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6 Tips On Easy No Cost DIY’s Decor You Can Do at Home With What You Have / Hints by Interior Designers in Dubai 

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Decorating a home or an apartment can be a challenging task and costly. But the good news is, that an expert freelance interior designer in Dubai can guide you on easy-to-do crafts using what you already have within the house. There may be some items in your home that are no longer in use. Instead of disposing of them, you can create a great accent by adding some touch of creativity to give it some pomp and flair. You will notice that by creating your décor, you save on cost and give your living space a more personal feel.

Apart from making you feel happier, crafting your décor is self-fulfilling and boosts one’s esteem. When decorating, use materials and designs that blend into the colors and textures within the room. Interior décor in all the rooms should be different to some degree since each room serves its purpose. Replicating the same decoration in more than one room creates an element of monotony and thus should be avoided. Do not overcrowd your designs in one place. Spread out the masterpieces across the house to achieve some balance. This way, each room in the entire house will be decorated in the long run. Keep reading to find out some beautiful easy-to-make pieces that you can do right at home with supplies you already have.

6 Simple Easy to do Self Homemade Décor for 2020

Having a decorated home is a dream for many people. The constraints of planning and saving or setting aside funds for this purpose remains a challenge for many. However, did you know that you can decorate your own house all by yourself using what is available at home? Suppose you are wondering how a freelance interior designer in Dubai can add a touch of gold to your home, then continue reading below and discover how to go about it.

1. Get creative with a mason jar

Mason jars are well known for their perfect size to hold just the right amount of something, i.e., it’s not too little nor too much of the content in a mason jar. You can easily convert them into planters and vases or make scented candles, including citronella, which acts as a mosquito repellant. You can also paint or decorate e.g., tie a ribbon around the neck, making it something more festive for the shelf.

2. Handwritten canvas

It is one way to make plain walls appealing to the eye. Take a blank piece of canvas and stick it to a wooden frame or surface. Using some permanent marker or paint, with your handwriting, inscribe inspirational quotes, your favorite expressions, or even song lyrics. Hang it in plain view on your wall. You will notice that you have upgraded the walls in your home with a more personal expression.

3. Curtain headboard

It is yet another easy to do an upgrade for your bed and one way for using modern curtain styles to give your home a striking appearance.  Many beds have differently designed headboards, whereas others don’t feature headboards in their design. In the presence of a headboard or not, mount a curtain rod behind your bed. Choose your favorite curtain style and hang it on the rod.  The look is appealing and thus will refresh your entire bedroom set.

4. Mount a driftwood planter

Many homes have embraced decorating with air plants by hanging them on the walls. However, to make this possible, you will need; a piece of hardened driftwood probably aged, a couple of nails, a wall hanging hardware, some wire, water, sphagnum moss, and a small plant. Based on how you prefer to mount your plant, attach some nails and a wall hanging hardware kit. The nails should spread to mark the area where you are going to lay the moss. Then, spread the sphagnum moss and wire to create a mesh-like to hold them in position. Place the plant flat and cover the root with an additional layer of sphagnum moss. Wire the plant and the moss around the nails. You can now mist the plant and hang it on the wall. However, not all plants are useable for this piece. The most suitable are the staghorn fern and pothos philodendron. You will need to mist your plant daily and hang on a spot with plenty of light and humidity, away from direct sunlight. Do not wait until the leaves droop to water. Do it routinely depending on the amount of moisture and light within the house. When the moss and soil dry out, water the plant gently under a tap so that the water can drip in the sink before hanging it up once more. Place your plant away from the radiator during winter and remember to clip away any leaf that is dead. Replace the plant once every few months. 

5. Transform an old ladder into an elegant kitchen shelf

Use a ladder that will perfectly fit in the space available. Prepare the ladder by sanding rough edges and scraping off old paint. Measure the distance along the ladder rungs to cut and fit the shelves. Use colors, different designs, and patterns to cover your ladder. Remember to pay attention to the colors in your kitchen for the ladder to blend in well. You can throw in a caddy or two for holding dish towels, jars of grains and spices, pots, and the like. You can revamp the ladder shelf by changing the arrangement at any time, giving it a fresh look always.

6. Mosaic CD mirror

Change the look of your mirror instantly by sticking broken pieces of CDs on the frame. Use different colored parts to attain a pattern. This fantastic simple decoration makes your mirror stand out in the room.


It is the desire of many people to decorate and redecorate their homes. However, cost and time may prove a challenge. With the guidance of a freelance interior designer in Dubai, you can learn some simple self to do easy crafts that will leave your home looking spectacular and new. However, you should consider the spaces you wish to decorate and the size of the décor. You don’t want to fall into a situation where you have crafted a beautiful piece, but it cannot fit into the intended space. To avoid this scenario, always remember to plan with what you have.

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