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5 ways virtual reality has transformed the interior designing industry

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1. Designers have increased the use of virtual reality applications and different software.

Virtual Reality has become very common these days, especially in the interior designing industry. It is challenging and time-consuming for interior designers to draw sketches and models of their designs.

Interior Designing has always been costly, as it requires a lot of hard work. However, virtual reality applications have made the jobs of interior designers easy. Because of this technology, designers don’t have to spend a lot of time making drawings.

Virtual reality Apps have also made it easier for designers to communicate their ideas to their respective clients. Nowadays, designing applications have become very common among interior designers in Dubai.

75% of the designers in Dubai have now started using virtual Reality apps for designing purposes.

2. 3D models can now be shown to the customers.

Communicating the details of the designs can be very tough for interior designers. Customers prefer visualisation more now as it has become more accessible.

They want satisfaction before they hire a designer. Clients normally hesitate to get their designs done by an interior designer who doesn’t provide a visual concept.

Virtual reality has not only made things easier for designers but also the customers. Now, interior designers will be able to show 3D models of what they plan to create.

In this way, the customers will be shown designs similar to how they will look after the project finishes. After looking at the product virtually, they will be confident and sure of the layout they want.

They will get assurance regarding how the overall product would turn out. It will then be easy for them to make changes to the designs if they like.

3D models are comparatively easier to understand than 2D models. Virtual visualisation has also made the industry more customer-friendly.

There are many software available through which you can make 3D models. They include AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3Ds Max, Revit, and a lot more.

The interior designing industry is getting popular in Dubai. Virtual Reality is providing $1.3 billion to Dubai’s economy. The interior designers in Dubai are also working hard to contribute to Dubai’s economy.

As a result, several institutes and universities in Dubai have started giving courses on how to make 3D models for interior design.

3. Visual catalogue and increased customer engagement.

Customers are usually confused about whether they should hire an interior designer or not.

The question they usually ask themselves is ‘Is it worth the money to get an interior designer?’ They ask this question because interior designers in Dubai are expensive. And the customers are not sure if the price will justify the final output or not.

But thanks to virtual reality, the customers can see the digital designs from the comfort of their homes. Visual catalogues have helped to increase the sales of interior designing businesses.

According to research, IKEA( a well-known interior designing company) uses the concept of virtual catalogues. They have been able to increase its sales from 27.6% in 2012 to 35.1% by 2016.

There is no doubt in fact that virtual catalogues attract more customers. These digital images motivate more people to hire interior designers. As a result, sales and orders increase.

4. Virtual Reality has reduced business costs significantly.

Operational costs can be a huge burden on any business. No matter how small or big the company is, it is essential to manage the expenses. Virtual reality is transforming many industries, including interior design.

Everything can be done virtually. Instead of wasting money and time on training employees, designers are now teaching online.

They no more have to go to different places to interview different people either. Interviews are also often conducted online.

In addition to that, important meetings with clients who reside far away have now shifted to virtual meetings. This has made meetings more convenient for both the clients and the designers.

This does not only save travelling costs but also protects the precious time of these designers. Interior designers can focus on increasing their value and revenue simultaneously. Because they have more time to work on other things, for example, managing the profits, attracting more customers, and marketing their products.

Instead of making sketches, interior designers show virtual catalogues. With the help of this, the customers can see the designs sitting at their homes as the catalogues are emailed to them.

This way, customers will also be happy as they won’t have to research extensively to find the perfect interior designer for themselves.

5. Better marketing can be done now.

Virtual reality has transformed marketing substantially. Now interior designers have to do digital marketing as well.

Instead of making life models of houses, the designers now have to make digital videos too. These are the videos that people can easily access from their computers. People prefer to watch videos available on the internet over visiting the studios of designers. That ultimately provides a significant competitive advantage.

This is a fact that customers would be more attracted to videos than to pictures.  As per the study by Nielsen 17%, more people give a response to good quality videos. It also increases the watch time to 16%.

Designers these days are focusing more on videos to market their skills and services. Many interior designers in Dubai have now made their own YouTube channels for Virtual reality marketing.

Virtual reality has gradually become an essential part of the industry. Most of the interior designers in Dubai have shifted to online advertisements too.

Interiors designers are experts at choosing the right things for your projects. They know how to add value to your ideas. With their expertise and advice, you can give life to your visions.

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