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12 Modern Curtain Styles That Will Give Your Home A Striking Appearance

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Are you looking for a quick home makeover that will change the atmosphere of your home to a beautiful, welcoming place without the high cost of remodeling?  Curtains have always been part of every home, but for different purposes. It is beneficial to familiarize yourself with the essentials necessary to select the best curtains for your windows. Some individuals use curtains for their functionality on windows and doors, but creative homeowners harness the unending designs and beauty of curtains to improve the overall home appeal. Decorating your home with curtains is not difficult, but you can significantly benefit from hiring a freelance interior designer in Dubai, especially if you would like curtains to be your main centerpiece.

 An interior designer will help you choose curtains that will not only transform your home but will make it more functional and comfortable. Furthermore, since they come in endless styles, prints and textures, finding the best option can be difficult. Interior designers are highly acquainted with the latest designs and thus, you can tap on their recommendations to give your home a modern look.

Modern Curtain Styles That Will Give Your Home A Trendy Look

Living Room

1. Country Style curtain

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You can make your home trendy by combining functionality and beauty with a country-inspired curtain. Country-inspired curtains give a laidback outlook that creates a serene feel all around you. They come in different designs and prints, but it is always good to choose a curtain with a plain color as the primary color and a few prints or decorations that are not too shouting.

2. European curtain style

The goal of decorating your living room with a European-styled curtain is to give it a loyal look. Gold is defined with loyalty and thus, you should go for curtains that are overly gold. It is also imperative to keep an eye on the design. You can go for heavy designs or simple designs without giving a cheap appearance. You can select a curtain with floral patterns to add to its awesomeness. However, with gold curtains, you must ensure that your home has a gold décor. You can use simple ways to add a touch of gold to your home that will match with European curtain style for an overall majestic appeal.

3. Printed curtain designs

If you love details, you should take advantage of printed curtains. There is no limit when it comes to decorating with printed curtains. You can choose one theme for all your curtains but with a contradicting storyline or a complementing outlook. For example, you can choose a curtain with wild animals grazing on grassland and lions relaxing under a shade in a tree not far away from the grazing animals.

4. Korean curtain style

Everything with a traditional Korean design must have flowers, a tree, or a flowering tree. You can add a gorgeous look to your living room by choosing a curtain that combines two colors. White color always does the trick as it allows the flower or tree to be noticeable. You can then choose a color that complements your overall home décor as the second color.

5. Hanging curtain styles

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Hanging curtains are suitable for people who like experimenting. You will have to buy the primary color, which is usually white or gray, and then purchase hanging clothes that will go with your primary color. White is preferred as it allows you to experiment with different colors. You can buy different colored clothes to use for different days.


6. Crochet Curtains

In your kitchen, you can go traditional with crochet curtains. Crochet curtains are easy to make, but they are also readily available from stores. The good thing about crochet curtains is that you get a chance to experiment with colors and designs.

7. Sash curtains

Sash curtains are preferred for their functionality and appeal without taking center stage. They filter in the requisite light while enhancing the appeal of your kitchen.

8. Bamboo shades

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You can give your home a designer flair by looking for a trendy bamboo shade. The shades add warmth and uniqueness to your kitchen for a peaceful appeal. You can exchange bamboo for wood or woven materials for the same appeal.

9. Roman Shades

Using roman shades is an easy way to add timeless beauty to your kitchen. Shades with attractive patterns accent your kitchen while ensuring privacy. They also bring warmth to your home. The Roman shades come in different colors and textures enabling them to match any décor.


10. French-styled curtain

The curtains come with attractive embroidery that magnifies the beauty of your bedroom. You should look for a curtain that is soft and shiny. Faux silk curtains are the most popular in this category. They are not only beautiful, but they also help to add soundproofing aspect to your bedroom.

11. Floral printed curtains

If you are looking for inspiration for your girl’s bedroom, the floral curtains bring functionality and splendor to the room while attracting the attention of your child. It is best to choose a long curtain with a woven aspect for your child’s bedroom.

12. Teal Bedroom curtains

Your bedroom should radiate positivity as it is the first thing you see when you wake up. The teal bedroom curtains will give your bedroom an exclusive look that will bring positivity to your mornings. The stylish curtains are made of polyester and have a velvet finishing that will add detail to your room. They also feature different color combinations and decorative designs, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your bedroom décor.

Wrap Up

Curtains play an essential role in your home. They can be creatively used to add color, softness, and pattern to any room. They are also practical for any room as they can absorb sound, making your home comforting. However, since they come in endless options and choices, it is ideal to involve a freelance interior designer in Dubai if you are using them to add elegance to your room. Modern curtains are commonly made of natural materials like cotton, wool, linen, and silk. They further feature attractive details like toils in neutral colors, delicate embroidery, and impressive botanicals. You should also give attention to the length of curtains with longer curtains being preferable.

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