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How To Make Any Piece Of Furniture Instantly Look Cooler

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If you want to give your furniture a new look, you can hire a freelance interior designer in Dubai to help you in the decision-making process. Old furniture can be annoying at times, and when you want to bring that look that new looks into your home, the process can be overwhelming. You might be undecided on which look to settle on, and it’s good to seek help. 

The following article covers eight ways to make your furniture look cooler.

1. Paint that Old Furniture

Painting gives any furniture a total makeover. You can paint your furniture in any color, depending on your likes and preferences. But, you have to be careful with light paints because they sometimes don’t hide dents. You don’t want to regret your decisions in the long run.

Dark colors, on the other hand, add a sense of sophistication. They readily hide any mistakes, dents, and imperfections, leaving your furniture brand new. You can decide to play with different ideas when it comes to painting—for instance, painting only the inside of your drawer, or only the bottom of a stool.

2. Change the Position of Your Furniture

You might notice that placing a piece of furniture in a particular area may not look as cool as when you put it in another spot. Check how well it blends with the walls, to create harmony in the room. Usually, a dark piece blends well against a light background. A dark piece in a dark room gives the space a moody feeling.

3. Refinish Your Furniture

Refinishing your furniture makes the material look new and classy. You can clean, repair, and restore old worn finishes. Avoid using messy chemical strippers. To ensure that the result is perfect, use mineral spirit to wipe out the surface. You will then see how the furniture will look once you wipe it with a bright finish. You can also wash the furniture with soap and water.

4. Add A Mirror For That Exquisite Look

If you see your furniture as outdated, then a mirror is the way to go. Although cheap, acrylic mirror materials on your wooden furniture are worth a try. You can get that material from the hardware store and cut depending on the size of the furniture you want. The result is a fantastic look.

5. Spray Paint

If you are looking to obtain that fantastic look and are on a budget, spray paint will save you lots of hustle. Freelance interior designers in the UAE go for this option because it’s cheap, easy to use, and you spend less time achieving that perfect look. It doesn’t matter the color you want, whether silver or gold, as long as the piece turns out amazing. The amazing part is you can even spray paint on your sun-faded cushions.

6. Add Throw Pillows

With time, throw pillows tend to become flat. To change the look of your seats, incorporate throw pillows of different colors like red, blue, or yellow depending on the color of the furniture that will give it that chic look.

7. Cover Your Tables

You can decide to cover your dining table with a bright-colored tablecloth when in a dull room to give it life. For a spacious look and a clean appearance, you can settle on a white tablecloth. Also, you can use different types of wallpapers for a fantastic look. To cover stains, scuffs, and dings, use marble contact paper.

8. Add Cushions To Your Dining Chairs

If you want a total dining hall makeover, you should add cushions to your dining chairs. Apart from adding comfort, you also achieve a new style. Puzzle your friends and let them ask you if you got a new set of dining chairs.

Wrap up

Giving your furniture a new look can be a pain in the neck. To avoid the hustle that comes with it, an experienced freelance interior designer in Dubai can save your day. They will not only advise you on your options but give your home the desired look, a new look!

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