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7 Most Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

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One of the major reasons why many people prefer the services of a professional freelance interior designer in Dubai is because they are afraid of making costly mistakes. Whether you feel a need for change or you are just moving in, figuring out how to decorate your space is no easy task. However, even without proper training and much expertise in interior design, with the right tips, you should be able to decorate your home just like a professional.

It is no brainer that interior design is entirely subjective. How you decorate your space is completely dependent on your personal taste. However, since people react differently, you will find some going for timeless designs, whereas others choose to become slaves of modern interior design trends. 

Bringing on board a professional is an excellent idea, but only if your budget allows for it. So how will you design your home? One of the best ways to learn how to do something is by familiarizing yourself with some of the pitfalls other people run into. There are very many mistakes interior designers make that can have detrimental impacts on their careers. 

After extensive consultations with freelance interior designers in the UAE, we have gathered a list of seven of the most common blunders in the interior design industry and tips for avoiding them in 2020. 

1. Following design trends

Being complimented for how your home looks is an amazing feeling, but how long will that last? Following the latest trends when designing your space is not the best way to go about it. This is because such fads don’t stay for long. 

The main problem you will face here is the possibility of your home decor becoming outdated once the industry has moved on. The most preferred way around it is by keeping things pretty classic. It can be in a traditional or modern approach, however way you want it. 

You should also note that if you wish to incorporate some trendy designs into your interior decor, go for smaller accessories that can be easily replaced should you get tired of the trend. Other permanent fixtures such as flooring and wallpapers might become hard (and costly) to change should their trend become outmoded.

2. Neglecting the space planning

Purchasing new furniture is all fun until you discover that they don’t fit in well with your house. Space planning is an essential part of interior design. Otherwise, without proper thought and consideration put into this factor, you may end up with accessories and furniture that look out of place. 

Paying close attention to space planning ensures that your available space functions as it should, allowing a proper flow of traffic without any obstructions, and the proper scaling of your house furniture. For instance, having a small sofa will seem out of proportion when placed in an expansive room. 

Before setting out to purchase house accessories and other furniture, it is paramount first to perform some planning to confirm the needed size. While at it, ask yourself how big you want them to be and how many they should be.

3. Designing without considering your lifestyle

Before working on your home, freelance interior designers in Dubai will first inquire about your personal taste depending on your lifestyle. True design isn’t all about the flair but also how practical it will be for you at the end of the day. 

If you are a person that loves to snuggle on the couch after a long day, designing your living room with armchairs will not be suitable for you. If you do not pay attention to the utility of your interior decor, you will be slapped with inconveniences over time.

4. Choosing paint first

Paint is, in many ways, practically the biggest part of your interior design program. It is responsible for setting the mood of your space as well as affecting other factors including, lighting. However, this doesn’t mean that the paint is the first thing to consider.

Once you have settled on the essential fabric to use ‒ draperies, rugs, pillows, upholstery, etc., it becomes generally easy to pick a coordinating color. It is much easier finding the paint colors to match the fabric that you have already selected than finding the fabric and other accessories that match the paint you had previously chosen.

5. Putting all your furniture against the wall

Without proper interior decor knowledge, it is easy for one to innocently think that putting all their furniture against the wall is a good thing. Some actually believe that lining all the furniture to the wall opens up the room. Unfortunately, the opposite is the truth. One of the best ways of making a small room appear bigger is by not placing the furniture against the wall. This tends to open up the house and makes it feel more intimate. 

6. Poor lighting choices

Regardless of the type of space you wish to design, lighting is a fundamental factor to consider during your planning. Lighting has a significant impact on the mood of the people in that room, not to mention its health impacts. There have been reported cases of people experiencing headaches due to poor lighting conditions, which can either be dull or unnecessarily harsh. 

The type of room (what you intend to do there) should dictate the amount of light it receives. Of course, there is no debate whether or not to let in natural light as it is a necessity for all households. Furthermore, it doesn’t make sense to have a dull-light kitchen and a bedroom that has too many overhead bulbs.

7. Playing too matchy

If we were in the 20th century, then this point would not have been here, but gone are the days when it was stylish matching house accessories. Today, having a room with overly matching decor makes people cringe. 

Imagine a room covered with all green: green bed sheets, drapes, plants, and other accessories, won’t you just die of the color overdose?

Break the monotony with different textures and paint colors while being careful not to go overboard with them. One of the best ways around this is by going for a neutral feel.

Talk to a Designer

Designing your perfect abode is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. Knowing how to avoid some of these prevalent interior design mistakes gives you the upper hand in achieving your goals. 

These tips will help you to design your dream home with confidence without digging deep into your pockets. You can also find help from some of the best freelance interior designers in Dubai that will ensure that you get what you desire at affordable rates. 

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