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6 Fascinating Work-from-Home Office Setups – A Guide From Freelance Interior Designers in Dubai

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Working from home is not something new. To many who are used to formal office settings, then it might take a while before fully adjusting. Although working from home gives total independence, there is a downside to it as well. First of all, following a full-time schedule without attending to chores or interference by the immediate family who reside in the same house is next to impossible. Especially given that, many people resign their office jobs to work from home so that they can be close to their families. They draw inspiration from the idea of spending more time with their kin. It makes it difficult to separate work from family or family from work. 

However, freelance interior designers in Dubai recommend that you dedicate some space to your house and set up an office. It will allow you some degree of privacy and the much-needed time to reconnect with your work. When setting up, consider vital factors like internet reliability in terms of accessibility and speeds. You may also want to look into the available space before deciding on any layout. Lighting and fresh air circulation are vital to keeping you refreshed and focused. Remember, the main point is to establish an ample working place. Therefore,  as you stress functionality, consider your comfortability when working as well as it is crucial to your delivery or output. Keep reading below to get a hint on some ideas you can use when designing an office at home.

6 Easy To Implement Ideas When Designing a Work-from-Home Office

The quest for how to set up a workable home office may pose a challenge, especially to beginners. Below are some points to help guide you when deciding on a suitable setup.

1. Use plants

After acquiring all the requirements of an office, you can use plants as the theme. Carefully place the plants within your working vicinity. Crawling plants will provide the perfect pictorial of nature all around. Plants also help add oxygen to the air within your surroundings. Nature is known to trigger a feeling of happiness, which can go a long way when working. It is advisable to use succulent plants, and peace lilies, among many others, which do not take up a lot of light or water. Working with plants to achieve the best design can be a difficult task. It is, therefore, prudent to be guided by a freelance interior designer in Dubai.

2. Convert a closet to a working area

Many people are getting creative with their work-from-home setups, and converting a closet to a working area displays it all. A wardrobe gives a great idea of a working space when opened. The concept works best, especially for those with limited space in their homes. Start by clearing the wardrobe and removing the hanging rails. Then partition as you may desire and paint the surfaces. You can use wallpaper instead. Make it as decorative as possible. The beauty of this setup is that once done with work, you can quickly shut your office and switch on family mode. This way, your office equipment has been secured for another day of work.

3. Outdoor setup

For an outdoor experience, you can set up on the balcony, rooftop, courtyard, or any available outdoor space. However, you should consider the weather, especially if it is an open area. Make sure the WiFi extends outdoors or use a WiFi booster in case of weak signals. It is best to choose an area with some form of protection from the sun or rain. You can add flowers to your setup to make it more appealing. Nature provides a feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation. Having an outdoor office helps you separate your office from your house, thereby making switching tasks easier. 

4. Convert the attic to an office

The attic can be a functional working space if fully utilized. Think of it as a place in the house with no interruptions. You can simply lock yourself up there and concentrate on your job. You can repair and repaint the attic. Add trendy fixtures or vintage light globes for ample lighting. Hang a light transparent curtain on the window allowing in a lot of daylight. Assemble your desk, chair, and working equipment and place them neatly inside the space. You can add a couch and some sort of a bookshelf. If you are an art enthusiast, add some pictures, paintings, and carvings if you may.

5. Standing desk 

A standing desk design occupies a smaller area compared to many various models. Start by identifying a suitable place to place your desk. The space below the deck can accommodate a few shelves that you can use as storage. Other large office equipment like the printer needs not to stay on the desk but instead in the spaces below it. Working while standing is associated with some health benefits, most commonly, low sugar levels and reduced risk of heart disease. It also gives you an upright posture by maintaining a straight back and helps keep you alert as you work.  Standing offices are one of the modern office trends that are widely being embraced all around the globe today. 

6. Get a quiet spot next to the window

A place next to the window is perfect for those who love working as they peep outside. Arrange your desk and working equipment as desired. You can hang some wall paintings and pictures to make the corner more appealing to the eye. Alternatively, give the space a touch of nature by adding some flowers. The feeling of freshness will help keep you focused and entertained on your job.


Having a well set-up home office makes working from home an enjoyable experience.  However, to help avoid the challenges associated with designing, it is advisable to seek expert advice from a freelance interior designer in Dubai. Remember that when working from home, your working space should appear well organized. Therefore, you can choose to go paperless with your storage and turn to cloud software like dropbox for record-keeping. Wrap up all your cables or invest in a power strip to plug into your outlet for maximum coverage. Your office should be comfortable with your standards. Avoid copying and pasting ideas from other places as your space might not accommodate some of these ideas.  

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