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5 Makeover Ideas for Your Fireplace – Interior Design Done Right

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The fireplace is one of the parts of the house that many people adore. There are these quiet evenings when you want to sit at the fireplace with your family and talk about life, sipping some wine. Such times make the greatest memories. No doubt your fireplace needs to look clean, attractive, and up to date. You do not want to sit around an old, sooty, and rusty fireplace.

As a freelance interior designer in Dubai, you need some excellent ideas on how to transform your clients’ fireplaces. The good thing is that you don’t need expensive materials to make your fireplace the first place you head. Designers say, “Simplicity is perfection.” It is true. Now, do you want some fantastic suggestions on how to give your fireplace a makeover? Well, we got some for you here. Check them out. 

Tips on How to Transform Your Fireplace

1. Clean it up

Sometimes, your rusty and old-looking fireplace simply needs a clean-up. You don’t have to think too deeply yet your solution is the simplest of all. When you use your fireplace for a long time, it will look old and tired. A good clean can revive its original beauty. Here, you need a few supplies for cleaning your fireplace. A scrubbing brush, detergent, water, dust mask, bleach, spray bottles, and vacuum should be the right place to start. You can also add more necessities like a broom to make your work easier. Another helping hand may also help you finish faster.

Wait until the fireplace has completely cooled down before cleaning it. When scrubbing, concentrate on the mantelpiece, lintel, and the surround. Also, make sure that the chimney filter is free of debris and that the throat is clear. Learn how to clean the fireplace chimney since it’s time-consuming. Scrub the lintel too to remove any soot that may have accumulated.  Rinse the surround and mantel with clean water and a damp piece of cloth. If thorough cleaning won’t make a difference, it means your fireplace has grown too old, and it needs a replacement.

2. Paint the surround, mantelpiece, and the Over-mantel

It’s so impressive how just applying a few layers of paint to an object can make it so attractive. Sometimes we have to cover the inner dirt to see the good on the outside. This is a fantastic work of paint. Any freelance interior designer in Dubai can support this since painting is also an economical yet excellent way of decorating the house. 

The color you choose for the paint should match the rest of your interior décor. White paint never goes wrong, though. You can also consult information on how to choose the color of paint. Start by scraping off the old paint using a sharp blade or an abrasive material like sandpaper. Be careful not to injure yourself. Once your fireplace is free of paint, clean it a bit and apply new layers of paint. A few coats should be enough to make it look sparkling clean. If you wish, you can add some patterns using a different color of the paint.

3. Tile it Up

Apart from looking stunning, tiles are easier to clean. They also go for a long time without getting old or looking boring and dull. With tiles on the surround and mantelpiece, no freelance interior designer in Dubai can ever go wrong. Your choice of color will depend on what you like and the color of the rest of your décor. You don’t want a color that may clash so severely with the wall or floor color.  

Plain-colored tiles can also look good if you’re the type that doesn’t like patterns. However, you can choose the design that suits your liking. Striped, dotted, or flowered tiles are perfect suggestions. Do not ignore the hearth. Tiling it up too can make a significant difference in your fireplace. 

4. Install a new mantelpiece

Sometimes, cleaning and repainting the fireplace doesn’t bring back life. It’s like washing and ironing the dress you hate most. That won’t make you like it. Hence, replacement may be the right option. Believe it or not, every interior designer has some architectural skills in them. That’s why the mantelpiece comes in different designs and shapes. A plain mantelpiece doesn’t look sophisticated. You need some oomph around your fireplace. Therefore, a mantelpiece with an attractive engraved design is the way to go.

There are many designs of mantelpieces that you may like. It’s upon you to find whatever you prefer most and make your fireplace look appealing. Your nearby engraver may have some remarkable insights. Visit them.

5. Add Some Accessories 

As much as a plain fireplace won’t look bad, a decorated one will make the place look cozier. What can you put on your over-mantel after painting it? Flowers, picture frames, indoor plants, small lamps, candles, and paintings are excellent ideas. A bouquet inside a flower vase can look so attractive on the fireplace. You can also add pictures and paintings in frames above the flower. A mirror can also make the place look detailed and sophisticated.

Around the surround, you can attach stencil-printed layers of colored glass or pieces of wood. Sculptures protruding from the over-mantel can also fit your décor.  There are numerous accessories you can choose from, depending on your taste. A classy fireplace needs some hard work. It means you may need to go out of the way to achieve that. Nevertheless, simple is always magic. 

Bottom Line

Giving your fireplace a new look is always a good idea, especially during special occasions. For instance, family get-togethers are an excellent time to make the whole house look cozy. As you update your home, be keen to detail, and don’t leave your fireplace out. It also deserves some love. Well, if you don’t have the means and time to make your fireplace over, you can hire a freelance interior designer in Dubai to help you. You don’t have to struggle alone, yet there are experts around you. 

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