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5 Tips To Help You Win Freelance Interior Designing Projects From Facebook

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Facebook is an excellent marketing tool for businesses and clients. Potential clients are searching for businesses offering different services daily with little success as few businesses have positioned themselves to take advantage of the opportunities. Despite most businesses in UAE running different social media handles, very few optimize their Facebook presence to take advantage of the large network to win projects from the network. Facebook has many features that a freelance interior designer Dubai professional can take advantage of to win projects and increase their income. Facebook is a win-win platform for freelancers and individuals who are willing to go the extra mile.

Unlike other platforms, Facebook gives you direct access to clients who seek the services and products that you offer. Through Facebook, you can see the immediate reaction of your potential clients, giving you more data and information that you can use for future marketing. If you are still not marketing through Facebook, you should learn how to create an impactful social media profile for freelancing before you can start applying for projects. You are more likely to win an interior designing job if clients can relate to your profile.

How to Boost your Interior Designer Career by Winning Facebook Projects

1. Make the most from the Facebook business page

Your Facebook page is your business image on Facebook. The first thing clients and potential clients will interact with on social media is your main page. Your Facebook page is a resourceful marketing tool that helps companies to identify themselves on the platform. The first thing you should do is to make sure that your business page is customized to give your clients an informed view of your business. A good informative business page should not only have an about section that tells the story of your business, but it should also act as the place where clients learn more about your business character and personality.

Most businesses make the mistake of treating their Facebook business page similarly to their website resulting in mixed results. Unlike your website, where it is all about business, your Facebook page should help you build your brand identity by showcasing your human side. Successful businesses add fun to their message, and that is what you should embrace to push your freelance designer business services to clients. You should also use the page to share links, images, content, and videos that relate your business to your audience. Always make sure that you are giving your audience tips that can help transform their living space. It will go a long way in positioning you as a freelance interior designer Dubai expert. As an expert in the industry, businesses and individuals will find it difficult to ignore your job application.

2. Sponsor stories

An effective way to win projects through Facebook is to spread word of mouth from happy customers. You can start by highlighting the problems of your client to your audience, the process you underwent to solve the problem, and the outcome. Instead of giving much importance to your process, you should make the client the center of the story. In addition to showcasing the final results, you should make sure that you capture the emotions of your client throughout the story.

Sponsored stories intend to make clients in the same situation take the same action, and in this case, hire you to renovate their home. People facing the same problem with the client telling the story will be more likely to hire you for the remake of their homes. You can also give potential clients offers that will help them make a decision immediately. If you are just starting, you can run a contest by asking people to send you photos or videos of their problems. You can choose one problem and solve the problem to get others to hire you to transform their home.

3. Take advantage of Facebook Exchange

People are always on the lookout for Facebook tips that can help them convert potential clients quickly, and the use of Facebook Exchange is a proven way to get real clients. While there are only a few businesses that are taking advantage of the Facebook Exchange program, you can use it to target people already interested in your services. The program uses data to know customers already interested in your products. If a client visits a website that relates to interior design but did not purchase the product or service, Facebook starts displaying ads of the same product to the client. This method is highly effective as it targets specific people already interested in your services.

4. Take advantage of the Facebook classic ads

Facebook offers business ads that you can take advantage of to increase your audience reach. The ads feature an image, click-through link, and a headline. This method is effective if you have already optimized all other channels. It will not be good for your businesses to pay for an ad if the customers do not end up hiring you for a remodeling job. A customer will only click the ad if they are interested in the service but will convert into a customer based on the other efforts. It is always good to ensure that the landing page is customized to match your marketing efforts otherwise, potential clients will drop off upon visiting your landing page. If you find most clients are dropping off on your landing page, you should learn how to create a perfect landing page that will turn leads into customers.

5. Increase your Facebook engagement

Most people take advantage of Facebook robots to post their marketing projects, content, and videos on their feeds. However, despite the campaign attracting a lot of interest, most businesses fail to engage with audiences. Questions fail to get answers and directions are not given. If you run a Facebook campaign, you should answer every question and concern. Getting the audience to start engaging is the difficult part of the campaign and thus, you should not fail to do the simple task of responding to inquiries. Answering questions and queries will help you create a relationship with potential clients, which will go a long way in helping you win designer projects.

Wrap Up

If you are looking to be the best freelance interior designer Dubai expert, you must put much effort into your marketing campaign. Facebook is the best marketing tool as it gives businesses and individuals different methods of marketing. You can get interior designer projects without paying anything on Facebook as long as you are willing to go the extra mile. When it is done properly, Facebook marketing will not only help you win projects, but it will help you build your brand.

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