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30 best interior design blogs of 2021

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What are the best interior design blogs?

  1. All Sorts Of
  2. Coco Kelley
  3. Wit & Delight
  4. EyeSwoon
  5. Old Brand New
  6. Coco Lapine Design
  7. DPages
  8. Decorilla Interior Design Blog
  9. Amber Interiors
  10. Apartment Therapy

The internet is filled with all sorts of advice when you’re looking for inspiration for your interior design career or blog. You’ll find many sites that offer too much information that ends up being overwhelming to you while others over-promise but under-deliver on the content.

Luckily, we have done the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to separate the wheat from the chaff yourself. After going through a list of over a hundred interior design blogs, we were able to put up a list of 30 best interior design blogs for your consideration. This means you only have a shorter list to go through, in case you’re looking for any inspiration.

All Sorts Of

All Sorts Of is the work of the interior designer Amber Lewis who also owns the Los Angeles- based Amber Interior Studios. This lifestyle blog is full of all the inspiration you need to uplift your creativity in the world of interior design. You gain access to expert design advice, interviews with industry leaders, the latest fashion trends, and even some behind-the-scenes of Lewis’ design process.

This blog is ideal for interior designers that are trend scouting, before and after success stories, designer spotlights, and home decor roundups.

Coco Kelley

Coco Kelley is the brainchild of Cassandra LaValle, launched in 2007. It was mainly started as a platform to showcase LaValle’s style obsessions. Ever since then, Coco Kelley expanded to deal more with design, lifestyle, and DIY projects. There is also a mashup of entertainment and travel news to spice things up a little.

The blog has Cassandra’s self-described ‘west-coast refined’ aesthetics, which heavily borrow from the midcentury white walls and clean lines. Much of her work is noticeable at Emerald Studio, which is her Seattle-based company.

This blog is perfect for trend spotters, brand partnership inspirations, styling advice, and impressive home tours.

Wit & Delight

With & Delight is created by Kate Arenda, a lifestyle blogger from Minneapolis. Kate has garnered a massive following due to the blog’s comprehensive coverage of interior design topics. Apart from that, she has also created a cult of followers who also appreciate her other work, which revolves around food, wellness, and motherhood.

This blog has a myriad of design advice for those looking for some inspiration, as well as offering a plethora of services for those seeking an interior design makeover. Kate Arenda also hosts a weekly podcast that mainly focuses on the intersection of life and style, bringing into the picture trendy ideas for the modern world.


If there’s someone that you can trust to throw a killer party, it is Athena Calderone, a New York-based artist. She’s an accomplished interior designer, chef, and entertainer. She is also a hostess who founded her blog the EyeSwoon, with the philosophy that everything that’s home related – from the food to the interior design, has to be presented in a way that’s appealing to the eye.

Athena comes up with chic tablescapes, and this blog provides all the knowledge you need if you’re looking for inspiration for top-notch design ideas. You need to bookmark this page for modern-day kitchen tips, product reviews, tablescape ideas, flower arrangements, and a whole plethora of event-planning tips.

Old Brand New

Dabito can be defined as a jack of all trades. This blogger who splits his time between Los Angeles and New Orleans has displayed his expertise in the design world through various platforms, including his blog, Old Brand New. The interior and graphic designer is also a conglomerate of other skills, including photography and art direction.

Most, if not all, of the posts published on the Old Brand New blog, are mostly based on his personal experiences, which are also relayed comically. The author doesn’t shy away from sharing his experiences through DIY projects, which he meticulously documents. Dabito’s approach to interior design is unintimidating and very much inspiring. His unabashed use of color is also fulfilling, especially at an age when everyone else focuses on all-white everything.

Coco Lapine Design

If you’re looking for more Scandinavian-inspired interior design and decor, look no further than the works of the Belgian interior designer – Sarah Van Peteghem. Her work shows the creative side of Scandinavian interior design ideas in rapid succession through the blog Coco Lapine Design.

You’ll come into contact with images of black, white, and gray furniture, vignettes, and house designs that bring out a cohesive appearance. Sarah also sells photos of her artwork and prints too. You can add a bit of this art to your spaces.


Dpages was founded in 2011 as a celebration of art and design, with a pint of architecture. The blog has its pulse over almost everything in the interior design world to appeal to those who prefer everything new and trendy in the industry.

The blog is carefully crafted and covers almost all that there is to know in the interior design world, from furniture, fabrics, textiles, lighting, landscape designs, etc. You can also go through the blog’s online store for various home decor merchandise to boost the image of your living space.

Decorilla Interior Design Blog

Decorilla is the ultimate one-stop shop for a typical interior designer. There’s so much to learn from it. You get to understand a lot from the world of the latest and greatest design trends – it would be compared to getting into a designer’s head.

There’s a variety of designers that contribute to Decorilla, making it an all-inclusive vibe. As a result, this blog becomes a source of information and inspiration as you won’t miss a designer with the same mindset as you.

Amber Interiors

Amber Lewis rocks the world of interior design, and there’s no arguing about that. She is, to say the least, a force to be reckoned with. Having started various other design websites and blogs, her company Amber Interiors has a blog section that is a must-read for any designer out there.

This designer from Southern California lives and breathes interior design, and you would be wrong not to follow her for the best inspiration to progress your career and passion.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy, just as the name indicates, offers its readers a relaxing vibe, one that can make you achieve the perfect house design. It is here to fill your mind with literally every information you need concerning the latest design styles for the contemporary city apartment.

Whether it is a quick DIY decor or a way to incorporate the perfect holiday-themed design. Apartment Therapy is ideal for those looking for inspiration through house tours, real estate, wellness, and organizational techniques.

Studio McGee

Studio McGee is the perfect source for your inspiration if you have a distinct eye for the bold and beautiful. The blog, started by Syd and Shea McGee (also known as the dynamic duo), has been a key source of information to modern interior designers, thanks to its keen eye for the newest home designs.

The blog was recently named the best interior design blog by Domino. The most recognizable feature is that it appeals to almost everyone, as it provides for people of all tastes.

Hunted Interior

Hunted Interior was started by Kristen Jackson in 2011. Just as the name depicts, the author wants to propel her readers into hunting for their own unique styles by taking them in the right direction. The blog is well known for its eye for affordable interior design, which the author shares in detail with her readers. Moreover, you can also find other noteworthy features such as client projects, room makeover ideas, DIY projects, and many more.

Design Milk

Design Milk is yet another noteworthy mention when listing some of the best interior design blogs to draw the best inspiration. It is like a one-stop shop where the readers get to see the best ideas on DIY projects and the coolest boutique hotel designs. Apart from that, you’d also find the interviews they conduct with various designers interesting.

The Inspired Room

The founder of the Inspired Room, Melissa Michaels, started the blog with only one intention in mind – to make you love your home. You can go through her stories on how she was able to remodel her 1950s cottage to a modern, sleek interior.

Through the blog, you can learn new tips and tricks on incorporating any looks and vibe to your home. You can also get access to various interior design books courtesy of the work by the Inspired Room.

Young House Love

John and Sherry, the creative faces behind Young House Love, have both done many things in the interior design industry. For starters, they have managed to publish several books to train and offer inspiration to new designers.

The duo has also single-handedly revamped a number of houses, leaving so much knowledge that the contemporary interior designer would want to check out. Furthermore, you should follow this blog if you are a fanatic of hilarious podcasts, which the authors host.

Style by Emily Henderson

Renowned interior designer Emily Henderson has worn many hats in the field and has created a successful empire through her craft. The blog, Style by Emily Henderson, mainly targets an audience interested in blending different styles. From being a TV host, an author, a speaker, etc., she has become a major source of inspiration for millions of people in the design community.

The author has also written many publications and also started her interior design blog back in 2010. The personal touch added to the blog makes the reader feel like a close friend, and it can be easy to get into her head with the way she carefully curates her words.

Design Sponge

If you have a knack for good content, it could be easy to get lost in the Design Sponge feed. The blog has many tips and ideas in the interior design field, and it is a sure bet that you’ll not leave the blog without learning a thing or two that you could incorporate into your designs.

There’s so much to look into, from unique before and after transformations, to DIY projects, etc. The blog has a keen eye for trendy designs, and you can also get entertained through their ‘Good Company’ podcasts.

Savvy Home

Here is another interior design and lifestyle blog that you really don’t want to miss out on checking out. Savvy Home has a lot to offer to the modern-age interior designer, with numerous design tips that traverse borders. Moreover, you also get to have a first-hand experience with all major design trends that have been there ever since the blog was started in 2010.

Apart from learning about their design expertise, you also get to know about various travel tips that can come in handy as you go hunting for inspiration. One can also shop straight from their page, making this a reliable one-stop shop for every designer’s desires.

Liz Marie Interior Design Blog

If you love reading about someone else’s experiences from their own perspective, then you should give the Liz Marie interior design blog a try. Liz Marie has an amazing personality, which backs her up as one of the best interior designers around. She has curated her website in a way that you would think that you’ve known her for many years.

She also takes her audience through her design journey and tips on her social media pages, taking you through her every step. The blog covers a plethora of interior design and lifestyle topics. You can also get a glimpse of her inner life with her adorable farm animals, among other interesting stories.

Yellow Brick Home

The Yellow Brick Home is the brainchild of the power duo, husband and wife Kim, and Scott. The couple is from Chicago, and this is where their inspiration for cool DIY interior design projects started. They have documented their journey of renovating their 675 ft. condo without outsourcing any major creative tasks.

Their lessons are well taught, and any interior design that looks forward to learning how to be good at DIY work could learn a thing or two from here. In a bid to help others with tips for bringing an old house back to life, the couple also started a print shop, which they launched in 2013. You’ll also love their love for photography through their blog.

The Bright Bazaar

Did you know that color affects the mood of your house? Well, you won’t find yourself mixing and matching different colors that may not bring out your personality. When you wish to understand more about incorporating different colors into your living spaces without sacrificing the aesthetics of the house, the Bright Bazaar blog would be perfect for you.

Will, the creative face behind the blog, has truly mastered the innovative use of color. He is also a published author, has several publications, and has also appeared in numerous interviews.

Lark & Linen

This list of the best interior design blogs wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the works of Jacquelyn Clark, a talented interior designer who thinks eats, and breathes interior design. Her blog, Lark & Linen, is her platform for sharing her ideas and views with her community of design lovers.

The author of this blog also has her own projects and how she handles different situations. She also equips her readers with all the necessary skills and lessons they need to succeed in the industry. Moreover, you can also browse her collection of past clients, which is a good source of inspiration for her audience.

A Small Life

It would be wrong not to acknowledge that one of the main challenges that hinder people from achieving their full potential is tight budgeting. Well, in the design world, you can achieve the greatest of things even while on a tight budget. This is one of the key lessons we can learn from A Small Life, a blog that helps you to make the most out of your home – no matter the size.

The face behind the website, Melanie, takes you through various ways you can save money by minimizing costs while maximizing life. The author takes you through her own experiences after living in an Airstream for over four years with her partner – making this a trade that she’s mastered.

The design story

The Design Story is more focused on the latest news and developments in the design and architecture field. If you’re looking for inspiration and a well-curated design store, then this is where to be. The design story blog offers interior design solutions that look beyond aesthetics.

You can find stories about different architectural projects that call for local empowerment or are mainly designed to support a cause. Furthermore, you can get a lot of inspiration for various design-related topics such as typography, branding, architecture, etc. It is ideal for those looking for inspiration on innovation, projects with impacts, and sustainability.


Decor8blog was one of the first interior design blogs to become a hit once it was founded in 2006. The founder, Holly Becker, and her team have helped millions of readers with their insightful design tips, among other inspirations such as decorating and floral ideas. Furthermore, you also get first-hand insights on how to start a successful business in the interior design industry.

One of the most interesting things about this blog is the ‘live’ feature. But why is it called ‘live,’ yet they are only articles? Well, ‘live’ articles are basically real-life experiences documented by bloggers when they travel to other different countries. You’ll also love the high-quality and stylish photos that accompany such articles.

Design and form

Are you looking for design inspiration and professional news in a simplistic manner? Why not give design and form a try? This blog is the work of Emma, a Swedish interior designer who shows her readers how to incorporate various styles with her love of Scandinavian minimalism.

You can find step-by-step tutorials on the site to take you through your DIY projects using simple household items. Moreover, the blog is a beauty backed by beautiful Instagram images that will offer you the inspiration you need. The site is ideal for those looking for tips on making it big, using only small items.

Desire to inspire

As the name depicts, Desire to Inspire is a platform that enables upcoming and seasoned creatives in the interior design industry to learn from each other. The blog was co-founded by two people who had never interacted in non-virtual life.

The two — Kim, a web programmer from Canada, and Joe, an interior designer that hails from Australia — met on Flickr and only began by sharing photos of objects and interiors they loved. It was not until 2006 that they jointly decided to create Desire to Inspire, which became a great source of inspiration for other interior designers.


Designlovefest, popularly known as dlf, is a case of an author’s obsession that got turned into a publication and thereafter a business project. Founded by Emily Bree, dlf currently boasts a readership of over forty thousand people visiting the site daily. Apart from many topics covered in the interior design field, you can also find exciting reads on travel, food, entertainment, and other lifestyle-related issues.

However, the principle behind the website is to offer inspiration for the design. The blog also attracts visitors thanks to its exquisitely designed images and graphics. You also get access to certain training from the blog – from home decor to floristry.


Flodeau is a blog done by a French designer, Florence Deau. It is filled with stylish interiors and details that one can borrow and incorporate into their daily interior decor skills. Much of the work on this blog is based on a sophisticated 1950s vibe, which is also gotten through the sharing of designs from the blogger’s travels. The blog’s primary focus is on architecture, art design projects, and custom interiors.

The Cool Hunter

Rounding up the list of the 30 best interior design blogs is The Cool Hunter. As the name speaks for itself, the cool hunter is a well-documented blog on cool interior design ideas from around the world. This blog is the perfect inspiration for those that wish to try something new to their design portfolio. The website also has lots of cool and trendy items from different parts of the world you can purchase.

A final word for inspiration

These 30 interior design blogs guarantee a dose of aesthetic satisfaction. Each has its own design, ideas, and theme, but at the end of it all, they are all a source of inspiration. Let’s change those boring outdoor, office, and living spaces and make them a feast for the eye. Hope you’re now filled with amazing ideas with the necessary inspiration required to get creative! Need some help? Why not get in touch with the pros?

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