty of traditional wall art while at the same time providing the warmth and texture of area rugs. With tapestries, you can go as thick and colorful as you wish to demonstrate liveliness. You can also choose a more muted design to make your walls blend with the rest of your room.

To Conclude

A beautiful space is eye-catching and welcoming. Unfortunately, it is not everyone who has the budget to renovate their rooms every often to refresh the appearance. That should not limit you to living in a dull room for the rest of your life. You should contact a freelance interior designer Dubai to give you tips on how you can use the creative decorative ideas or custom-made furniture in this guide to refresh the beauty of your room often.

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