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13 Cheap Tips on How to Decorate a Home on a Tight Budget 

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Where there is a will, there is away. (You can extend the list by entering any other cliché optimistic sayings). Everyone can be hit with speed bumps at some point in life. You might also get unexpected bills slapped on you, yet you had planned to use that money on decorating your home. To cut a long story short, we will take you through thirteen of the best ways to decorate a magnificent home without having to spend a dime.

Making Your Rooms Look Bigger and Brighter

Having a small living room can feel confining and honestly, a bit disappointing at times. With so many items to display or to help make your home feel more comfortable, we look forward so much to moving out. 

What happens when moving out to a bigger house is not an option? Then this article is for you. We will take you through some design concepts as prescribed by professionals, which you can use to fool the eye that you have a larger space. Let us get right to it.

Getting Started

Before anything else, you ought to focus on the layout first. Your main goal here is to make the most out of what you already have without spending any cash. If your living space is limited, you might have to consider how to make a small living space look bigger. You should look for focal points and strive to make sure that they are in more strategic positions. 

You should also look at what you have in the house. Can they be changed into something else? Can those items be thrown out altogether?

1. Rearrange your furniture

This is one of the simplest ways of changing how your home looks ultimately. You will be amazed at how the shifting of the position of simple home furniture such as tables, beds, couches, etc. can have on your home. Your home will look entirely new, and some extra space will also be noticed.

2. Give the illusion of higher ceilings

We would probably ask you to raise your ceiling, but since you are on a budget, this is out of the equation. The best thing to do at this stage is to give the illusion of a raised ceiling. This magic is best done by having tall curtains. Apart from a long or tall curtain, you can install the curtain rod on top of the window frame.

Everyone who comes into your house will immediately notice the increased ceiling height. You can also add complementary fabric to your already existing panels. You can get one and have it added at the top, middle, or bottom part.

3. Let a mirror or two do the trick

If you had one or two mirrors pinned to your walls, you would have more space created and a whole touch of home decoration. Mirrors are a great way of opening up rooms. Interior designers in Dubai have proven that having a mirror framed against the wall illuminates not only the house but also brings the illusion of taller ceilings. 

There is an illusion of an extra window being noticed with a mirror placed against the wall. A nicely framed mirror can act as art, adding more decoration to your home. Moreover, mirrors that have been kept on somehow dark walls, help bounce the light from the windows to the rest of your room. Try this and you will find the illusion really works!

4. Go for high contrast

This is an inexpensive yet very effective method of decoration where you will only need to part with a small amount of money. If you have a house with dark colors or with bright colors only, try out a high contrast, and you will notice a significant improvement. For instance, if your home has bright white paint on the walls, you can get some dark paint and apply it to the doors, strips, etc. Ensure that every room or space gets those chic color variations. When you do that, you would probably be giving home designers in Dubai a run for their money.

5. Hang pictures on the wall

Hanging pictures on the wall is not just a marvelous tradition to show your friends and family, but also is a great way to decorate your home while low on cash. With a smartphone at your disposal, you can take pictures wherever you are – of whatever you want. You read that right; photographs are not just supposed to be of people but other beautiful animals, landscapes, or simply plants. You can get stylish photo frames from your local thrift store. You can also use wall decorations

6. Large-sized Art is the answer

When trying to decorate your small living room with art, opt for larger artworks. This gives your room a sense of space unlike when you have so many small-sized artworks. Furthermore, if you have to display small arts or even family photos, you may do so on one of the walls and not on all. 

Be careful not to have your home like a gallery by placing pictures and artworks everywhere, as this ends up making your house look stuffy and tiny. Know the limits.

7. Get rid of the old stuff

It is no brainer that old and ugly things in the house will make your home look dull. Get rid of those items which look too old and replace them with new ones. Better still, if the products are not necessarily required to be where people can see them, hide them, and use them whenever. Not everything which looks old should be replaced.

Some things can be fine-tuned to seem new. Kitchen cabinets, drab walls, and other parts of the house like that can be repainted. This takes away the old 80’s look of the home to a more modern one. Even better, this entire process can be done without having to break the bank.

8. Fresh flowers and greenery to make the place alive

Nothing keeps a house more alive than a freshly cut flower that still has the natural feel and smell. You can get creative and get some innovative flower vases and house plants that can be placed in strategic positions all over the house. If you do not wish to have many, you can have one or two in your living area and dining room. Whoever visits your home will be beguiled with how beautiful your home looks.

9. A light idea

You should spread out the lambs in the rooms to feel a bit ritzier. If you solely depend on the overhead lighting of the house, it might make it seem a bit sterile and harsh. Moreover, if you can replace the dull lampshades with newer eye-catching ones, your home gets a new picture.

10. Light up the room

Natural light makes the home look much lively, bigger, and brighter. According to professional interior designers in Dubai, if you wish to make your living room look bigger, lighten everything up. From the paints to the accessories in the house. Some homeowners even prefer using wallpapers instead of paint to lighten up their rooms. Furthermore, you should not have very heavy curtains, these just bring out the illusion of a very tiny room. 

Heavy curtains also absorb light making your room appear tiny. Light fabrics, on the other hand, reflect light, which in turn makes your room appear bigger. Ensure that the natural light does not get blocked by anything, and it fully reaches the house.

11. Keep your home clean

Keeping your home clean is one of the cheapest ways to decorate your house. Many things in your house, such as the wall, might only require some cleaning and not a complete paint job.

12. Ditch the overstuffed furniture

Getting rid of overstuffed furniture especially the sofas, not only gives you more free space but also makes your living room seem bigger. Try looking for low-profile seats as they will give your living room a much better feel. Giving your sofa some space from the wall also does the trick. It creates some sort of breathing room, making your space seem bigger.

13. Invest in smart furniture

You have a small room but with millions (pun intended) of items to store. Worry not. Advancements in the field of interior design and of course carpentry have introduced us to smart furniture. With this multipurpose furniture, one item can be used for several other purposes. Seen a couch that can transform into a bed? What about a TV stand that can be used as a storage compartment for many items? This is exactly what we mean. 

When looking for such furniture, ensure to get light ones as well. Heavy furniture makes your house seem stuffy and too small. Get light furniture, especially the ones with taller legs as these allow light to pass throughout your house.

Over to You

Decorating your home is becoming more uncomplicated and straightforward as the days go by. For a much more professional touch,  contact freelance interior designers in Dubai for a complete home makeover at affordable rates.

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